View Full Version : WE vs new skaven

26-10-2009, 22:08
The new skaven are almost over us and since skaven are already popular where I play I am expecting to meet them a lot in the battlefield. Any advice from people who have already met them in combat or has better access to the new book are welcome.
The problem I am expecting are both related to the Stormbanner. As currently worded it will severly damage my shooting with 100% probability the first turn and 75% probability every turn after that.

First problem is to deal with one or two Abdominations that I am expecting to have some problems with especially if I cant shoot it. Magic doesnt seem to be a solution since going magic heavy for WE usually is a bad idea. As for units that can win in close combat they are very limited since treemen will probably get killed.

The second problem would be exploding slaves that will do a lot of damage to T3 elves such as wardancers that are my normal favorite units to deal with units such as slaves if I cant or dont want to shoot them.

26-10-2009, 22:15
hmmm, the storm banner does seem to screw WE over.

I would advise lots of Dryads and treeking, they'll win combat and should hopefully autobreak.

Don't get a treeman ancient he is Jezzail/Doom Wheel bait.

I would reccomend war dancer and wild riders to out flank and generally cause trouble with his army.

Exploding slaves is pretty nasty against wood elves, try to get your forest spirits soaking up most of the damage (I know it's harder then it sounds).

On thing WE players need to remember is that whilst skaven might be M5 they are still almost all in large infantry units (they have no cavalry).
As such the WE's should be able to dance rings around them.