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27-10-2009, 16:12
Hi folks - comments and criticism desperately needed, got a tourney on Saturday and couldn't manage to come up with a reasonable WoC list, so BoC it is :P


8 ungor, 5 gor, foe-render
8 ungor, 5 gor, foe-render
8 ungor, 5 gor, foe-render
8 ungor, 5 gor, foe-render

6 hounds
6 hounds

Tuskgor chariot

Doombull - MoK, Axes of Khorngor
4 minotaurs - MoK, great weapons
5 minotaurs - MoK, extra hand weapon, standard

Chaos giant

3 dragon ogres - gw

Wargor - MoK, great weapon, dark heart
Wargor - BsB - MoK - heavy armor, beast banner

28-10-2009, 00:20
Ah blast, nothing? ;)

the gribbly
28-10-2009, 01:02
Its been a long time since I played my beasts. Well actually just since GW forbid using HoC items. Anyway ill give it go. I think the best lists left to beasts involve multiple chariots, especially since they are core. I would include at least 2-4 as they can also add dispel dice now.
It looks like almost everything in your army is core. Is this to meet specific tourny rules? If not it may be better to trade your doombull in for a beastlord and go for a khornate superherd as you dont really need a doombull to unlock minos in this list.
Thats all I got, sorry I couldnt be of more help.

28-10-2009, 01:55
Here my shot at it...
Minos should always go with GWs. ExHW is just bleh...wld way rather have 4 S6 then 5 S4...
Drop a FoeRender to give a Musi to your herds. Hounds are good enough with 5 as they are really just there for redirect/bait. Drop a herd to get another chariot. Try to get MoK on the Chariot(s).
Mixed feelings about the Drogres....for almost the same price you can get 4 Minos w/MoK and GW giving you more attacks and an extra dispel dice.
Giant with Mutant Monstrosity...a lot of ppl say its just stupid but I always take the upgrade just to see opponents face when it bellyflops on his troops :D
Hope that helped a bit.

28-10-2009, 09:04
23rd placed beasts from GT heat 1

Just idea on what to work with

Bray Shaman Level 1 with Braystaff, 2 Scrolls
8 Undivided Chariots
10 (5 Gor, 5 Ungor) beast herd with muso and champion
14 (6 Gor, 8 Ungor) beast herd with muso and champion
18 (7 Gor, 11 Ungor) beast herd with muso and champion
3 x 5 Hounds
2 x 5 Centigors with Shields and musician
3 Minotaurs with great weapons
2 Giants with mutant monstrosities

28-10-2009, 13:55
I have been using my Beasts lately and I am finding Slaanesh lists to be the way to go, so far I have;

Been Massacred by Daemons.
Minor Victory over Undead [Fairly tame list though].
Solid Victory over High Elves [White Lion Theme].
Draw with [Magical/Fanatic/Gunline Skarsnik] Gobbos.
Solid Victory over Lizards [Slaan, Engine List].

Here are the reports if your interested;


I am using a Slaanesh list;

Doombull; Slaanesh, Slaughterers Blade. Heavy Armour.
Bray; Lvl2, Slaanesh, Stone Staff of Darkoth.
Bray; Lvl2, Slaanesh, Stone, Scroll.
Bray; Lvl2, Slaanesh, Stone, Scroll.

16 Bestigors; Slaanesh, Poison Banner, FC.
Large Herd[20]; FC
Chariot; Slaanesh.
3 Minos; Slaanesh, Standard, Great Weps.
4 Minos; Slaanesh, Standard, Great Weps.
Slaanesh Spawn;
Slaanesh Spawn;
Slaanesh Spawn;
6 Dogs;
6 Dogs;

It is all about that Slaanesh Lore, with it you can lure and bait enemy units, [even ITP units] and then hit them with your hard hitters, which you can make hit even harder with our Frenzy spell. You are also pretty much entirely ITP yourself which means you wont be easily ran off the board by the power armies, the only units that arent, are the ones you want to be fleeing with to bait anyway. Then you have the all important LD9 of the Doombull.

28-10-2009, 19:04
doombull, i would go for the slaughterers blade as this would make it more survivable
if u have any more chariots, put them in
other than that there are no real ways of improving it without completely remaking the list

29-10-2009, 23:16
It's just not a very good list.

I'd maybe recommend starting at 1000 pts? Draft up some lists and go from there.