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29-10-2009, 14:45
I'm more of a 40k player, but I have played WFB on and off (mostly off) since 3rd edition. I have not yet played the most recent edition of the rules, but the bug is biting me again. Thus I'm in the process of repainting and rebuilding my old Nurgle Chaos army.

I've got a decent sized collection of WFB models. Right now I'm working on bringing the following models up to my current painting and basing standard:
-Chaos lord on Palaquin of Nurgle
-Enough Nurgle champion and sorceror figures to fill up the heros slots twice over.
-60+ Chaos Warriors. (with a variety of weapons...I'll just put the apropriate armed figures in the front ranks when I build my units)
-6 chaos knights (all the old Marauder Miniatures figures, so are armed with hand weapons rather than lances.)
-about 30 older edition Imperial flagelants. The 3rd edition Nurgle list has units of "diseased flagelants" so these might make an interesting stand in for marauders with flails when painted correctly.
-About 30 figures from a mixture of the old Chaos Thug and Norse ranges. Once again these have a variety of weapons, so I'll just place the correct ones in the front ranks.
-More trolls than I could possibly field borrowed from my Orc army.
-A Plague Cart that will make a great war shrine. (real Plague carts were an option under the 3rd ed list, so it keeps with my theme)
-I've also got a fair number of old ogre figures, but to be honest I actually like the new "chaos ogre" figures and might be buying some of them if I decide to field ogres.

So how would you compose a 2250 pnt army out of this mob? Keep in mind the following thing though: I'm a tradionalist and do not believe in mixing marks in an army. Thus any units I use will either be Nurlgeor unmarked.

I hav only skimmed through the most recent rule set and WoC army book, which is why I am asking for advice.

Finally, here is what the core of this army will end up looking like:
Thanks in advance.

29-10-2009, 14:51
One suggestion if you want to consider it, with the New WoC Book, you can make a all Troll army by taking the Troll Special Character. Or you can make a huge Troll Core and back them up with the other models. I have played against a all Troll army and it is rough to deal with. A lot of wounds and regen make them very sturdy. back them up with some Nurgle Characters and Knights, it could make for an interesting theme.

29-10-2009, 14:57
Thanks for the sugestion, but I'll pass.
I don't use special characters anyway.

who longs for the days when fielding a named character took an opponent's permission...

29-10-2009, 15:04
I also field a Nurgle WOC army- baced around festus (which is bad as you don't want SC) works just fine for me (though yet to face a dragon)

burbus is a great spell, though don't over use it as it getts called cheasy, and there are some other good spells in there (rot glorious rot wreacs MSU while quagmire is dwarfs/lizards worst nightmare, while fleshy abundance is great for giving that nurgle unit even more defense)

other than that its up to you I mean my list looks something like this

level 4 of nurgle with power familiar
level 2 of nurgle with pupet,
exalted with axe of plauge (khone) and favour
2x20ish marrauders of nurgle with hand weapon shield
5 light cav
5 dogs
5 knights of nurgle
3 drogers with GW