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29-10-2009, 17:41
So one of my opponents finally agreed to playing against me next week and it will be at 3K.

Dwarf lord w/ shield bearers, master rune of smiting, 2X rune of cleaving, shield
Rune lord w/ anvil of doom, shield, ro spell breaking, rune of stone
BSB Thane w/ mro gromil, ro cleaving, mro challenge, ro furnace
Thane w/ shield, ro stone, ro cleaving, ro fury, mro swiftness
Runesmith w/ master rune of balance, rune of spell breaking, shield

20 longbeards w/ FC, great weapons, rune of stoicism
24 warriors w/ banner, musician, shields
10 thunderers w/ shields
10 quarrellers

18 hammerers w/ full command, shield
10 miners w/ banner
grudge thrower w/ rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating, rune of burning
2 bolt throwers w/ engineers
cannon w/ rune of burning

organ gun
organ gun

Total: 3000 (9DD +2 scrolls and opponent is -1PD)

So I'm kinda limited on models simply because I want everything to be painted, but I'm willing to use unpainted models if I really have to...

My opponent will most likely be WoC or DE.


29-10-2009, 17:50
Good list, may be add penetrating on 1 bolt thrower and burning on the other to make them magic and able to kill chariots/ regenerating things and it might be useful to put shields on the quarrlers as well

to pay for this I'd drop the banner on the miners (as they should be in combats where it doesn't matter) and maybe a hammerer or 2?

29-10-2009, 18:10
Depends on your opponent and their style of play, but personally I'm not a fan of your character builds. If your opponent isn't the type to build very hard hitting characters then you'll be fine.

Dwarven characters excel at being survivable while still dishing out a lot of punishment. Your characters wouldn't last long in my gaming group TBH.

My usual style with the Dwarf Lord is to go for Shieldbearers, Shield, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone, Rune of Steel and MR of Spite. Then just give him a great weapon. The worst armor save you will have is 3+ with a re-roll (unless a weapon negates armor saves), and you've got a 4+ ward to fall back on. You should pretty much smack around just about any character or unit you run into with your 4 Strength 6 attacks back.

Pretty much all my Thanes get Rune of Resistance and Rune of Stone as well, possibly something else to vary the rune combinations.

Once in a while I'll toss in a thane with MR of Flight along with Rune of Might to destroy chariots with one hit, or to pick toughness 5 characters out of units from a distance.

MR of Swiftness and Rune of Might ocassionally make an appearance as well, again if you know you'll be facing Toughness 5 characters, or lots of monsters/ chariots.

29-10-2009, 19:39
Dwarven characters excel at being survivable while still dishing out a lot of punishment. Your characters wouldn't last long in my gaming group TBH.

I think you should try rolling it out ;)

Chances are they aren't going to kill the dwarf lord, and when he hits back he WILL kill whoever he's fighting :evilgrin: