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bazragh elfburna
31-10-2009, 12:04
Black orc warboss; Screaming Sword, Amulet of protectyness, Wyvern

Black orc Battle standard; warbanner, boar charriot

Goblin shaman; 2xdispell scroll, Wolf charriot

Goblin Big boss; 1 hit wounda, triksys trinket, Wolf charriot

22 Night goblins; musician, short bow, 3 fanatics

20 Orc biguns; Spear, shield, banner of butchery

5 wolf rider; spear, musician

5 spider riders; spear, musician

12 Black orcs
Full command, waaaghh banner

2x spear chucka; with bully
1x spear chucka

8 squig hoppers

1 giant

1 doom diver

This is a list Im considering taking to a tournament, I anchor the middle with biguns, and support them with a single charriot, deny 1 flank with night goblins and press on the other flank with pretty much everything else (or so I have tried to do) due to army composition rules I cant put in another giant in this list as much as I would like to.
So in order to improve the list Im in a bit of a trilemma.
Put in some trolls 3-4 river trolls with a hero for a really hard and smashy unit, or switch 1 spear chucka for a chariot and trim some points somewhere?
Or move the shaman from the charriot, and trim some character points (removing chariot from the shaman, kicking the bsb) for a giant


31-10-2009, 18:31
im concerned about the warboss - he seems prone to being killed due to his lower armour save.
Plus the army is very small for an orcs & goblins list - I would consider dropping the bigun upgrade as its quite expensive, will allow for another unit in there.
Lack of warmachines is also going to hinder you, I would for sure drop the 3rd spear chucka and replace it with a rock lobba - so wonderfully killy!!!
May as well keep the 3 chariots as they are if your going for a speed freaks army, but then I think you may as well go all the way and spam more charriots into the list.
I always find just 2 units of 25 orcs, full command, grab a lot of attention - and they are hard as nails - so use that to anchor your centre, chariots, giant, wyvern, hoppers all on one flank to really smash home, and to present so many targets to the enemy that he wont know what to do!
Lack of magic defence is going to be a killer in the tournemtn for you, yes you got a scroll caddy but thats it really. I went up against a solid vampire count army the other day and the only reason i made him sweat it out the whole game (even killed his lord with my lord) was gorks bannor (+3 dispell die), staff of sneaky stealing, 1 dispell scroll - but this means you lose the BSB on a charriot which takes away from your speed freaks army
And finally, consider taking bows on the fast cav units - they are amazing!
Well actuaally trolls are amazing too - but not sure were you find the points for them

31-10-2009, 18:49
Cool list mate, you probably don't need the warbanner on your BSB as it puts the chariot at a combat rez of +2 with a unit strength of 5, I'm honestly not sure why the hell you'd want that with a chariot. The character can let you break ranks on a flank charge but other than that it seems like it's some easy points for anything that ignores armour saves. I know it's probably the first thing I'd target.

Black Orcs (small unit) and biguns?! It's cool, but it costs alot, doubly so in your army were you don't have alot of units on the field. You're already taking the monster and a giant, i think you should take a hit here and go with the less expensive units. Make 2 units of 6 by 4-5 orc boyz. I'd suggest putting your BSB in one with the banner that gives you DD. With a +3 rank bonus you'll have 5 DD and 2 scrolls with only 1 mage and you may actually dispel something.

Other than that though I love the Doom Diver I usually get more mileage out of trolls or another giant so I'd totally take one of those. More chariots/spear chucka's are always advantageous so go for it if u can.

Overall good list, but it's got fat all around it like a girl with a big muffin top. Trim some of those expensive units down, you don't really need all those magic banners, you don't have to take spears with the spiders (poison should be enough to get you in the same boat as wolf riders with spears), I'm not sold on the wolf chariots but it's your cup of tea, and dump the biguns and black orcs.