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31-10-2009, 22:25
I have decided I would like to finally start playing Warhammer rather than just doing conversions and alternate army sculpts. Having recently finished a commission for a friend who plays ogres really inspired me. My friend basically handed me a giant and said do what you want with it. I had the perfect idea, as he is the owner of the local Hookah lounge why not make the giant into a hookah giant? In the end the giant got a total Persian make over, parachute pants, a little vest, a fez, curled-toe-slippers, an ogre sized hookah and tongs with a burning skull for the coal. Only problem is that I haven't been able to get a picture of it yet.
Anyhow, onto my army. After completing the commission and really liking the feel and theme of the model I've decided to go with an Araby themed army. The question was which army would best suit the mystical land. Having no experience I quickly came under the assumption well, Empire would probably be best. They have everything one could want to make a pretty sweet themed army. I longed to convert a war alter into the sultans howdah. The problem with that is I really just wanted to make a simple army, not a lot of in-depth sculpting, as I have recently just done too much. Making the army out of an Empire list would also mean lots of models, something I don't want to deal with. My brother being an experienced player had suggested High Elves. While they don't have black powder they always strike first, which translates to me that the soldiers from Araby would be quite agile and dextrous. They also have plenty of units that could be translated into something from the Warmaster Araby army. To top it off it wouldn't nearly be as many models as the Empire!
After a lot of explaining about the units, points and what things could be I finally had a 2,500pt list.


Archers x10

Spearmen x20
+full cmd


White Lion X16
+full cmd
+lion banner
These will be modeled after palace guards or royal guards. Made from Empire great swordsmen and converted to have poofy pants and sleeves, all wielding large scimitars, some sort of shoulder pads and most likely a scale-mail tunic.

Dragon Princes x6
+musician & standard
+banner of sorcery
These will be more or less stylized similarly to the white lion unit. Lances, scimitars, shields, helmets etc.

DoW Ogres x4
Put in for some flavor, large menacing ogres seem to coincide in my ideas for Araby. Equiped with large scimitars and poofy.


Bolt Thrower

Great Eagles x2
These will be modeled as magic carpet fliers.

+Star Dragon
+vambracers of Defense
+armor of caledor
+sword of might
The prince will most likely resemble some sort of 'prince' (picture rich Aladdin). So he will be probably be armored very similarly to the white lions. Instead of a dragon hes going to be on the shoulders of his Djinn!


Mage lvl.2
+ring of fury
+silver wand

Mage lvl.2
+seers staff of saphory
+dispell scroll

More or less the army will be made out of Empire parts mixed with some High Elf bits. While pure high elves might look great and fit the theme for Araby, to me it screams too much of 'high elves' painted as something else. Everyone will also probably have matching sashes to tie the army together.

Here are some WIPs


I am still putting together the heads for these figures atm. But I have come across a problem with using the empire spear-men, they have breastplates! In the HE army list archers and spear-men have light armor. Here my archers just have big coats. So I either need to do something similar, or cast them, or give them scale mail tunics. Any Ideas or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. And as much as Id like to give the heavy armor units BPs, it doesn't historically fit with Persian armies, but who knows, this is fantasy =)
C and C always welcome. I will be keeping this post up to date!