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01-11-2009, 03:55
I came into possession of some Lizardmen models and decided to give them a whirl. This is the army I'm thinking about utilizing for the time being and the first models I'm going to paint. What do you guys thing of this list.

Skink Priest - Level 2 and EoTG Ancient Stegadon

Skink Priest - Level 2

Skink Skirmishers x10
Skink Skirmishers x10
Skink Skirmishers x10

Cold One Calvary x5 - Full Command


PD - 7
DD - 5

I know that I'm a bit lacking in...ooohh, something unimportant like...BLOCKS OF INFANTRY! I'm comfortable with that though. I'm hoping that, at 1000 points, I'll be able to whittle enemy units down with ranged fire and then knock 'em down with the Cold Ones and the Stegadon. I know that the Priests are a little naked but I think that, between the two of them, they'll still dominate the magic phase (as much as Lore of Heavens ever can alone.)

01-11-2009, 16:23
I should probably list my other options. I have:

3 Kroxigor
14 Skinks w/ Javelins and Shields (Full Command)
23 Saurus Warriors (Full Command)
Another Skink Priest
Skink Chief w/ Shield and Dagger
6 Jungle Swarms

With this stuff, and maybe a little else after Christmas, can you guys help me make a 1k list that is fun and competitive.

03-11-2009, 23:09
There isn't much "ranged" firepower, the salamander has between 8 and 18 inch range (random) and skirmish skinks only 12, your steg and cold ones will be in combat before you have much chance of shooting anything. Burning alignment from the EotG could be useful, and any magic missiles you get, liked fork lightning