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22-01-2006, 23:51
ok, so i got the idea with a few mates to start a new WHFB army, after a brif go at a bretonian themed VC army i moved onto Chaos, particly slaanesh, as it has very good magic, and does not have problems with fear and the like..

anyway, the core of my army is chaos knights, and although i was aiming for a purely mounted army, it looks like that will be impractical due to them all dieing before they get to do anything nasty,

but im trying to stick with a core of knights

so, i have 15 of theys guys to build, base, and paint... and i need some motivation.. so im posting here so you can see the development..

here is the first pic the 5 chosen knights, half assembled and unbased..


yes, they all have the nice slaaneshi helmet, and the bases will be built up to be rock/snow.. im not entierly sure what sort of rock im going to make up yet, i have 2 ideas, ill post some pics in my next post,

well C&C and strange motivational speaches welcome!

Edit, all pics located here

due to reorganisation of photobucket!

23-01-2006, 11:47
Very nice start, I love the use of that helmet, very slannesh. Though i can't help but think that you should take off the undivided symbols and replace them with slanneshi ones.



23-01-2006, 17:25
those shields are not attached, they are just placed there on pins,

the problem with doing that is it will ruin alot of the ditail on the shilds, but i will try!

Hideous Loon
23-01-2006, 19:50
How about bitz ordering the Slaanesh Lord's shield and tacking it on your Kniggets? I know, expensive, but I trust that those helmets weren't exactly free neither.

08-02-2006, 14:35
ok, they now have shields,


village idiot
08-02-2006, 15:24
impressive GS work on the shields, but are their left arms going to be done, or ust left with blu tac?

Cadian 21st
08-02-2006, 16:17
- Great job on the shields (of course). Everything looks pretty cool so far - save a few of their left arms...

- What made you go with Empire horses (I think)? Right now the head seems a bit misplaced, so if the knights aren't attached, it may well be advisable to bulk up the armour...and add more spikes of course!

- Are you going to change the icon at the top of the standard? Maybe even just adding a spear with a bunch of heads would work better then the CU.

08-02-2006, 17:10
The quality of the shields is excellent, but with the sheer mass of the Knights, they seem far too small.

08-02-2006, 18:51
ok, yes the arms will be placed there, just need to find the plasic weapons

the empire horses are what you get in the box! thats what they come with!

im going to be adding something to the banner, not sure what...

08-02-2006, 19:40
Lovely stuff, very impressive GSing, are they moulded by any chance?

Great work.


08-02-2006, 21:29
Nice conversions. You might want to add a sixth knight, as that is the sacred number of Slaanesh. The Leader could have the Champion on foot head. Would be interesting.

Oh, and love those shields and the icon on the banner. In 2 weeks time I plan to start converting Emperors Children Army. Therefore, a tip how you do that icon would he much appreciated.

11-02-2006, 15:13
nice work. the shields look awesome!

11-02-2006, 20:58
mmaking up some chaos warriors......with cocks......

I don't notice any!?! :p Or did you mean rocks? Maybe I should put that one back in my sig again....

Being serious the sculpting is really good and I like the conversions, they will look cool once painted - they already do.

11-02-2006, 23:37
itds rocks you know it is, i was just typing to fast, and its corrected now!

11-05-2006, 19:24
Ok, its exam time and im putting of doing revision!

so i need an army for after the exams.. [have to have something to do to split up the revision i am planning on doing!]

so i finaly manage an update.. and provided i manage to go to town and get another bulb for my light [it was not in fully and it just dropped out.. made me wonder what the hell had happened!]

so.. UPDATES!!!!!




and thats the unit of chosen, and they are basicly finished...

im scrapping the snow bases idea.. far too much time/effot.. will be browny coloured bases, the wavy metal will be painted like a misty kinda colour [grey-blue] and everything in the army will have it...

so.. as they are effectivly done, i can start on the next unit... [only the 2 of these guys to do.. then i will hopefully have whatever im going to order to make the rest of my army! ]

list can be found in the army's section.. but im going to remove alotr of the banners i think.. and maybe drop 1 set of marauders for more centigors..

15-05-2006, 13:50
abit more work..


asp. champion on steed with greatweapon..

11-07-2006, 22:51
I cannot see any of the pics...have they been moved or something?

12-07-2006, 00:21
same here.. no pictures available

12-07-2006, 00:56
Now everybody together, "athamas screwed up!" :D

was thinking of the song "i'm the man" by anthrax :D


12-07-2006, 07:53
Now everybody together, "athamas screwed up!" :D

was thinking of the song "i'm the man" by anthrax :D


Now he's Athamas and he takes no s**t
And he don't care for writing hits (threads)
The minis you paint is what we like
I'll steal your ideas like I stole your...
Wasn't there a guy who stole Athamas's avatar?

Come on Athamas, we want your thread going, and exams are over!

For those un familiar with Anthrax here is the original verse:

Now we're Anthrax and we take no ****
And we don't care for writing hits
The sound you hear is what we like
I'll steal your pop-tarts like I stole your..."

12-07-2006, 09:34
someones photobuckets up the sprout it seems :( :( :( :(

09-08-2006, 18:37
yeah, kinda, i had a mass reorganisation, all pics are here..


anyway, stupid me time again.. do i GS all the fur cloaks of the knights onto their steeds so it looks better?

even though this will take me severl hours?

lots of pics of hounds units tommorow ppl aswell