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02-11-2009, 08:03
Hey guys,

I'm going to a tourney next week, and I'm not entirely sure how to work with what I've got, so I'm looking for suggestions. I don't really have much room to work with models wise, so here's what I've got and how I'm fielding it.

Tomb King on foot with Destroyer/Collar, light armour
Tomb Prince in Chariot, with Flail of Skulls, Light Armour, shield
Liche Priest with Casket, Hieratic Jar
Liche Priest with Cloak of Dunes, Plaques (Hierophant)

20 Skeleton Warriors with Bows, Full Command, and Undying Legion Standard (this is where the Tomb King on foot goes)

3 Units of Chariots, two with standards

3 Ushabti

3 Tomb Scorpions

Screaming Skull Catapult.

This is a roughly 2000 point army, give or take a few. The tourney is going for a harder list kinda day (I am aware that one player is taking three stegadons in one list, that sorta stuff) - I am however aware that my list is a bit pants, and I'm looking for general advice on how to play it.


02-11-2009, 14:32
Too little magic. If I go with a Tomb King, I always take three priests. (You do have the casket though, that's good...)

the big disadvantage with the casket if os course that you lock one priest up in a spot where he might not do that much good - you'll absolutely have to deploy the catapult within range för his incantations.

And why full command on the skeletons? It'll be completely pointless, they can't fight anyway, just go with the magic standard, and save the champion and musician points for something else. Same goes for light armour for the king, anything that will hurt him with his T5 will ignore that armour anyway.

You can then use that points for, I dunno, skulls of the foe, a chariot champion, or something. A war banner for the chariots could also be very good.

02-11-2009, 14:51
I actually like balanced TK lists. Running three Liche Priests usually says "I'm running a defense, castle type list." You don't really have the units for this (as you'd need probably 2 more units of archers).

I'm a little worried about your only source of combat resolution being skeletons. I prefer Tomb Guard for this role. Tomb Guard backed by a King or Prince actually has a chance to win against many opposing units and is nowhere near as easy to remove from the table as ****-ant skeletons.

Full command on skeletons is pointless, although a champion may be beneficial to soak up unfavorable challenges from your Prince and possibly minimize damage from overly killing units wading through your snuggly soft skeletons by issuing challenges of his own. The Banner should do you right here, either by actually keeping your skeletons intact a bit longer or at least making your opponents throw a die at it.

I personally think you have too many chariot units. Chariots without characters in the unit don't really do all that much once you get past the impact hits. Break them and break them fast (with characters) or slowly lose them as they can't generate enough CR after that to stick around. After all, the drivers are still skeletons. ;)

02-11-2009, 20:13
Hi mate.

I've taken my tomb kings to two smal tournaments so far, and they've done quite well (3rd and 2nd). The good things about playing tomb kings are:

1. People underestimate the list
2. A lot of the new power lists use alternativ magic defence that does not affect our incantations.
3. If the trap is set correctly, even the largest of the cheese-cravers can have their head cut of.

The list:

The lord is fine, even though i prefer to have the ward save and the flail on him. Soak up some of the damage dealt by things like bloodthirsters/dragonriders so that you can beat them on cr. Now he may die before he gets to strike. But then again, he strikes rather hard.
The prince is also fine.

I don't like the casket as it takes away a lot of your initiative and is easy to block in the first few rounds when your movement spells are less effective. Bringing some scrolls to a hard tournament is also adviseable. The plaques are not much use on anything but a high priest. I would go with: Priest: 2 scrolls. Hireophant: Jar and cloak. Cheap and effective.

I love the chariots. But I would have a unit of 4 with the war banner, a unit of three with banner and a unit of 3. The first unit does rather well on it's own, and can actually take down units on it's own. Prince rides with the other banner unit. Whle the third unit does flank protecting/threatening etc.

Enigmatic1 is spot on. Tomb guard are superior to skeletons. A unit of 24 with full command and the banner of your choise for the points of the skeletons + casket. I'd even like a 2nd unit, but you can't everything i guess.

Scorpions and catapults are great.

Patience is key. Wait for the oppertune moment, and strike with everything.

02-11-2009, 20:45
Ugh, I meant to comment on the inclusion of Nefarra's Plaques...good catch, evisor. The Plaques should only be considered on High Priests. I'd switch that out on my non-Casket priest for Enkhil's Kanopi for those annoying RiP spells like Curse of the Leper or Flames of the Phoenix. You know the ones that can wipe out your entire unit in 2 turns if you fail to dispel it...

I humbly disagree with evisor on the Casket. For just over 150 points, you get a "war machine" that is almost guaranteed to have 3 dispel dice (or scrols) thrown at it by any army that isn't Dwarfs (these are dice not being thrown at your actual incantations), imposes -1 penalty to all enemy casting (take that IoN spamming Vampires!) and causes Terror (to protect some archers and a catapult) from annoying skirmishers/fliers.

The Casket of Souls is how you maintain magical dominance without having to spam a bunch of Liche Priests, who I feel are of dubious use anyway since they lack any offensive abilities of their own but are still VERY expensive and hard to protect. It basically turns a LP into a HLP who's capable of impacting enemy movement, their magic phase and if they fail to dispel it...hilarity can ensue via the Light of Death...especially vs. an army with suspect leadership. Yeah, it's a stationary target. But in my experience, if the enemy can easily get to your Casket you're either very unlucky or you've already lost so it doesn't matter. ;)