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02-11-2009, 10:15
I have this 'condition' when making armies that leads me to use and collect the underdogs or simply the weird and wonderful. For Orcs and Goblins this has been a slight addiciton for spiders. I take the riders, particularly as a few Skullpass sets give you plenty, but I also grabbed the collectors gigantic spider.

However, as fun as they look and play, they really haven't delivered. They're great against Wood Elves as they too get to play in the woods, but point for point, I find wolf riders much better at what they do.

What's with the gigantic spider? Why doesn't it even cause fear?

Am I victim of shiny-syndrome or have I utterly failed to grasp the tactics that go with spiders?

02-11-2009, 11:00
In my night goblin army I don't use wolf riders, I don't see the point (2 movement more, i know) but ignore difficult terrain is just to good. You can hide them in forest while march blocking and be safe from most attacks. You can hide them in forests within the 2' line of sight that forests give, while it gives them a -1 to shoot at since their in cover and still be in range of their target. Also very handy in deployment, with my horde of goblins, i can still use every inch of deployment, because i just throw my spiders in any forest that happen to be in my deployment zone. the extra 2 inches really isnt worth taking if i have to give up that, and their about the same points if you give them the extra equip, also poision! it wins the day.

Da GoBBo
02-11-2009, 14:19
I use both sorts of goblin cav. I use wolfriders on the furthest flank as a default setup, for the OP's reasons. Spiderriders anywhere in my army for all the reasons mentioned by Toads. It's just great to not have to break up a battle line more than you are allready forced to do with all the animositychecks you'r bound to fail.

02-11-2009, 22:33
What's with the gigantic spider? Why doesn't it even cause fear?

they simply forgot to add the fear rule, to the spider and the squig. so the gigantic spider fears elves. makes an awful lot of sense, doesn t it?
and they deny tro revise that error. sad thing.
(they also forgot to allow the cave squig to join hoppers...)

the monster and the weak and fragile gobbo on top of it, form a nearly useless combination. basically everything in the game can easily kill it. while the two will struggle to kill anything.

the squig would be ok, if it could join the hoppers. it might occasionally be useful without it, because of ItP and the 360 move. (not because it is good, but because the O&G seriously lack certain stuff..)

the spider should cause terror. people would still rarely take it, at the current cost.

spider riders are ok. every O&G army should include at least one unit of 5 of them. short bows make sense most of the time.
they can take control of terrain features and occasionally they might pull of a misdirection maneuver into terrain...

in general, wolfs are better. i rarely take spears on them these days, as there are such few units, that they can tackle anyway... bows make them more of a nuisance, and people might get distracted by them.

wolfs and spiders can be deployed behind your main line, and advance in the first turn through small gaps between units, taking advantage of the fast cav rules. as they are prone to suffer from animosity, in this way they at least don t block other units...

if a unit of fast cav is placed outside the command range of the general, it will generally not charge anything. with elves also causing fear, they most often have a over 15% chance to suffer from animosity in the crucial moment, and about a 40% of passing a fear test... (two out of three times, at least one of the tests will fail. and a "we ll show them" result might also move them in a wrong direction...)

The Beast Walks Among Us
03-11-2009, 00:43

So to answer your question...yes, gigantic spiders should cause terror!

03-11-2009, 04:06
I prefer wolves. They're faster, you don't pay for the useless poison, and spiders are only useful when you got difficult terrain, and that's where you will find my hoppers... I'll have a use for spiders when they ignore terrain altogether, but for now they annoy me just like that gigantic spider annoyes me. The gigaspider is less frightening than stupid lions, and the spiders are all less agile than... her, a yethee?!?

Nurgling Chieftain
03-11-2009, 04:23
Hoppers are cool, but they take a special choice and are difficult to keep in said terrain.

08-11-2009, 06:26
As an orc player, you should always use both. Balanced army is the key! I hate to say it, but sometimes wolf riders can be useful, when you need that really long range charge in something. Just use terrain, in conjunction with woods and stuff. Works guuud. Also, giants.