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02-11-2009, 15:55
Hi all! I have recently been thinking of starting a new army after my other ones have got to a very large size, and have done alot of thinking and come down to Vampires. They're new, have good fluff, a creepy army list and a great look too them. So yeah enough for my reasons, now its time for my question. I've come up with two fairly good fluff ideas (in my opinion) but I wondered which is better? And also, what units should/shouldn't I have? Oh and i should say I'm aiming for a smallish list now, and then expand it into the future.

Idea 1- The Haunted Woods
This idea is basically that a vampire has been defeated in empire or brettonia land, so has fled to the woods for safety. He slowly gains back his strength, but in his time in the woods, he has grown paranoid and alone. He has also started to utilise fear as a weapon much more, ranging from causing nearby villages to experiance violent visions by poisoning thier water, to stalking the woods and taking out parties of soldiers in the terror of the night. His army is then made of those he kill, with the villagers becoming zombies and the patrolling soldiers or those long killed becoming skeletons. Basically, this list is based on some psychological horror film, and not contain any of the clean cut vampire ideas. Plus it would give them elves and beasts something to be truely afraid off ;)

Idea 2- The Vampires Widows
This idea is about 2 Brides of a powerful vampire count who has recently been slain. But rather than have his army fall apart, the Brides combined strength managed to hold it together, so that thier lord may come back to how it used to be. This would be an army of revenge, an army that would destroy towns and ravage the land from the despair of the Brides. This army would not have more than the 2 brides as vampires, and would also have a 'white wedding' sort of theme, with the black coach of thier lord decorated with lillies and so forth.

And those are my ideas. Any help concerning what I would use to build the army and what fluff changes could be made would be greatly appreciated :)

Ultimate Life Form
02-11-2009, 16:09
The Haunted Woods sounds like a Strigoi theme to me if this rings a bell. It's a Vampire bloodline that was playable in 6th Ed and had a background that matches this theme pretty well. You may want to read the fluff about Varghulfs (or is it Varghulves?:confused:)
This type tends to use the Bestialle Vampire Skills. Strigoi also have very close ties to Ghouls, use skills that interact with Ghouls and will deploy large amounts of them.

The Widows on the other hand is a classic Carstein theme and since the current book focuses on Carstein, you're good to go. Black Knights and Grave Guard are the elite soldiers who continue to serve under their mistresses' rulership while humble Skeletons form the core. As Carsteins, they may also have strong ties to Fell Bats and Dire Wolves. I would expect them to use Arkayne and Courtly Skills. Give them different roles to reflect their personalities! Let one be a courtly lady with pale skin and the other a deranged witch!:p

06-11-2009, 17:16
Oo i almost forgot about the strigoi...thank you

And I like the idea of the two brides being opposite now, I'll think I'll get the book and see what feel suits me, thanks :)