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03-11-2009, 00:09
I'm beginning to ponder if there is not a better alternative to Eltharion as my "foot General" in my High Elf army. I know that taking a character on foot is not the most optimal idea, but this is the way I want to run things. Ideally I'd like him to have a shield too, which over-rides the usual "best" foot set ups of either a Great Weapon or the White Sword.

I already have Khoril in the force to take on the scarier of the opponents, thanks to his high-Str and killing blow. Not sure where to add him - Stubborn Spearmen would be pretty handy, but having him in some Seaguard is appealing right now (stand+shoot, 2x ranks of spears, Khoril = a lot of pain for the enemy).

So I am after a multi-task prince. One that can take on lesser-commanders (I'll leave the bigger to Khoril) and doesn't have to worry *too badly* about Monsters (White Lions and Swordmasters are also present). I was perusing the army book and had a couple of ideas, and would really like some feedback on these set-ups:

Sword of Might, Golden Shield, Golden Crown of Atrazar, Dragon Armour.

Reasonable strength for offensive abilities. He's a little unprotected, instead of relying on a Ward Save for protection I hope he'll be protected by forcing re-rolls to hit, a 4+ save and ignoring the first wound he takes. This should keep him sitting pretty against both RnF and enemy characters.

Blade of Sea Gold, Golden Shield, Guardian Phoenix & Dragon Armour.

Ignores Saves so is handy against things like Dwarf Ironbreakers and so on, but this time has a ward-save for defensive purposes. I can see it being handy against enemy Knights and so forth, but he may have issues when rolling to wound.

Blade of Leaping Gold, Armour of Heroes, Talisman of Loec +Shield.

With 7 attacks and making the enemy take a Ld check to hit him, he should be fairly handy against enemy rank-and-file. Added into a Spearman unit he'll really rack up some extra combat-resolution bonus. The Talisman allows him to take out most mounted Hero-level characters in a single turn too (NB: have been tempted to swap the Armour of Caledor for the Armour of Heroes, as it will make him quite tough against enemy counter-attack)

Sword of Might/Blade of Sea Gold, Dragonscale Shield, Golden Crown of Atrazar & Heavy Armour.

A great save with a minimal ward-save, and he ignores the first unsaved wound - I think this is fairly tough all things considered. I am nto sure on the magic weapon yet - I can take the BoSG and be at maximum magic allowance, or the SoM and save a few points/grab Talisman of Loec or something.

So, which if these set-ups do you think has some merit?

It's a struggle to find good combinations for a foot character with a shield (magical or otherwise), so if you also have any ideas/suggestions please feel free to add them too!

03-11-2009, 00:21
Great weapon.
Heavy armour.
Sheild(why not?)
Radient Gem of Hoeth(bears anger)
Tricksters pendant

4 st6 attacks is plenty when you have ASF
Bears Anger simply bumps it to 7 st6 attacks which is going to do a lot of damage so he'll draw dispel dice as he'll easily hit the 4+ he needs with 2 dice.

You could take the seerstaff to make sure you got the flaming sowrd if you really wanted.
5st7 attacks hitting on a 2+ is pretty deadly as well, especially with ASF. Although you'de lose the trickster's pendant then.

03-11-2009, 00:30
Personally I rarely use a Lord on foot.

However, I have toyed with the following offensive/defensive set-up:
Lord, Great Weapon, Dragon Armour, Long Bow, Golden Shield, Vambraces of Defence, and Talisman of Loec.

The concept was that I could switch between a more offensive or defensive model depending on my opponent. The offensive version uses the Great Weapon + ToL and depends mainly on his Ward Save to make it through. The defensive version would use hand weapon + Golden Shield and uses forced re-rolls of any successful hits, re-rolls on Armour Save, and Ward Save to hang around.

03-11-2009, 02:03
Those are both great ideas actually - particularly the hand weapon/great weapon mix'n'match approach. I quite like that idea. Out of interest, against whom/what would you use the hand weapon/shield bonus, and against what/whom the great weapon?

Another one I was thinking of:

Foe Bane, Enchanted Shield, Vambraces of Defence, Dragon Armour

Would be ace against the Hydra (though his unit would have problems), ogres, minotaurs, wizards - anything with multi-wounds (and usually high-toughness) but a low armour save. Might be handy against Stegadons too - Prince can land a wound or two, and the unit has a bit of Combat Res, breaking the enemy beastie.

Not so efficient against the smaller stuff though.

03-11-2009, 03:34
For the Mixmaster Lord, I was thinking for the:

- T3/T4 opponents with 4+ or weaker AS;
- Heralds (Khorne with Obsidian Armour may be the exception)
- Opponents with weapons that ignore Armour Saves;
- Most magic users (certain Vampires are exception);
- Core troops of most opponents;

- Opponents with killing blow;
- Opponents that generate multiple wounds per unsaved wound;
- Greater Daemons;
- Opponents with a WS greater than 7;
- Un-killable Dreadlord on a Dragon (looking for CR to get a lucky “break”);
- Opponents where I can depend on my unit to win & can’t afford opponent to score a lucky wound (e.g. war machine crews)

03-11-2009, 12:25
I like to use the starlance AoC and guardian phoenix on a dragon. 10 str 7 attacks on the charge is prettygood 4 cr. Also 2 + save and if you want to deal with GD's use the talisman of loec......

I like making the unkillable lord on foot with 2 hand weapons then get a mage to cast the bears anger spell at the end of the phase after drawing DD dice.

03-11-2009, 13:48
Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense, Amulet of Light and Great Weapon Should be pretty effective.

03-11-2009, 20:36
On foot, it hurts his options to not use the Armour of Caledor, but with a shield, I'd go...

Enchanted Shield, Vambraces of Defense, Dragon Armour, use remaining 35 points to taste, either for offense or some shiny other items.

With HW/Enchanted Shield, He'll still have the 2+ AS in CC with a rerollable AS and 4+ ward. I'd rather give him the AoC and a GW, but if you want a shield...

03-11-2009, 20:42
My friend who plays high elves used to play his Lord on a Dragon or a Great Eagle, but he said that he really wanted to try and play him on foot in a unit of troops so he could actually survive artillery. He's been using the following lord with a fair amount of success for the last few games in a unit of phoenix guard.

Prince: Great Weapon for punch.

Talisman of Loec - For when it really matters
Guardian Pheonix - A decent ward save
Armor of Caledor - Good armor save
Reaver Bow - Gives him something to do while not in combat

Guardian of the Rage
04-11-2009, 15:00
Hi Treadhead,

Do i recall correctly that you have shadow warriors in the list; maybe you could take a shadow prince?

Prince: Shadow armour, blade of leaping gold, talisman of loec, shield, longbow - 258
A low armour and no ward save leave him poorly protected but the scout and skirmisher abilities will allow you to pick and chose the right combats to unleash 7 S4 attacks (can use loec!) in the rear of a combat unit. This would keep him away from the worst enemy combatants.

Prince: Shadow armour, Reaver bow, extra hand weapon, shield, Loec talisman - 234
Same basic idea as above except that he is able utilise the shooting phase considerably more. Also, the option of either taking 5 attacks or 4 with a 3+ save. Loec is there for when you need it and there are still 25 point of magical items to kick around if you want them.

Finally, if the shadow warriors are no longer in the list, maybe this. Please bear in mind the this guy is likely to face lots of 'chod' and only minor characters!

Prince: Blade of Leaping gold, Tremakador's gauntlets, dragon armour, shield, Loec Talisman - 262
He has a 3+ save and 7 strength 4 attacks, with the obligatory ToL for when he needs it. Also, against anything S4 or higher (i.e. would impact upon his save) he also gets a 5+ ward save. This might just give you what you were after, particularly if you like to use seldom seen magic items.

Just some thoughts,