View Full Version : 2500 WoC - Need help refining!

guardian angel
04-11-2009, 08:46
So, I've had a few games with my list of late and after getting massacred by lizradmen knew some things had to change.

Please have a look at the list below and see what you think. The main area I am having issues with is the core units, ie the warriors and marauders. I was running 2x 12 warrior units before but thought this may work better. What do you guys think? Areas? for improvement?

Lord+lvl4+MoT+disc+golden eye+spell fam+book of sec+en shield=390

Ex hero+MoT+shield+disc+flail+bsb+CoK=199
Sorcerer+lvl2+MoN+pow fam+scroll=190

5 warhounds
5 warhounds
18 warriors+MoS+shields+halberds+m+sb+rap std=354
25 marauders+MoS+shields+la+fc=180
5 horsemen+MoS+la+flails+m=96

6 knights+MoN+m+sb+war ban=325
6 knights+MoN+m+sb+ban of rage=335
3 Dragon ogres+gw's=231

Total = 2500

04-11-2009, 15:25
Imho if this is a cavalry list, you have to much infantry (and vice-versa).

If you wanted mainly rely on infantry I would replace the dragon ogres with an extra infantry unit.

I think you took too many options on your warrirors. With that many warriors (which is not a bad thing), you want to run them in rows of 5 and have the Warbanner. I would also remove their halberd as they should focus on getting low casualty in combat and rely a tad more on SCR. If you want to go the halberd way, I suggest going for two-handed weapons and banner of rage instead (and a 2x6 setup). Your Marauders are fine as they are, I am always amazed at how they perform for their points.

I would remove the magical banner of your knights. First the Warbanner is great in a knights unit but fit more with your warriors. Secondly, the banner of rage is incredibly efficient with knights but makes them a strategic liability. I find the knights a lot more threatening when I have complete control over them. As an added note, do you really need MoN on the knights? 6 knights + banner and musi is plenty killy in my book.

As for your characters, they seem fine but I would suggest replacing Cok with Crown of Everlasting Conquest or Armour of Morslieb. Another idea would be to swap puppet and book of secret (you need to also remove spell familiar). Your Tzeentch lvl1 sorcerer would then have access to a 24" magic missile (otherwise Flickering fire is difficult to cast on the first turn). If you are still having difficulties I suggest trying to use the Banner of the Gods. The banner may seem costly and your infantry units will be clogged together but it will compensate for some strategic mistakes (as you get better you will eventually dump it).