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04-11-2009, 17:02
So I was thinking about starting a chaos army, and in the interest not doing what I did with my eldar (buying a bunch of crappy units that don`t work well together, then buying a bunch of good units that don`t work well together, then buying a bunch of good units that work well together but have to be repainted cuz I hadn`t decided on a good colour scheme) I want to have everything decided before I spend a cent on models.

So the theme to my army is a tzeentch champion/sorcerer who goes around tricking members of the other factions in to doing his dirty work. There will only be nine tzeentch models in the army. 2 Defilers, 2 blits (suitably converted) and 5 tzeentch models... probably termies. The "Leader" of my army will be a tzeentch champ.

The minions of slaanesh.
His first act will be to corrupt a slaneshi Daemon prince. I plan to write a short fan fic on this tzeentch champ peparing an amulet in all sorts of mysterious arcane rituals. When finished, he reveals to his familiar that all that needs to happen now, is for his slave to submit to his will. He then confronts a slaaneshi daemon prince. (not sure if he should a) Bust in to the fortress all abd ass style with his rbric termies b) astral project himself, or c) Infiltrate the pleasure cult to provide some oompf to his challenge) and challenges him/her to a competition of seduction, the terms being that the defeated becomes the slave of the victor. The self indulgent Prince of pleasure, half seeking more powerful slaves, half aroused by the challenge of such a skilled interloper, accepts the terms. Since the tzeenth amulet only needed the permission of the prince to take control of him, the tzeentch amulet takes the daemon as it's slave, and the champion (who seduced the daemon in to giving him the last piece of the puzzle that he needed.) asserted his dominance as seducer.

The Plague
The Tzeentch Champion despite many warnings from the changer of ways, decides to deviate from the plan and confront a Plague champion of tzeentch who he has a particular dislike for. He looks forward to taking the bloated walking corpses of his enemies and mutating them even further. Even as he stands before the plague champion, tzeentch continues to make him aware of the consequences of disobedience. The challenge is that tzeentch is a more powerful god than nurgle because the plague chamion can not inflict any illness on our hero that he can not survive, and tzeentch doesn't even ask that you become so repulsive, and if he can survive that plague champion must submit to his will. The plague chamion burst ouit in gurgling laughter, accepts the terms and unleashes not one but seven of the sacred plagues of nurgle. With one last I told you so from tzeentch our hero falls to the ground gasping for breath, bleeding foul, tainted blood from his eyes and fingers. Tzeentch himself speaks in words that echo through time and space that even pawns who disobey still sometimes have a part to play in the great game, and that when your usefulness has worn off, you will pay for your imputence. Pink and Blue Thunder crackles and a storm erupts, legions of vermin are swept aside in the squalls that ripped the ground from the earth, and when the winds subsided, adnt eh thunder rested, there is the Champion of tzeentch, standing victorious over death. As the plague champion tries to recover from the storm, our hero clasps a collar around his through. Lightning sparks from the collar, and the plague champion strugles to rip it from his neck, but he would not renag on the game. Tzeentch had won, and his champion would hold on to his prize. As the putrid brown, figure of the resistant minion stumbled to his feet. He's eyes burned blue and he asked his new master "what is your will?"

On a side note this transgression earns him exile from his legion. The agents of the changer of ways seek not personal power but to serve the great master, and destroy his enemies, not to keep them as pets. As a result of this he relies more heavily on the agents of his pets than the troops of his previous legion.

The Bloody
Tzeentch still has plans for our hero, and he must fulfill his duty. Tzeentch has made him aware of a small contigent of world eaters who were abandonned on some backwater planet in the chaos surrounding the retreat of the traitors in the horus heresy. These Berzerkers have been left to their own malicious devices for millenia on this backwater planet ravaging their primative population in a bloody mess. By the time this lone squad has circled the planet in their land raider many years have passed and the once decimated populations have rebuilt a strong enough force to resist, and be slaughtered. It is in to this mayhem that the champ of tzeentch finds himself. To make a long story short the tzeentch champ (since he can not use the same psychic collar/psychic amulet tricks that he used on the previous two) challenges the skull champ to a contest of martial honour. He has heard of a terrible daemon over the crest where they will test their might. First contestant to defeat said daemon will win the challenge will win, loser is relegated to slavery (at this point you've probably got the idea). at first the skull champ tries to kill the apparition but our hero had predicted this and sent only an apparition. The skull champ accepts the challenge on the terms that WHEN he wins the champ will not be his slave, but bring his true body forth that his blood may be spilled, and his skull presented to Khorne. When the day of the challenge comes, the tzeentch champ brings the skull champ to the appointed place where there is a (you guessed it!) fearsome Damon Prince of slaanesh waiting for the contestants. The skull champ is wary that such a creature surived on this planet for millenia without his noticing, he is however (after centuries of slaughtering primitive sheep) eager to have a great duel with this fearsome, sacred enemy. The skull champ charges forward with chainaxe in hand ready, thirsty for blood. Just before he gets close enough to swing his chainaxe, our hero mutters a spell and the slaaneshi daemon prince returns to his cage, in the amulet around the Champs throat. Our hero had defeated his servant before the skull champ could get to the daemon, the terms satisfied, our hero had won. The terms had been satisfied but the skull champ had not. Seeing that the psyker had tricked him, and that he was also in his true body lunged for our hero. He released the Prince in a storm of pink fire, which separated the Bezerker from his axes. When the fire cleared the daemon, with one great clawed, beautiful hand, held down the now armlesss skull champ. Our hero asks his new servant, "are you satisfied that you could not defeat this daemon? and that I clearly have done so before you?", the skull champ screams that "I would rather die! My skull for the skull Throne!". In one calm liquid gesture our hero breaths that "when I have no more use for you, you may just get your wish"

On a side note, this Skull champ will have a 1k sons power fist attached to replace the arm(s?) that he lost agains tthe slaanesh daemon.

So now that you know the basic background, i'll get to the stylistic themes. It will primarily be a slaaneshi fighting force. Our hero has been cast from his home for betraying tzeentch and sparing nurgle's followers so he has little to no man power of tzeentch left. As a seductive agent of the prince of pleasure the daemon prince serves him well in recruiting new blood, and ripping stuff up on the battle field. His khornate servants are not nearly so excited about their servitude but are bound by martial honour to serve our hero (hell they still get to spill blood and take skulls on new planets for him anyways). For the defilers I was thinking about using Inquisitor range Space marines or something and makeing them suitably 1K, same thing with the Blits but based off of the Termie models with a few weapon sort of side sponsons instead of arms. As for the colour scheme I've pretty much decided on some type of pink/blue theme. The pink/black/blue is pretty standard EC colours, and the blue would allow me to incorporate the Tzeentch elements fairly easily. I plan on fashioning blue (tzeentch) collars on the nurgle followers/daemon prince. Only the daemon prince needs a collar as those loyal to him will follow his orders anyhow. Nurgle guys on the other hand need one on everybody. The lone khorne squad has a special paint scheeme thought up and they will be unified by the 1K power fist on their leader to show his allegiance.

So my questions. I tried a colour scheme of warlock purple (more pink than anything for those who don't know) washed down with Liche purlpe, dry brushed with warlocj, then washed with liche again, then dry brushed with warlock, then a fifty fifty warlock/skull white. The effect was pretty close to what I was thinking but I would like it to be a bit brighter. Maybe use that fifty fifty mix before my second wash or do a layer of skull white then wash it down with warlock for the brighter highlights. The other thing that I didn't like is that the blue that I used as highlights wasn't standing out enough for me, so I'm hoping that with some deviation in the pink it should stand out more. For the tzeentch I was leaning towards a pretty standard clean looking 1k sons. So if wnyone has any advice on how to make a defliler sized rubric marine would be REAL nice. Also if you could point out any fluff incosistencies in my storyline would help a little to. When I actually get around to writing it (better than the rocky and bullwinkle abridged version above) i'll post that as well. Any name suggestions would be appreciated as well.

When I get a chace I'll try posting some pics of the test models I've tried the colour out on. All of which are eldar guardians.

Thanks in advance for your input. If I've posted this in the wrong section feel free to move it. If you could PM where it went so I can follow it would be nice. Thanks!