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23-01-2006, 16:14
…the future

The second tiberian war is about to begin on the scorched battle field that was once earth. The brotherhood of nob is the largest quasi-terrorist group ever, they seek to take control f the earth through tiberium, a precious extra terrestrial crystal that is changing the earth . The global defence initiative, a huge multi-nation army is currently reforming from the first tiberian war and is about to make its final strike on the now divided factions of the brotherhood of nod. However the brotherhood’s leader has seemingly returned from the dead and the rival factions of nod have been re-united….

A former GDI base located in Siberia, abandoned in the first tiberian war.

“general this is Lucian… we have found the first part of project v”
“Excellent… return to base immediately, destroy the centre”
“yes sir… over and out”

Aboard GDI orbital command

“what is it private”
“sir we have just picked up a nuclear detonation”
“Siberia sir, its not one of ours”
“okay private, anything in that area?”
“no sir, that areas deserted, no life whatsoever”

Secret GDI base… Nevada, former USA

Colonel Cortez saluted, the Captain returned he gesture and they sat down. The captain offered him a glass of sherry but he declined. “Colonel I just got a new assignment from the big brass, they want you, they asked by name” the captain started, Cortez merely nodded. The captain continued “Apparently noddies are trying to dig up some old project from the first war, it seems details are rough as the records were destroyed , but the lab boys were developing some kind of devise that can control ion storms, they could completely knock out our ground ops if they developed this…” The captain trailed off

“what do you want me to do?” Cortez asked respectfully. “Cortez, I want you to lead a squad, of our best , we believe they are holding the info in a base in Russia, There’s going to be a full scale assault bet your team need to get in and capture the Intel… we already have them assembled in hangar 12”

[occ: welcome to project v. ease post a bio and introduce your character, stick to the following guidelines and they should be okay, please put all questions ect in ooc brackets.

Characters; 1 sergeant (everyone else is a corporal or private)
1 sniper (with sniper rifle)
1 medic (with medical equipment)
1 engineer (with tools, repair equipment and explosives)

Weapons: no swords, lasers ect use some kind of solid slug gun, other than that its up to you as they aren’t specified in c&c. You can have disks which are like explosive Frisbees used by GDI, no et infantry or wolverines (yet!)

Name: Cortez
Rank: Colonel
Role: squad leader
Age: late 40s
Weapons: sub machine gun, handgun, 12” knife, frag grenades
Appearance: a gruff and ready colonel, he is bald, around 6ft8 and very broad, he is riddled with scars.
History: one of the most decorated colonels in the GDI, he rarely talks of his past but it is known he has completed over 3 dozen missions and taken many nod to his name. He started out as an infantry man and it is believed he survived some horrific fighting against NOD. He is also known to have fought against mutants as a private and his squad once had to flee through a tiberium field, he was the only survivor.

So introduce your characters… you are all in hangar 12 im looking for 5-8 characters J]

25-01-2006, 16:32
Karl Tennant, Sniper Corpral, looked down his scope at the mammoth tank rolling down the canyon. The Soviets were taking a huge risk sending a mammoth tank and two helicopters on partrol this far from their base, and the risk would become fully recognised by the Soveits when the tank commander dropped dead and the helicopters spiralled to the floor before an elite genedier squad hiding down in the canyon would take care of the tank once and for all. Karl looked across the canyon, there, in the bushes, were three other snipers, and to his right was one more. Those four were tasked with the helicopters, Karl had to take out the tank commander whilst he was foolishly surveying the terrain.

A small red dot appeared on Tank Commander Yuchenov's uniform, but he didn't notice as it worked its way up to his forehead, and a bullet decided to join it.

The canyon was full of flames as the genadiers threw grenade after grenade at the huge tank, and the helicopters dropped to the sand. All in all, it was a successful mission, thought Karl, one Soviet tank and two helicopters down, that's three men for each helicopter, and at least twelve for the tank, and they'd all been taken out by five volunteer snipers, and three men with alot of grenades.

Name: Karl Tennant
Rank: Corpral
Role: Sniper/special weapons
Age: 31
Weapons: Sniper rifle, handgun, 8" combat knife, flashbang grenades.
Appearance: Tall and slender, Karl is a good seven foot tall, his skin is pale, his hair is very short and black, he wears dark-coloured tight-ish fitting camoflage, a black baloclava, black gloves and big black boots. He also wears action ghille [like a net with little bits of fake leaves or bits of cloth the colour of sand etc.] when on some missions.
History: Volunteered for the army, got in, did a few missions, did well, got promoted to Corpral, is renowned in the area for his shooting skill, strategy and dedication to objectives. He has fought the BoN a bit but mainly deals with Soviets.

25-01-2006, 23:28
Why am I here in this accused war? Tara asked herself. Why was assigned to be here? This makes little sense to me, but then, why should it?
She looked down at her deagle, then cocked the weapon, ready for anything. She slowly drew her knife; it was longer than others', more sword like, but not quite. It was only fifteen inches long, not the two feet that most short swords had been. She licked the cool metal, and sighed. I will kill those that attack me, in self defence. Otherwise, I will maim. This she swore to herself.

Name - Tara
Sex - Female
Age - 30
Weapons - Deagle (pistol. The 'Night Hawk' in Counter Strike). A pair of Chaff Grenades. Wire cutters. Fifteen inch dagger. Blu-tak (builders friend). A pair of C4s. Screwdriver.
Appearance - Tara is pale faced, red haired, and usually wears a midnight blue commando uniform, along with headband (Solid Snake crossed with Meryl, in other words).
History - Tara was orphaned by the age of seven, and sent into care. But by her tenth birthday she was conscripted into military servive; the reasons were unknown, and if Tara knows them now, she keeps them well hidden. Trained as an expert demolitions, she has no fear of anything that has the possibility of exploding, due to witnessing such things as a child, and having to defuse live C4s within two minutes. Obviously, she passed her tests. It's unknown who she was trained by, but she joined the GDI, her accent slightly Russian.

Hate Train
26-01-2006, 00:32
Name: Edward Skaleski
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Role: Medic

Physical Description: Caucasian male, black hair, blue eyes, physically fit, has been remarked to look surprisingly similar to Tom Cruise, an actor assassinated in early 21st century by the brotherhood of NOD.

Equipment: Wear: Urban Camoflauge Fatigues and Helmet from previous Outfit
Weaponry: AKMS Assault Rifle (An improved version of the AK-47 with foldable stamped-metal stock), Makarov PM semi-automatic pistol, 6" combat knife.
Misc.: Medi-pack, containing medical bandages, adhesive medical strips, cloth pads, syringe, 500 millileters of morphine. (Can be modified depending on mission situation.)

History: I'll post it up later. At this point the only for certain is that he was formerly of the Spetznatz.

26-01-2006, 13:13
Tom Cruise, an actor assassinated in early 21st century by the brotherhood of NOD.

OoC/I thought the Brotherhood of Nod was evil?

Anyway, we only need one more person.../OoC

Upon returning to base, Karl was debreifed, his superior officer agreed that it was well-executed and a near perfect assault [save for one man who threw a grenade with the pin still in it]. And no sooner had he returned to his bunk, than he was commanded to be breifed again. What could it be this time? Surely he was allowed at least four hours rest until continuing active duty the next morning, unless it was very, very urgent.

Sergeant Spinner watched as Corpral Tennant clomped into the room and snapped a salute, Spinner retruned it.
"At ease," he said and Tennant's body language relaxed.
"Now, this morning I received a message that said near to nothing, it didn't say what they wanted, it didn't say why, it didn't even have a name. The message reads, 'Your best sniper, Hangar 12, we'll pick them up.' At the bottom it was stamped with the secret sign of the GDI, they need us to send them our best sniper. That's you."
"Sir, I don't think I'm our best sniper."
"You've been in active service four months and you're in danger of taking my job. You're definitely our best."

Hate Train
26-01-2006, 14:36
Oh... but it is! The Brotherhood is supremely evil. :D

27-01-2006, 12:38
Then surely, they wouldn't have killed Tom Shi.. Cruise.

04-02-2006, 13:22
Slowly, oh so slowly, Dernan crept through the darkened hallways. Moving towards the lit office but always remaining in the shadows.
He liked it in the shadows, they make you harder to see.
Beyond the open door sounds of movement could be heard. Someone finishing up their paperwork for the day.
Silently he made his way to the door, waiting until his target was occupied with his filing before slipping inside and immediately finding a darkened corner.
The officer inside would've never had a chance. They first he knew of Dernans presence was Dernan clearing his throat and asking softly, "you wanted to see me sir?"
Colonel Moran jumped a clean 3 feet off his chair, "God damn it Vack! How many times have I told you not to sneak in like that?"
"At least a dozen sir."
"And what did you do just now?"
"I stomped in here with all the grace and finesse of a gut shot bull in a china shop sir."
A smile spread across Colonel Morans ragged face, "I don't know why I put up with you Dernan. You're a menace to any commanding officer."
"It's probably because you're too kind to push me off onto someone else sir."
"Can the 'sir' ***** Dernan, we've known each other to long for that. And I couldn't care less about anyone elses abililty to handle you. You know full well that I put up with you cause you're the best damn sneak in the GDI."
"Well yeah there's that too."
"And you're modest."
"Always Brad. Now I assume this isn't a social call."
"Unfortunately not. Someone has decided that can put up with your crap cause they reckon you can get the job done."
"What's the job?"
"I have know idea, but you're being sent to a classified location."
"Where is it?"
"I don't know Dernan. This one goes way above me. All I know is that you'll be picked up tomorrow at 0500 hours from Pad 2. Be there or my ass, and yours, will be finely chopped grass."
Dernan stood to attention and snapped off a salute, "it's been a pleasure serving in you command sir."
"Been great having you here Vack. Good luck."

Name: Dernan Vack
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Role: Spy/Assassin

Physical Description: Average height, average build. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Pretty much the deffinition of average. Put Dernan in a Janitors uniform and he could get into anywhere.

Equipment: Wears: Dark combat suit, shifts from green to grey in changing light.
Weaponry: 2x silenced .22 semi-auto pistols. 8" knife with darkened blade.

Background: Before joining the GDI, Dernan was a spy for what had been the CIA. He is proficient at sneaking up on people and killing them quietly. He completed many missions during the Tiberian war, providing a lot of information the GDI otherwise wouldn't have had. And killing several important NOD officers.

04-02-2006, 14:04

So we have a spy/assassin, a medic, a sniper, a... close combat specialist[?] and our leader, that's all we need. Let's get this show on the road!

04-02-2006, 15:14
A pair of C4s
Try Demolition/Close-Combat-Specialist, ;)
Still, that's the team, methinks.

Brother Smith
04-02-2006, 17:47
I still play Tibserian Sun alot, but I use all the old mods...

Name: Private Smith
Age: 38
Rank: Corporal
Bio: A veteran of the first Tiberian War, he was staioned in the UK and was one of the soldiers assigned to the protection of an alien artifact (it's in C&C).
Equipment: Pulse rifle, desert eagle pistol, environment armour (protects against tiberium, infantry in tiberian sun use it). Has a few explosive discs.

04-02-2006, 17:58
What's your role?

EDIT: I think you can be a Sergeant, that was one of the roles Grubnatz gave.

04-02-2006, 20:49
[okay seems we can start this]

Colonel Cortez entered the hangar and strolled to he front of the group, assembled in front of a small briefing screen displaying a map. Cortez stopped and turned to face his new squad. "welcome gentlemen" He paused and looked at Tara "and lady. You have been pulled in on short notice from around the world, im sure your wandering why, basically i need you for an extremely important spec ops mission. I'll cut to the point, nod are developing a new weapon with devastating potential, we don’t have much information so we must assault this tech centre" Cortez pointed to a large red dot on the map.

"In a few hours gdi forces will assault the main nod base, we will be inserted outside the tech centre via a stolen nod apc" Cortez motioned to a strange looking vehicle in the corner of the room sporting what apeared to be a large burrowing drill on the front. "the main nod forces will be stationed around the base defending against our assault forces, we will move in and capture the tech centre, apprehending nod scientists and plans... understood" Cortez barked, he was greeted by a series of nods and grunts. "excellent... we move out immediately". The group entered the apc.

The strange vehicle rolled up to a large blast door, taking a few minutes to open, and then proceeded into a large soil tunnel. It descended down the tunnel and then suddenly upturned and burrowed into the ground...

3 hours later... former Canada, north America.

"commence the assault" Captain kay barked, a few seconds later his line of hover mrls opened fire, missiles hit the nod wall and the gates erupted in flame, sirens blared and troops rushed to defend as titans and wolverines opened fire lumbering forwards. A line of infantry in fast attack apcs charged forwards, nod lasers erupting among their ranks.

Inside the compound the ground burst open and the nod apc emerged, startled sentries were incinerated by its flame thrower, more rushed forwards to defeat its occupants.

[we are outside the tech centre, 10 nod infantry are defending the entrance, take them out]

04-02-2006, 21:03
Oh this is just great, thought Dernan. Drop us smack bang in the middle of NOD base and hope we come out alive.
Shaking is head, Dernancrouched in the shadows of the NOD apc. Slowly he raised his pistols, taking careful aim on one of the sentries guarding the tech centre.
Two shots later his target was lying in a heap on the floor. Dernan sprinted forward, taking a few shots to make the NOD troops keep their heads down. Arriving at the corpse, he quickly stripped away its weapons, slinging the rifle over his back and shoving extra clips into his pockets.

OOC// If we aren't supposed to take stuff from the bad guys let me know and I'll get rid of it in my next post

04-02-2006, 22:58
Karl went down on one knee and cracked off a shot that left one more NOD trooper dead. He slung his sniper rifle over his back and quickly threw one, then another flashbang grenade at the troopers in quick succession. Whipping out his rifle again he took down two guards on the tech centre and rushed at its walls. He slammed into the concrete and aimed his pistol at the corner, as a squad of troopers rushed past it, he threw a flashbang at their feet and shot two in the head with his pistol, tearing out his knife he quickly stabbed the last NOD in the throat and let him drop to the ground. It had been a while since Karl had been involved in close combat assaults, but he was still good at it as he ever was.

Karl rushed along the wall and turned the corner to see a door, it was a tough door, and Karl wasn't going to waste any ammo on getting through it, at least, not any of his ammo. He ran back and, throwing a flashbang at some nearby NODs, he grabbed two rifles off the men he had killed. He rushed back to the door and took aim, one rifle in one hand, another in another. As he pulled the trigger, and the recoil smacked back against his arms and bruised him, only small dents were made in the metal doors. Karl dropped the rifles and decided to pick off enemy troopers until someone with C4 came along.

Hate Train
05-02-2006, 01:17
OOC: Remaining NOD Troops: 4

Not my style, but whatever. A full on assault. Thrilling at least. Karl is in there flinging flashbangs every damn way and taking down NOD left and right. Guy might as well be called an army. AKMS in hands I take aim as the remainder of the squad Karl left behind starts to regroup. I place the stock against my shoulder and fire three short bursts. One down. Another two takes down another, then they start firing back. Rounds rip up the earth around me and I dive to my left, spraying some fire at the troops, to little effect. I start sprinting, making for the corner of the Tech Center. The medi-pack on my back thumps rythmically against me as I run.

OOC: Remaining NOD Troops: 2

05-02-2006, 11:59
Tara smirked as she pulled her deagle from it's holster. Seven shots, two targets. Easy. Now to earn my keep.
She came out of cover, letting loose a shot. Both the remaining soldiers ducked down into cover, allowing Tara to get closer. At this long range I can't hit anything, not without luck, anyway.
She let off another shot, making the two soldiers again dive for cover. She repeated this several times, until she was on her last two bullets in that clip, but now she was close enough. Crouching by the entrance, she pulled out her combat knife, and slowly but surely, crept forwards, knife in the left hand, deagle in the right, ready. One of the targets looked around, unsuspectingly. Tara's aim was true, and her bullet slammed into his head, sending him reeling. The second looked around wildly, but Tara had already fired off her last shot, catching the man in the ribs, sending him crashing to the ground. Tara leapt forwards before the man could grab his gun, and quickly slit his throat. She looked around, reloading her deagle. Looks clear, she tapped into her mike.

OOC - If we don't have microphones and headphones, forget that last bit, but I always assume my Character has one...

05-02-2006, 13:05
"Tara!" Karl said through his intercom as he shot a NOD soldier who thought he was safe 100 feet away, "We need some goddamn C4 to get through these doors!" Karl continued to fire upon unsuspecting NOD troops, dreading that they might find out who's shooting them.

Brother Smith
05-02-2006, 13:29
Smith walked out of the apc. Amidst the chaos he always had an uncanny ability to remain calm.

The sky was lit up in a myriad of different colours, giving reasonably good visibility. He sprinted to the tech centre, running voer bodies and craters.

The door was locked, he discharged several rounds from his rifle into it and kicked it down. 'Lets get this show on the road' he said over the comms.

05-02-2006, 14:27
OoC/Smith, it's made of inches-thick metal, I unloaded a good 40-60 rounds into it and I couldn't get it down, there's no way you can just shoot it a few times and then KICK it down, we need C4 to blow it open, is your foot made of C4?/OoC

05-02-2006, 15:21
OOC - I don't think anyone has the strength of Vulkan Raven, Smith, ;)
Especially doing it in one line... :confused: :wtf:

IC - Tara growled into her mike and tapped out several words. Alright already, I'm bloody coming with that bloody C4.
Cover me, she tapped, pulling out one of her C4 Plastic Explosives. Although the request wasn't needed, as nothing was around to shoot at them...
She set the C4 against the door, and set it ready. You've got five seconds to run to cover, she tapped, before arming the device.
She turned around and ran, counting.
Five, and an explosion, sending shrapnel everywhere as the C4 detonated, letting what remained of the door fall inwards off it's hinges with a loud resounding. Tara groaned; she'd been caught in the back tail of the explosion, and had been sent into the ground forcefully.
She pushed herself up, coughing slightly from the smoke, while staggering back to the door.
It's open, she tapped.

05-02-2006, 17:20
OoC/She tapped? I thought you were speaking, not using morse code!:p /OoC

"Nice job, Tara," said Karl as Tara picked herself up off the floor. Karl got to the doorway and looked around inside, there was no-one, the guards were probably dead, or guarding something else, and the scientists were probably getting on with their work, hoping that the barrage will end in their favour, or being forced to continue. Karl ran in and got to a computer desk in the lobby, he wiggled the mouse, and the screen demanded a password. Karl took a wild chance, he typed in NOD. Wrong. It always seemed to work in the movies...

Brother Smith
05-02-2006, 18:58
Oh yeh, I forgot about that bit...

05-02-2006, 19:07
OoC/Eh, well, we'll just pretend you didn't kick down the door. Have you decided to be a sergeant yet, or are you just a private or a corpral?/OoC

Brother Smith
05-02-2006, 20:37
OOC/Sergant fits nicely/OOC

Smith ran up to Karl and pointed down the corridor. Two scientists had spotted them.

He flipped his loudspeaker switch and pointed his rifle at them. 'DO NOT MOVE. MOVING WILL GET YOU KILLED'.

They froze, and Smith motioned to them to hit the deck. The obliged.

OOC/Anynone up for a game of Tiberian Sun online?

05-02-2006, 20:42
OoC/Um, I don't have that game, I'm afraid, I only have Red Alert, and I'm just a fan of the series and its weird and twisting plot./OoC

Brother Smith
05-02-2006, 23:02
OoC/Um, I don't have that game, I'm afraid, I only have Red Alert, and I'm just a fan of the series and its weird and twisting plot./OoC

But do you know about all the units, their appearance etc?

06-02-2006, 00:45
Dernan moved through the door with the others, rifle ready. But no targets presented themselves. "You want me to take a swing at that system? I might be able to slice through the security."

Hate Train
06-02-2006, 04:23
OOC: No, you don't understand. Smith's character is obviously Chuck Norris. He can destroy anything with his bare hands. ; )

The chick is hot, even in the GDI gear. She's got nice... curves. Eheh. I smirk behind my helmet and admire her. Dernan says something, I hear the word "slice". I decide to reply, "Might as well."

06-02-2006, 11:33
"When you say slice, I hope you're talking about that metaphorically," said Karl to Dernan. Karl decided to go and bring the scientists into the lobby, he didn't want them lying on the floor, so far away from him.

Brother Smith
06-02-2006, 19:05
Smith peered around the corner, HUD imgages flashing on his helmet's visor. It looekd clear.

He could see Karl rounding up the scientists. Rather clumsily, but he didn't care.

In this period of rest he cast his mind back to the first Tiberium war. Horrid images of soldiers dying in agony through tiberium poisoning. All he felt was anger towards the Generals, Carter in particular. This new guy, McNeil, seemed good though. Maybe he wont turn this new war into an yet another cluster****.

He brought himself back to reality. There was flashing on his Hud sensor display. A lone person walked in their general direction.

'Prepare for company'.

07-02-2006, 01:13
"I mean slice through the systems security. Then we can access it."
He took the chair Karl had vacated and brought up the system directory, "I hope NOD techs are good at system security. I wouldn't want this to be too easy."

OOC/ How hard should this be to hack into Warlord?

07-02-2006, 16:44
OoC/Quite hard, but a forgetful NOD scientist may have left something on the desk to remind him, like a turnip if the password was Turnip. Well, you get the idea. Perhaps one of the scientists will tell you what the password is?/OoC

Karl turned to see the soldier that smith had pointed out, and aimed his sniper rifle. A red dot appeared on the man's uniform, and it turned into a red splatter as blood spurted from the wound through the man's forehead.
"That's hardly company, Smith," said Karl as he turned to survey the two scientists who were now up against the wall.

07-02-2006, 17:58
Great. The CO's a gorrila with fingers pliable enough to hold a gun. Thought Tara, getting into the interior of the structure, wincing as she moved. Her chest was bruised, it seemed. Next time, six seconds.

08-02-2006, 03:58
After failing several times to access the security overrides from the main terminal, Dernan decided a new approach was needed. He moved over to the bound scientists. Crouching down next to them he started searching their pockets. "What's your name son?" he asked one quietly.
B-B-Bri-Brian, sir."
He flipped open Brian's wallet. Right inside was a picture of a pretty girl, about Brians age. Dernan showed it to the quivering young man, "your girlfriend?"
"Y-yes sir."
"She's very pretty Brian, how'd you get so lucky huh?"
"No idea sir."
"Well Brian, you seem like a nice guy. And I'd bet she thinks she's just as lucky to have you." Dernan sighed, "now you probably don't want to be taken away from such a lovely girl do you?"
"N-No s-sir."
"I didn't think you would. Unfortunately, Brian, I'm in a bit of a bind here. You see, I need access to your computer systems, but I don't know the passcode. I'm willing to bet that you do." He hated doing this to people, but if they were stupid enough to carry photos of loved ones around in a war they desereved it.
"Now I'm sure you can do the math here Brian. You give me the code, and you get to see her again."
Brians eyes became defiant. "You'll have to kill me!"
Dernans finger tapped the picture, "who said I'd be killing you Brian?"
"Y-You w-wouldn't."
Dernan just stared at him. A single moment stretched out towards infinity.
Finally Brians head slumped forward, "Rhianna, the code's Rhianna."
Dernan looked at the picture in the wallet again, "that her name?"
The scientist nodded weakly.
"Make sure you tell her how much you love your Rhianna next time you see her okay son?"
He patted the kid on the shoulder and returned to the terminal. He bought up the login again and typed in the passcode, "hey boss, we're in. What am I looking for here?"

Brother Smith
08-02-2006, 11:39
It was dark in here. Too dark. Who knew what kindof sick experiments NOD was getting up to.

Smith had no sympathy for the young scientists. Human or not, they were still NOD.

08-02-2006, 15:41
"Dernan, I think the first thing you should do is disable all the security, that way we can move freely about the facility," said Karl as another scientist rounded a corner, Karl shouted for him to come into the lobby and to not run.

Brother Smith
08-02-2006, 21:27
That's true Karl, it's not unusual to find autolasers in these buildings. They'll melt your skin those things.

09-02-2006, 01:31
"Got it, I'll pull up a map while I'm here."
Dernan accessed the security options and disabled all cameras, autolasers & motion sensors. He also sealed all the barracks, while opening the security doors the team would need access to. "All set, lets go get those plans."