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Author's comment: I am by no means a good writer. I write for fun and because it relaxes me, and although I do have plans for the future, i'm not yet good enough to start them up. Just don't expect first class writing, as you'll be disappointed.

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The Glitterspines of Xilixi

Karxili'boq surveyed the surrounding jungle from the tallest watchtower in Xilixi, the Shimmering City. His heavy reptilian feet sapping warmth from the unnatural golden blocks from which the city was constructed. From his vantage point, he could gaze upon the tranquil forests, or oversee the continuing construction of the city; he could even watch the shifting seas of The Great Ocean. He would ascend the tower most days, if just to observe from a height, but mostly to calm him.

He yawned, baring two thick rows of razor-sharp gold teeth, his slender reptilian tongue licking the tips. Shadows from the corner caught his eye, and he drew a gold-plated obsinite blade, littered with small spikes, and quickly turned. Chuq’qu yelped and leapt backwards, loosely holding his stave in his shaking claws. Karxili grunted and sheathed his blade.

“Unwise move.” He growled.

“My apologies, Karxili, I did not wish to startle you.” Chuq’qu replied, his learned grasp of the language becoming apparent.

“Fine.” Karxili replied, “Why have you come?”

“He stirs.” Chuq’qu said, his voice lowering to little more than a whisper, although excitement soaking his words.

“About time.” Karxili said, returning his vision to the forests.

Chuq’qu leapt up onto the low tower wall and skittered across, “He has been in slumber for untold years; this is a breakthrough! We may finally learn our purpose.”

“I know my purpose.” Karxili snorted, “I lead. I kill. I protect.”

“Is that your true purpose?” Chuq’qu asked him.

Karxili remained silent, his low breaths producing the only sound. Something in the distance caught his eye; a glint; only there for a second; but it spelled its owners doom. “Intruders.”

Chuq’qu nodded and jumped off the wall, dashing back through the city. Within a minute, the alarm was raised. Karxili descended from the tower, his gaze replaced by those of the Temple Guard that ranked up before the entrance. He hit the ground and ran down to the armoury, his powerful legs carrying him several meters with every stride. Bursting into the building, he found his kin already arming for war. Skinks scuttled along clutching blowpipes and javelins and pouches containing darts and vials of lethal jungle poisons. Saurus plucked heavy gold-plated obsinite weapons from the racks that held various choices of maces, swords and clubs.

From the lower levels came the ferocious Kroxigors, their bulky figures dwarfing even the Saurus. They held larger versions of the Saurus weaponry, these ones capable of tearing through several enemy ranks with one swing. Karxili ran through the building to the stables, where he found his Cavalry unit already arming themselves. They stopped for a moment as they inspected Karxili, and grunted their greetings. Karxili walked over to a gleaming gold cabinet, and plucked from it his magic war-spear, helmet and imbued shield.

He donned his helmet and strapped the shield to his left forearm, grasping the war-spear in both hands and jabbing it through the air. He lifted it and brought it down on a solid gold brick. Upon contact, the blade of the spear glowed red and passed straight through the golden brick. The brick hissed as it was melted and cut in two. Satisfied, Karxili walked over to the pen and vaulted the fence in one quick movement. The groups of Cold Ones, large, bipedal reptiles, dispersed and allowed him through. One Cold One walked up to him and nuzzled his cheek. He stroked its forehead and led it out of the pen.

The other riders had started to enter, each being met by their Cold One as they did. The champion of the Saurus group took two golden faceplates from the wall and examined them, stopping as he came across a blood-smear on the inside. His fierce eyes turned calm for a moment as he swept a claw across the mark. Karxili left his Cold One to be equipped by the skink attendants and walked over to the champion,

“Remember not his death, but your accomplishments.” Karxili said, putting a bulky arm around his fellow rider.

“For as long as I look upon these plates, I cannot help but remember his death.” A Cold One staggered over from the pen and started to nuzzle the champion’s side. He scratched the Cold One’s chin lightly with a claw and slowly put the plates onto its face to complete the mask.

Karxili walked off, looking back once to check. He reached his Cold One and passed his spear to the skinks as he mounted up. He grabbed the spear back from the skinks and waited for the other riders to mount up. The sound of gunfire was carried in the wind. The foolish warm-blooded Men had returned. The last rider mounted up and Karxili led his unit through out of the stables and into the courtyard at the front of the temple. The twenty-strong cavalry unit split off into four groups of five, with two groups skirting the flanks of the Saurus ranks. Two-hundred Saurus warriors had assembled in units of twenty; their banners flying high above them and musicians beating low notes on thick drums.

The Saurus on Xilixi were different from the Saurus of the other Temple Cities in many ways, most notably, the look. Each warrior was covered in solid silver scales, with a line of silver spines along their backs. Their teeth and claws were solid gold. The champions were not designated in fights, but were superior from spawning. They’re defined by their solid gold scales and heads and are immediately recognisable as superior in both look and ability.

The greatest champions have golden spines, and they are given the role of the Temple Guard. Sometimes, a single warrior will walk from the spawning pools. They are the same as the temple guard in all but build, and their separation from the rest of the spawned warriors designates them as leaders. They will become the Scar-Veterans and Oldbloods of the army. Should a Scar-Veteran be spawned at the same time as Cold One egg hatches, then the two are destined to be paired. From hatching, the Cold One has an innate feeling for the Veteran who spawned at that time, and is forever loyal to its master. Should the loss of either of them on the battlefield occur, the other is often drawn into frenzy, and they will not cease until they, or the enemy, are killed.

The ground beneath Karxili shook and a huge Stegadon appeared from the trees. It held upon it a howdah and a huge golden plague, showing it to be an Engine of the Gods, something capable of channelling immense magical power through it. Chuq’qu stood atop the plague, whilst skink attendants guarded him. Two more Stegadons followed, these armed with giant bows crewed by skinks.

Four ranks of five Kroxigors stood firm in front of the Saurus, the Stegadons taking their position at the back. Overhead, Terradon riders were already flying out, their skink riders skilfully taking them into the tree canopies. Groups of Salamanders and Razordons led by skink handlers took their places near the flanks. Karxili rode up to the head of the army and silence ensued. He opened his maw and let out a loud roar. The roar was met by that of those before him, the sound being carried all the way to the warm-blood encampment at the forest’s edge.

Karxili turned and led the army down the giant causeway at the entrance of the city. They were flanked on both sides by pools of imbued lava. The heatless pools reacted with any foreign objects, often causing burns akin to those of normal lava, but when met by obsinite, it reacted to form a hardened compound of gold and obsinite. Mighty Kroxigors tugged the golden gates at the end of the causeway open, making a gap just large enough for the army to fit through. As soon as the final Stegadon had exited, the gates were closed. Ranks of Temple Guard now joined the Kroxigors in guarding the gates, forming an impassable wall of solid scales, muscle and weapons.

Skinks dashed through the trees to the side of the advancing army, some swinging from tree to tree, others lying in wait, some even changing colour to become nearly invisible to the naked eye. As the path narrowed, trees engulfed much of the army. If you could see one Stegadon, chances are that you couldn’t see the other two. The army split into groups, with the Cold One Cavalry taking far flank positions. Karxili soon broke off and joined on of the Cold One groups. The Saurus ranks split into two groups of fifty, and one of one-hundred. The two groups were led by five Kroxigors, with a Stegadon at the rear; the single group of one-hundred was led by ten Kroxigors, with the mighty Engine of the Gods tailing them.

The Salamanders and Razordons broke off to the flanks, hundreds of skinks shielding them. Gunfire soon rattled through the trees as the first wave of skinks emerged from the jungle and converged on the human camp. Shouts of men as they hurried to arm themselves warmed the blood of the jungle creatures. The second wave of skinks emerged, followed by swarms of snakes and other poisonous creatures. The third wave signalled the charge of the rest of the army. Three groups of Kroxigors burst forth from the trees, their roars striking fear into the hearts of their opponents. Arrows from enemy archers simply bent and broke upon their scaly hides.

Rank upon rank of Saurus warriors joined the fight, their powerful legs carrying them past the Kroxigors and sent them crashing into the ranks of the humans. Riflemen hurriedly fired at the tide of reptiles, their shots either missing or failing to kill. The emergence of the Cold One riders spelled doom for the humans, as they smashed through the panicking ranks of riflemen at the flanks. The three Stegadons charged out of the trees, followed by Razordons and Salamanders, each one acting as repellents against those wishing to take down the Stegadons from up close.

Chuq’qu drew upon the winds of magic, the engine empowering the skink priest as he focussed the magical energy. He raised his stave and pointed it at one of the human ships. The air around Chuq’qu shimmered as the magical energy was released, and the ship exploded in a brilliant ball of flame. Karxili saw the ship explode and led a final charge against the fleeing humans. He lowered his spear and crashed into the rear of a running swordsmen unit. He punctured the armour of the closest swordsmen and the spear burst through his chest. The smell of burning flesh wafted around. Another three fell to his spear, a fourth being caught under the foot of Karxili’s Cold One and subsequently being clawed to death.

Then a shimmer caught Karxili’s eye. He turned his head in time to see a fireball flying at him. The fireball struck his chest and sent him flying off his Cold One and into the sand below. He saw the reptile whimper and turn back before a second fireball engulfed it. Karxili watched in horror as his Cold One screeched and keeled over onto the sand, one side of him completely burned. His blood heated and his eyes filled with rage. He spotted the wizard that had killed his mount and watched as more Saurus fell to his fireballs. The wizard laughed with every strike. He spotted Chuq’qu atop the Engine and flicked his stave in his direction.

Chuq’qu flew back into the golden plague behind him and the winds of magic dispersed. The wizard laughed again, rallying the humans with shows of power. Karxili found his spear and used it to help him up. His cavalry unit rode up to him, the champion placing a clawed hand on his shoulder. Karxili shrugged it off, his gaze never lifting from the wizard. He walked over to a fallen Saurus warrior and picked up the dropped spear. Heaving it onto his shoulder, Karxili aimed it at the Captain next to the wizard, and threw. The spear whistled through the air, and the wizard noticed too late. He raised his staff to stop it but the spear smashed through and hit the Captain square in the chest. The Captain fell and the wizard hurriedly searched for the thrower.

Karxili was already halfway across the battlefield. He hit the final battle line, where groups of swordsmen and halberdiers were holding back the tide of Saurus and skinks. Karxili reached the front of the line and slashed across the makeshift barricade. The barricade fell inwards and Karxili led the final charge in. He held his spear in two hands as he charged the terrified wizard. The wizard quickly muttered an incantation, but his lips magically sealed on the final word.
Chuq’qu watched as Karxili grabbed the wizard’s stave and crushed it in his hand, before once again grabbing his spear in two hands and thrusting it into the stomach of the wizard. It thrashed about in pain as Karxili drew the spear back. He turned back towards the approaching humans and kicked the twitching body of the wizard off the spear and into one of the swordsmen. The final human rank broke and the Saurus chased them into the seas. Another fleeing ship became the victim of Chuq’qu.

The final ship was left to flee. They would bring news of a crushing defeat to the human cities and destroy morale, whereas nothing would mean more ships being sent to investigate. Skinks led their salamanders to human tents and burned them in place. Saurus warriors dragged injured and captured men into the jungles to be sacrificed. Karxili walked over to the body of his fallen Cold One and slipped to his knees, his body sinking into the sand. He placed a single clawed hand onto the side of his steed. The battle was won, but the cost, at least to him, had been great.

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