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06-11-2009, 21:51
Reading the rulebook, not refering to armybuilder:

Under Goblin Boss
A Goblin Big Boss may ride a wolf, giant spider, or in a goblin chariot.
A NIGHT GOBLIN big boss may ride a giant squig

Goblin Shaman
A goblin shaman may ride a wolf or a wolf chariot

Refering to Orcs & Goblins rulebook p.42
Some items are restricted to a particular type of character, Night goblins only for example. Where this says "orcs" or "goblins" it INCLUDES ALL TYPES of orc or all types of goblin respectively.

So as rules are, only the big squig is for Night Goblins only, all other is for everyone!

Am I right???

06-11-2009, 22:02
It is indeed a point of debate.

Aren't the rules you quoted from the magic item section? This implies they are refering to magic items, which are often 'orc only' or 'goblin only'. Secondly, do you really think Matt Ward was considering mounts to be a type of item when writing the hero options?

I'd play it on the safe side and avoid mounting night goblins on anything but squigs, but as you've shown it is quite arguable they can ride any mount available to goblins.

06-11-2009, 22:07
Just another rule in the O&G book that isn't clear!

06-11-2009, 22:36
wishfull thinking. the rule you are quoting is in the magic items section, and the particular sentences say...

"some items are restricted to a particular type of character, night goblins only, for example. where this says 'orcs' or 'goblins' it includes all types of orcs or all types of goblin respectively"

it does not say mount, because a mount is not generally an item. further, the standard mounts do not count against your item allowance (for example, the 12 points for a wolf doesn't count against your item allowance)

even moreso, the language used is different. in the example in the quote, it says "night goblins only", which is how it is used in the magic items section (see bad moon on a stick). the mount character upgrades do not say "goblins only", but rather "a goblin big boss". then if you look to the left, you will see two entries. one is "goblin big boss", and the other is "night goblin big boss". these are distinct. a night goblin big boss does not cost 30 points, because it is not a goblin big boss, it is a night goblin big boss. see ???