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24-01-2006, 11:53

Anyhoo, nobody credible has said anything about it. and Redshirts don't count as credibles in my book.
But I have been told in this form:

"It would make sense they would be reprinting the Wargear book after the terrible mistakes and additon of new weapons and wargear for Tau."

I said to them while they raved about it:

"Yeah, but what about Orks and Eldar? theyre sure to get new wargear and weapons!?"

The others say:

"True, but thats why we have 2nd printing, 3rd printing and so on, were you not the silly girl complaining when you found out your beloved Chaos and Dark eldar codex had been updated?"

Yes, its true, and he made a good point.

I quite frankly a 3+ armour save for imperial terminators, pretty sad.
And since its the most MODERN offical reference is does beat the actual space marine codex... :rolleyes: Yah, I know, i'm kidding, I know its a mistake.

But still, do they have an editor at GW?

They should slip an update in there without us knowing quite soon, not just for the 2+ save and what not, but for the Tau's definite new rules and guns.
Its something I can see the "in the know" people over looking.

24-01-2006, 12:44
i was told at games day uk that the wargear book was provisionaly planned to be replaced every 6 months or so.
seems reasonable to me. new wargear book every two codecies.

24-01-2006, 14:06
Ive never even given the Wargear book a second glance. Seems like a waste of money if you already own most of the codexes.

24-01-2006, 14:09
lamest 30 bux I ever spent

24-01-2006, 14:13
I agree with Azazel. It almost seems like the GW crew just threw something together and sent it to press.

24-01-2006, 14:23
Well,if they reprint it 1ce a year and update it for the new codexes, will they correct the glaring errors in the first printing?

24-01-2006, 14:25
Do not buy the wargear book, it's the single biggest pile of caca GW have ever produced (except perhaps the decision that non psychic Inquisitors are still psychic).

No need for a rumour about this, it's not worth owning, if you think you should buy this boook, give the money you would have spent on it to a homeless guy or donate it to a charity, that way you'll make the world a tiny bit of a better place AND save yourself the heartache of owning the book.

20th Century Boy
24-01-2006, 14:27
Printing out the reference sheets available from the GW site, and casually looking through each other's Codexes is probably worth more... :p

24-01-2006, 15:28
Is it really that bad? I actually like the 2nd edition wargear book. but mostly because that was the time of all the great herohammer weapons and it even includes the cheesy stuff like crossbows and stuff.


24-01-2006, 15:50
No, it's not that bad. It just seems like whenever GW prints and new book or puts out a new figure that some people don't like they feel the need to go overboard with putting it down like GW cares or something.

Personally, although I have 5 armies, I do not own all the codexes and sub-codexes so when I'm facing an army I don't own it's nice to have a quick flip to the weapon they've chosen and see what it does.

It has a place, it's not perfect and it's not for everyone. But then again, what is?

24-01-2006, 15:54
Personally, I'm a *know your enemy* type, but I'd rather buy each Codex and have a read. If the Wargear Book was error free, I'd consider it, but given GW's usual level of professionalism in this regard, I'll pass.:(

24-01-2006, 16:00
Why bother buying a book that you know is going to be out of date in 6 months?

24-01-2006, 16:09
Why bother buying a book that you know is going to be out of date in 6 months?

What GW should have done is release this as a binder-style thing with sheets you can tear out and replace. once a page becomes invalidated, you get the next one printed off the net. That would have been so much simpler.

24-01-2006, 16:11
It's pretty easy really. Take a look at the book and see what's in it at the store. It's not liked they're shrinkwrapped. Then ask yourself "is this useful to me and worth the money". If the answer is yes, buy it, if no, don't buy it. I own it and I use it so for me it's a good thing and I'll probably buy the next one or maybe skip one or something. Having a discussion as to why one person buys anything that you don't is just silly.

24-01-2006, 17:11
It's pretty easy really. Take a look at the book and see what's in it at the store. It's not liked they're shrinkwrapped...

Depends on where you are. Two stores in my area shrinkwrap wargame books.

24-01-2006, 17:26
Decent concept, terrible execution. The binder idea would have been optimal (oh, and a bit of proof reading wouldn't hurt either).

24-01-2006, 17:29
Depends on where you are. Two stores in my area shrinkwrap wargame books.

Really? Now that's a stupid idea. You'd think there'd be more people looking through books and impulse buying them than looking through and deciding not to.

24-01-2006, 17:31
Game stores are not libraries.

24-01-2006, 17:33
Game stores are not libraries.

Really? Neither are bookstores and yet you can browse before you buy. So I guess you advocate wrapping minis so you can't see them either? LOL I'm sorry but I like to flip through a book before I plunk down my hard earned cash.

24-01-2006, 17:35
Game stores are not libraries.

Nope, but they're not museums either. The stuff is for sale, and people generally want to know what they're buying.

Inquisitor Samos
24-01-2006, 17:39
Indeed they are not libraries..... but in my opinion, leaving the books open for browsing results in more impulse buys, as opposed to shrink-wrapping them. After all, one doesn't see very many bookstores shrink-wrapping books, does one?

If someone's a little too free with the page-fingering, one can always resort to harsh language..... or a rubber mallet! :evilgrin: :p

24-01-2006, 20:40
My local GW's all have "store copies" of the rules books, so one can look at those without getting fingerprints on the loverly new books.

24-01-2006, 21:05
I think most people are missing the overall point of the wargear book.

GW's whole business has one glaring hole in it. With their focus on "update one race" including thier codex, minis, etc, then moving on to the next; players are subjected to feast or famine.

You get to buy hundreds of bucks of stuff, then wait around for 6 years for your next update. Now of course GW hopes that you will pick up other armies, but that starts to get really expensive (too expensive for many folks).

Outside of paints, the GW line has very little "generic" stuff that ALL 40k players would like to pick up.

Doing things like the Wargear book, and now the impending terrain sets are a huge leap forward for them. If they can pull it off, with annual updates to the wargear book (which is handy for tournament play), and the almost unlimited possibilities of terrain sets for different races/environments, GW may indeed give the entire player base some cool things to buy every year outside of armies.

I cant wait as I love painting armies, but despise making terrain.


25-01-2006, 02:16
If youre right Bigred then I am happy.

But GW are going to have to employ a stat/spell/gram editor before I buy things like the Horsey hersy and the wargar book.

I was really looking forward to them too.

25-01-2006, 02:39
Bigred - True. However, doing stuff like Cityfight 2 is even better. GASP, some companies such as Privateer Press actually release all their periodical army releases in this manner! Eh, I won't rant against GW for its "wait 6 years 'til we care about your army again" mantra since gamers leaving because of that reason speak volumes anyway.

25-01-2006, 07:05
Careful stonefox, they might hear you and still not care ;)

25-01-2006, 07:56
@ stonefox,

I'm not knocking GW on their army release model at all. It definately has advantages compared to the old way of getting a codex, and having to glue together a box of popsicle sticks for several years to represent your army's primary APC...

It just that that method has inherant limitations that can severely limit long-term player retention.

I really hope GW will continue to put out a "generic" rules book once per year that everyone can pick up.

After cityfight, my personal dream is for them to release the semi-legendary "advanced ruleset" for the super detail freaks out there (me). It could be the kind of thing that results in 40K having playstyles analogous to the olden-times D&D vs AD&D...

A farseer can always dream...


25-01-2006, 08:08
I would say without a doubt that a book that is by all accounts absolutely FILLED with errors of all kinds would certainly be slated for a bit of re-editing.

Then again, I have yet to even glance it, and can only go off of some very strong opinions I've seen here on Warseer and elsewhere.

Let's just say, the less than rave reviews I've heard in regards to this book have removed any chance of me buying it. That is, unless it gets some editing and reprintage going on...then, I might pick it up.

I mean, in the world of print, there's bound to be mistakes, and this is to me, acceptable, and more than that, not at all a factor in my liking or disliking a book. However, seeing as most people are the same way in that regard as I am, I get the idea that this book is beyond the acceptable category of containing a few errors....

People can be....overzealous when they're angry about something, even something small, I know. But most accounts put this book in a category below what they expected and thought they were paying for.

Yeah, definately hoping for a re-do on this book, as the idea behind it is quite a good one I think.

Insane Psychopath
25-01-2006, 08:25
I found the wargear book arlight. For a tournament it great to check up on your oppnet wargear to see if it is true or not.

Also before I buy a codex for a new army, it give me a idear on what I want for my army wargear wise.


25-01-2006, 12:27
OK the book is quite bad, there is no new pics, no background and it will be out of date in a few months…
But as I am french and as the book won't be translated in French, I can still use it to understand what people are saying in the W40K forums as sometimes the translations aren't obvious. For example the French translation for swooping hawks is "aigles chasseurs" (something like "hunter eagles")… :eyebrows:

It also helps me to see that there is a difference between eldar's haywire grenades and tau's EMP grenade (in French both eldar and tau grenades are called "grenades PEM" *sigh*)… :rolleyes:

So it's not totally useless :D

25-01-2006, 13:36
After cityfight, my personal dream is for them to release the semi-legendary "advanced ruleset" for the super detail freaks out there (me). It could be the kind of thing that results in 40K having playstyles analogous to the olden-times D&D vs AD&D... Wasn't that a pet project of Andy (Chambers)? If so, I would think that the chance to see it is very slim.

Have fun,


25-01-2006, 18:53
I found the wargear book arlight. For a tournament it great to check up on your oppnet wargear to see if it is true or not.


So you would be happy if a Daemon Hunter army was equipped with a Holy Orb of Antioch then? :rolleyes:

25-01-2006, 18:57
The principle of the Wargear book was always good, sort of like a posh version of playsheets they release now and then in WD or online. If it wasn't for the fact that by its nature it goes out of date, I would have bought one.

The idea of a binder style design is nice in principle, but it would be difficult to present in a professional way, and if all the later releases/updates were online for free, then a lot of people would stop buying army books. Anybody just interested in playing the game won't buy an army book just for fluff and pretty pictures, if they can get the rules they need for free.

Frequent reprints are the only way to keep the Wargear book as a valid product, but it also makes it unsustainable for customers to keep up with. In sum, great concept, flawed (and highly difficult) delivery.

-- Imbroglio

25-01-2006, 23:34
It the errors that makes it completely pointless though.

If youre opponent doesnt know then you can get away with things.
buy showing them in black and white.
SO what they set out to do they have in fact done quite the negetive.