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vinny t
09-11-2009, 11:45
Are new Skaven players finging that weapons teams are worth it? If so which ones are your favorites?

09-11-2009, 12:55
Having run weapon teams last edition i can assure you that they are USUALLYworth their value in points. They won't be if it turns out the enemy has a few RBT's and a hill but against some foes (VC's and all chaos armies) that have bugger all shooting theycan be golden. The trick is to hide them behind a unit until its time to shine. I had a technique of keeping weapon teams at the back corner of a clanrat unit and the executing a 2.5" shuffle and then opening up the violence. It worked pretty well.

For this edition I'd say it's a tossup between doomflayers, warpfire throwers and poison wind mortars. Ratling guns are a bit weak now they have to roll to hit. Considering you're only really going to get 1 or 2 shots out of it you really need to get your 55 pts in a single volley and with half your shots hitting it's not as guarenteed as it usd to be.

So, what's good and what's not about the 3 cool weapon teams.

First up, the mortar is move AND shoot, which might interest some players. I THINK it can use the line of sight of it's parent unit which means it can sit safely behind its parent unit and unleash smelly death. And it's hits will wound regardless of strength, which is useful against thick t4 blocks. The main weakness is that the scatter dice can so often go horribly against you which is not as much a problem with the other two machines who only rely on good artillerydice rolls.

Second is the Doomflayer. Personally I'd only get it for Stormvermin because I see stormvermin as a unit which can be designed to win fights from the front. Clanrats win fights by charging the flank or by charging a unit severly depleted through shooting first. With stormvermin it makes using their halberds a more attractive option becaue there's abetter chance of taking out the enemy's front rank and thus not getting return strikes. The doomflayer is also tougher (from the front) then other weapon teams, which is nice to i guess. The main weakness is that the d3 impact hits are str 3, not str 4 like the artillery dice attacks (unless there's a specific rule stating otherwise?).
One dirty trick regarding doomflayers is to keep it directly next to the front of your unit. Why? If an enemy charges the parent unit they are forced the multiple charge the doomflayer as well as they are touching it. NOTE, I'm not entirely sure if this is a legit rule as it does seem a bit dodgy to me.

And then the warpfire thrower. The most potential for danger! With the 'no more partials' rule in place this just got so much deadlier. Use this for maximum carnage, and with d3 wounds its even useful against those pesky multi wound bastards and characters.

With using them my tip would be to keep them away from slave units. Why? Because slave units explode and that explosion could easily take away your weapon teams. Second, screen them with friendly units to avoid them getting shot/magiced before they have a chance to be used. The aforementioned 2.5" sideways shuffle is one good technique with using them.

09-11-2009, 19:54
If you are going to go heavy in weapons teams then the storm banner and maybe a grey seer with warpstorm should help keep them alive, at least long enough for some clan eshin troops to nobble enemy missile troops and war machines.

I thought the ratling gun seemed a bit weak on paper but on reflectionit is still the best way of taking out small units and could be a good flack/medium cavalry/swordmaster remover. Its just not as general purpose as it used to be.

With all the weapons teams it strikes me they are totally random (but potentually devastating) and very vulnerable and as such you are best just taking them for the fun of it and if they do anything it will be a nice bonus.

09-11-2009, 19:59
iaguz - excellent summary there, thanks - very useful to prospective new cheesemunchers like myself :cheese: :)

With all the weapons teams it strikes me they are totally random (but potentually devastating) and very vulnerable and as such you are best just taking them for the fun of it and if they do anything it will be a nice bonus.

And therein lies the joy (and sorrow) of a Skaven army... :D

09-11-2009, 20:42
I imagine ratlings will still be very useful vs flyers (especially large ones,) as they can now outflank your jezzails LoS.