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09-11-2009, 16:58
I'm an old school nostalgia junkie. We all know that. I'm also sitting on large numbers of older models as well as actively seeking out older scupts from the second hand market. So it any suprise that my current WFB army in progress is based around old models and an earlier theme?

My purpose here is the create a Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army inspired by and emulating the apearance of an army built using the first Nurgle specific WFB army list. This list apeared in the iconic (and excellent) Lost and the Damned book. The list that apeared in this book is quite different than later incarnations of the WoC lists that have come out over the years, but I'm confident that i can create a decent homage to this classic list.

The final product will include the following models:

-A Nurgle lord on a Palanaquin of Nurgle. The real deal, not a kit bashed conversion or a current model borrowed from the Epidemius kit, but the original model. Who cannot love the "Lothar Bubonicus" model that apeared in the original LatD book?
-Several heros and sorcerors painted using various characterful "C series" Nurgle champion models. Gotta love big evil grins and awful mutations!
-About 60 or so chaos warriors on foot. These are going to be a mix of Perry sculpted "C series" models, one or two of the original one piece plastic models, and a fair number of the excellent Marauder Miniatures chaos warriors.
-A unit of Plague knights (Nurgle marked chaos knights) made up of Marauder sculpts.
-A unit or two of Chaos thugs. (counts as marauders) Actual period thug figures are a bit hard to come by, so here I'm going to use figures from Citadel's Norse range and barbarian looking types from the Fighters range that are contemporary with the rest of the army.
-A unit of diseased flagelants (counts as flail armed marauders with mark of Khorne). For these I'm going to use a mix of Marauder Miniatures Imperial flagelants and figures from the Disciples of the Red Redemption box set. I'll mix in a couple of the Mordhiem Witch hunter figures in this unit because they are so nice looking and will not detract from my theme.
-A plague cart. (counts as a war shrine) Yes, I finally scored one of these recently!

Due to my new work schedule, it will be a few days before I will be able to post my first real update, so be pateint. But here is a quick teaser of what this amy will wind up looking like:
Yes, I've posted these before, but this will help those who are not familair with the look I'm trying to emulate know what I'm on about.



09-11-2009, 17:11
I so love the old models.Really jealus of your collection :)

Great painting, looking forward to an update.

09-11-2009, 17:16
I so love the old models.Really jealus of your collection :)

Great painting, looking forward to an update.

The update will have to wait four days due to my new work station transfer. Working as a shift supervisor at a women's prison is going to be a real culture shock for me I suspect!


09-11-2009, 17:55
This looks like it's gonna be a good 'un!

10-11-2009, 02:58
Wow, a step back in time here! They seem a lot more bright and colourful than the Nurgle of today. Have you got any of the old named Chaos Ogres like the original Skrag the Slaughterer?

11-11-2009, 19:35
They seem a lot more bright and colourful than the Nurgle of today.

I'm not so certain of that as I'm still using the typical Nurgle pallete of grungy and rusty colors. I think what you might be seeing here is the variety of colors on the models rather than the all too common "uniform" paint style that many use today.

Have you got any of the old named Chaos Ogres like the original Skrag the Slaughterer?

Can't say I do.
I have a good number of old ogre models such as the original Golflag's Mercenary ogres set, but to be honest the new chaos ogres are some of the only recent chaos models I prefer to the older ones. If i decide to include a unit of ogres, I'll probably srping for them.
That is unless I can find enough fo the old Marauder Giant Ogre models to make a decent unit.


14-11-2009, 21:06
Work is keeping me away four days at a stretch these days, so pardon the delay. Anyway, here is the first models from this army log. I'll start out on the top with some shots of the hero level character models in this force.

First up is a Chaos Sorceror model...Nurgle marked of course like most of the models in this army. Mrs. Trench Raider hates this guy as she thinks the fly mutation is "gross". heh.
And now the back.

Next up is the BSB.
This model is a simple converison I made from a damaged Marauder Miniatures Chaos Warrior. The four Marauder chaos warrior poses are amongst my favorites, so I had to put the damaged model back into service. Here I just added a plastic mace from a recent warrior model in place of the broken axe. The standard itself is one of the banners from the back of the original palanquin of Nurgle model. That's a rare peice that usually runs for about 75-80$ on today's collector's market, so I would never dream of cutting one up. However I did obtain a few pieces from one as part a trade a number of years ago, so decided to put them use in this army. You'll see more of that in a moment.
And now the back.


14-11-2009, 21:13
Continuing with my characters here we have yet another Chaos Sorceror model. This guy is one of my favorite poses. Honestly I find the "throwing horns" pose of the hand a bit silly, but Mrs. Trench Raider is a University of Texas Alumni, so she likes "hook 'em horns guy"! if i run a sorceror lord, this guy will be the model I use.
and his back...

The next model is a combat hero on foot. He like most of these chaarcter models is a late "C series" Champion of Nurgle miniature. I love the happy grin on this guy's face. Clearly he enjoys his work!
and his back, showing the oddball "big arm" mutation...

Continued with more character models...

14-11-2009, 21:24

Next up is my all time favorite Nurgle champion figure. I can't put my finger on why, but I like this model. Unlike most of the models you see here, which have been recently repainted, this guy retains his original 15 year old paint job. I just touched up some damage to the paint and rebased him. He's a bit brighter than his comrads, but hopefully that does not detract.
And his back...

The last figure I'm going to post in today's update is a mounted model. He will be leading my knight unit. This is a conversion of one of the 40k riders for the Palanquin of Nurgle that has been re-armed with some fanatsy weapons. (remember above when I said you would see more of the Palanquin parts I have? Here is one of those.) He's been mounted on an old plastic chaos steed. It's pretty crude casting and may even be one from the Battle master's set. In any event, I'm not happy with him compared to my actual Marauder Minatures Chaos Knights, so he will eventually get a new horse when I can score an old mount that will match him.

And his back....no horses a-- jokes please!

There you have it. My first update. I'll pop back on tommorrow o Monday with some more figures to show off.