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10-11-2009, 04:34
New to the game and looking to make a fun list. I modified the goblin list on the warhammer website to make it orcy, or mainly just removed/added things I liked/disliked. Also added sum possible modes to the army, I’d just swap in/out boyz if the modes alter the total army points.

Characters = 667
Black orc warboss
Boar, Heavy armor, spiteful shield, ulag’s akrit axe, itty ring, collar of zorga - 250
Black orc big boss
BsB, Boar, heavy armor, Umm’s ‘at -160
Goblin BB
Wolf, 1 hit wunda, boots - 92
Goblin Shaman
Chariot, scroll, Brimstone bulb – 165
Core = 657
21 Boyz and 22 boyz (warboss and BSB go 1 each)
Shield, full camand – 156 + 162 = 318
10 Savage orc
Additional choppas, boss, musician - 120
5 Spider riders x 2
Musician – 73 + 73 = 146
5 Wolf Riders
Bow, musician – 73
Rare= 285
Doom Diver
Special = 343

10 Black Orcs
Banner (Nogg’s or Waagh!, not 100% on which to pick), full camand – 193

Orc Boar Chariot – 80

Goblin spear chukka x 2 - 75

Total = 1952

The main plan is to just move up the middle with my boyz and blorcs and use the sorcs to counter charge flanks, or fill up gaps. Have the spiders and wolfs try and sneak around back and kill wizards or War machines or bait units in the center. Giant runes up the side, or just down the middle.

For Characters id put a Blorc into one of each of the boyz mobs. Try and find a character to kill with the wolf boss, and suicide the shaman ASAP (KABOOM!!!).

Current total is at 1952 so I can add some things.

Was also thinking of changing up the Characters. Was thinking of maybe the AP Night Goblin replacing the wolf boss (AP Night Goblin was from the website, Night Goblin Big Boss with a Cave Squig, the Sneaky Skewerer and the Amulet of Protectyness).

Also, the possibility of doing normal orc warbosses with less shiny stuff and adding a small unit of big ‘uns ( I know there not to good, but it’s fun to say). Or having a big mob of orcs and adding Mork’s Spirit-Totem to give me lots of dispel (the book does not give me a limit to the number of dice I get, was this true or do I only get max 3?)

Maybe just a regular shaman with the staff to add a little bit of stability to the magic phase.

I also may add bullys, just to make it more orcy.

Well, let me know what you think.

10-11-2009, 05:15
it looks fun,

but in terms of competitiveness, i think you're spending way too many points on characters in an army that depends heavily on numbers.

you have more points in characters than core. in an o&g list, this troubles me.

not to mention o&g characters are nigh incapable of getting a decent save.