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Ghost Warrior
10-11-2009, 19:06

He ran. He crashed heavily through the foliage like a bull amd crushed all underfoot. Inside his helmet, he panted heavily, and felt an emotion he never had before: fear. It had tore through his battle brothers like a whirlwind, its claws tore through power amour like it wasn't there. It had started out a routine patrol to establish where the xenos nests were and it all went downhill from there. As they passed the halfway stage, it was amongst them. Brother Linus was first, as he checked his ammunition he saw his hearts in front of him. From there it was all a blur, bolters barked, Sergeant Burtis's chainsword whiring and all bounced off it, then it attacked. And that's when he ran, he could see all but three of his brothers icons were red. Eliminated, no, now there was only two. He ran, his bolt pistol out in one hand and combat blade in his other. His flamer had ran out in the fight and loath as he was, he had to ditch it. Now, he worked his legs and servos in his amour as fast as he could. He had to warn his fellow Ultramarines about the creature and it's deadliness. Then suddenly, it all happened at once, his power plant was ripped off and his servos failed, and with his legs unable to pick up the strain, he fell. He was able to twist himself so that he landed on his back with his arm out, tracking with his bolt pistol. But his arm wasn't there, it was clutched in the creature's hand a few feet away. By the Emperor, the bastard was fast. He held his combat knife outstretched as if it could stop the ravenous predator. It made as if to walk towards him to finish him off and a look of suprose passed across it's face as a black blade that had molten orange enrgy line coursicating around the blade. It fell forward on to it's face as the blade was wrenched back and the creature's blood erupted in a shower of green. The mysterious rescuer stepped forward out off the shadows and began to wipe the residue of his blade. He was also a marine but not of Gulliman's legion. He wore deep black amour with dark blue trim with a stealth cloak hung over his back. In the centre of his chestpiece was a flame emblem and on his left shoulder pad a black sword over a red background. He had a pistol holstered at his hip and a bolter with a scope attacthed to his back with his scabard. He wore a helmet much like that of a champion with a sergeant's wreath in emerald green around it.
The Ultramarine removed his helmet and spoke, "My thanks brother, without you I would not be here to continue the Emperor's work. I am brother Lucian of the 9th company of the 13th legion, the mighty Ultramarines, where do you hail from, brother?"
"Fool," he sneered inside his helmet as made to take it off," Well Ultramarine, I am honoured Sergeant Xander Demetrios of the 3rd company of the Obsidian Swords, 11th Legion."

Ghost Warrior
10-11-2009, 19:12
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