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24-01-2006, 21:52
WHat armies have you got a soft spot for... and why?

For me... I have a special place in my heart reserved for Dwarfs.... they are the first ever army I bought a full 2k for.... everything about them from the fluff to the models appeals to me....

If I swap I ALWAYS end up coming back to Dwarfs... infact in the 11 years ive been collecting the only army to even touch on my Dwarfs was my Lizardmen....

Besides them... its the masters of cheese... chaos... I feel slightly dirty saying that... and i wish i didnt have to.... Chaos were my first 40k army and some of the first models i bought... fantasy chaos has always appealed but I could never bring myself to get an army cos of the looks you get for playing them!

Maybe one day ill do my beast list led my a plague bull of Nurgle.....

So what lists have you got that special place reserved for... and why?

First army? Best painted army? First army you won a tourney with?

25-01-2006, 06:40
My great love has to be Zombies. I love these guys. Every other unit in my VC army is simply there to supprort the Zombies. I've always loved the idea of shambling hordes of undead guys swarming over everything, so when I got into fantasy a while back, I had to have as many zombies as I could get on the table. They're so much fun...

25-01-2006, 06:42
Undead. :)

They were my first army and even if I don't play them that often anymore, I'd never sell them. In fact I'm desperately waiting for the new armybook and a new miniature range to have an excuse to add to/re-build my undead army.

I guess I need to mention Dwarfs too. They were my second army. No other army was sold and bought back that often...I had 3 Dwarf armies during 4th, 5th and 6th edition. Guess what happened whith the release of the new book. Yes, I'm thinking about starting my 4th Dwarven army! :skull:

My best painted army are probably my Beastmen. Lots of conversions and the overall look on the battlefield is just great [/shameless self prising]. I even won 2 trophies with them, best painted army at a local tournament and best fantasy army at the Portent tourney last March.

Tournament wise I'm not one of the "top-players". The last tournaments I've won were during 5th edition (aka hero hammer). Seeing that my playing style changed a lot, I'm not sad about not winning. I'm just playing for fun for a looong time now. 5th edition nearly made me stop playing this game...

My real problem is that I'm so easily inspired. In fact I'm quite sure I could develop a soft spot for nearly every army as long as I have a certain "image" in my head. It all starts with an image...then there are the voices, they keep telling me that I need this army. And that it has to look exactly like *this*...it's a curse ;)

25-01-2006, 06:47
I have a soft spot for Dark Elves. They were the reason why I started playing the game. I actually end up using them less than any other army because I'm afraid of losing with them and taking away from their awe. I really only like to play them when I'm feeling really confident that I can win because of that.

25-01-2006, 07:34
Orcs and Gobbos

There's nothing that brings a smile to your face (and your opponents) when your fanatic accidentally goes spinning back through your unit or your orcs rearing another unit. The randomness takes some of the predictability out of the army, letting you have little expectations. So you just have to laugh when the bad things happen and smile when you get things done right. It's win-win... even though you might not get the W.

Besides that I always smile at a painted unit of orcs and gobbos, they're hilarious to look at. What army should have a special place in your heart before these lovable bullies?

25-01-2006, 07:45
used to really like HE, played them since 91 and really like the fluff and the figures but then the 6th edition book came and now my beloved infantry army hardly ever sees the light of day. But then i have WE, DOW, O&G, Dwarfs, Marines and thinking of doing something Nurgle either demon or mortal (with lots and lots of marauders)

25-01-2006, 08:31
I have a love/hate relationship with Dwarfs. They were the first army I actually managed to collect properly (after random Orc / Skaven / Chaos Dwarf messes). I played them for ages, but then I became intensely bored with them, especially when I joined a new gaming group and could never win! At that time they turned me away from playing Warhammer, I found the Dwarf gun line so dull. No manouvering, just sitting and rolling dice. Urggh.

Eventually I got back into Warhammer with a Tomb King army. I developed a soft spot for them because I see myself championing an underused and underrated army.

But still, despite how much at one point I literally hated those Dwarfs, I still feel some nostalgia for them. I've bought the new book and am investigating the possibility of playing an interesting Dwarf army.

25-01-2006, 08:57
Orcs and Gobbos, and now Ogres. of course, i can combine the two in one army now(post RH anyway), but that doesn't stop me wanting big horde armies of both :) (that's right, horde army of ogres? bring it on!)

25-01-2006, 09:04

First army I painted 3000 points for...

Undead - first army I collected 3000 points for (unpainted though)

Elves - some of th first models i bought

Dwarfs - My WFRP character (my intro to GW)

Chaos - My only 2000 point current edition army - and the first one I took to a tournament, that wasnt as a GW staffter

and Bretonnian Peasants (back when you had to take 40 peasant levy in your Bret Army, and GW used to produce civilian models...)

Hmmm - doesnt leave much does it

Mad Makz
25-01-2006, 09:07
Skaven are my first love, played them forever, but after 12+ years of gaming I am now really keen on Tomb Kings (even if I haven't got my force together yet.)

Tomb Kings are very DIFFERENT in how they operate to most other races, which is a nice thing to see, plus I quite like their background (their Undead, and their pissed off, but they aren't evil. They didn't bargain with no devils and the kings themselves only sought glory and to expand their empire. Now, their empire's are no more, but they can still quest for glory. Glory, and vengeance against that foul trickster Nagash and those who dare try to usurp their lands! (Ok, so they were only their lands 2000 odd years ago, still doesn't give you the right to trespass. :) )

25-01-2006, 09:22
I have a soft spot for Vampires because they're so extreme in characteristics.. particularly Strigoi.

For the same reason, I have a soft spot for idealized Bretonnians.. not the grungy one that exists now.

Modelwise.. Love Black Guards, Executioners, and the Corsair champ with axe+head.

25-01-2006, 11:32
Anybody who knows me will be aware of my deep dedication and fierce pride in Beastmen. I love them because they are constantly portayed as something the heroes of other races kill in abundance to "level up". Yet in the game, they are rock hard, and a gas to play. I honestly believe there is no problem in the game that cannot be solved by pouring beastherds at it.

25-01-2006, 11:57
O+G. Almost all goblins though. The little blighters take my heart. The most versitile, under-rated troops in the game. For some unknown reason people think of the as soft and unpredictable. After you've seen the wolf boyz with chariots hit home, or a gobbo artillery line open fire you'll find you can predict the outcome 9 out of 10 times. Then there's the opportunity to make any type of army that you want, with bugger all restrictions on letting you do so. Theme it, fun it, over power it. Whatever. Heaps of infantry, no prob. Heaps of cav, too easy. Shooting? Magic? Take what you want. This is the one army I can deal with paying 100's of dollars on tiny bits of plastic for, simply because they'll always be playable.

I used to have a love for chaos back in my 2nd ed wh40k day, then wh5, then came wh6 and urrrrghhh. What happened? What used to be a powerhouse (over power housed really) but with a huge amount of tactical options and became, how shall we say this. Predicitable. It killed me. It was always a h2h combat phase, but still, at least the enemy didnt know what form of whoop-ass you'd be unleashing. They nerfed marauders, they nerfed daemons, and then had to up the versitility of beastman to compensate. I like the army and all, it just seems wierdly uniform for the Hordes of Chaos (though my marauder, horsemen and spawn army is great)

25-01-2006, 12:27
Dark elves, first real fantasy army
Orcs and gobbos, who can't gasp at the sight of 150+ goblins in 1000 points?
Dwarfs, because i like guns
Empire, because i like experimental guns that blow up more then dwarf weaponry

25-01-2006, 14:41
Orcs & Goblins, the first and only army I've played and probably will ever play - I cant pin down every reason I have a softspot for them, one of the main things is their pure neutrality, they don't care what happens to anyone else......they just want a good old fashioned fight :evilgrin: :skull:

25-01-2006, 16:24
brettonians, first army i got, first army i painted, and I really got to repaint when I find the time, i painted them before i knew there were paints for minis, so they were all painted with testors enamel paints, sloppily, and horribly, knights, horses and all, all silver or chrome colored with globs of other colors smeared on it, but it's my first army, and the additions to it do look a hel of alot better

25-01-2006, 16:30
I have always loved the basic human, so my two soft spots have to be for Empire and Imperial guard.

They are both in my plans for 2006/07 :)

god octo
25-01-2006, 18:53
Wood elves. Even when i was only a beginner i had a soft spot for Woodies, even though they had no army book and tactics were complicated.i was thinking about doing empire, but i was lured back and now i have my full (almost) army.

Jim Reaper
25-01-2006, 19:26
Dwarfs, of course. I enjoy playing other armies (both in 40K and Fantasy) but I'm not fond of them in the same way as my Dwarfs. I think it's just the sheer character of the race - the shortness, grumpiness, grumbliness and general Dwarfishness.

25-01-2006, 23:04
Even when i was only a beginner i had a soft spot for Woodies,.

sorry, but soo funy......

Skaven all the way. Thats all that appealed to me, and the only fantasy army i've played for the last 6years. Just started thinking of woodelves, but nothing holds up to the skaven.

Just like them, I'm a backstabbing fool and don't care about friendlies.(in game of course)

just the appeal of being allowed to shoot into my troops make me keddie.

26-01-2006, 02:28
I have a curious fondness for dwarves. It's particularly curious seeing as I've never had an army of them or played with them. :eyebrows:

The Empire is certianly my pet though, I do so love the frilly jackets, bright colours and the hilarious ability of the army to drop tools and run if something goes wrong. They're not my first, nor are they my best painted or most successful but they're certainly the ones I engage with the most.

Probably because I feel more like a child-minder than a general when I play with them.

26-01-2006, 03:30
Empire, definately. They were my first army, and I still love em. Its such a felxible army, both theme and game -wise. While half of my army is somewhat poorly painted (my state units, for the most part), I love the paint job on my Militia units, and they really look great (if I do say so myself!).

Secondly, my VC army. I have grown tired of it, since it plays far too easily for my liking, but I just love the feel of the army. Especially the zombies! I love zombies, and they just make me love my VC army even more.

26-01-2006, 03:31
I generally love my Orcs and Goblins, mostly goblins though, the underdog, the scum, ugly, stupid, but somehow soooo amusing for all of it. The fact that they can win at all is rather amusing.

I also have a lesser love for my Empire troops. the image of a bunch of foppish, germanic bastards with lots of guns and cannons taking down some "unnatural horror" with mass fire power is just cool.

26-01-2006, 03:57
Will always love Skaven the most.

But I like pretty much every army in its own way.

Gratnuk Ironfist
26-01-2006, 09:02
Dwarfs, of course. I enjoy playing other armies, but I'm not fond of them in the same way as my Dwarfs. I think it's just the sheer character of the race - the shortness, grumpiness, grumbliness and general Dwarfishness.

Aye, I'll agree with that statment me'self as well.

26-01-2006, 10:24
Always had a weak spot for Ogres... the Maneater model with the gnoblar with the abacuss(?) on his shoulder is by far my fav. model!

Da GoBBo
26-01-2006, 10:52
Hehe, me and da greenskins. Allways had a soft hart for them the moment I saw them. Specially da gobbo's.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
26-01-2006, 20:12
Orcs and Gobbos. I played them in WC1, 2, 3 (i wish i could say I play them in WoW but I have a NE druid) and 2 black orcs with great weapons were the 1st models i ever bought back in '96. Whenever I look at my army I can't help but smile.
I do like the Undead however.

28-01-2006, 05:32
O&G. A huge hoard of shambling zombies might be a close second though.

28-01-2006, 18:08
In no particular order, Elves, Chaos, Undead.

Elves of all types because they're the classic fantasy race, faster and fancier than any human could be, tall, elegant and effete, but no less able to knock your head off for that. It's the idea of not being able to understand the wonderous magickal elder faeries... just gets me all fuzzy inside, y'know? And two Elven heroes fighting would just be the most ace cinematic duel ever. Elric fightin' Yyrkoon? Ooooh yeah!!!

Chaos were my first true fantasy army (not first models) but back then I was pretty terrible, I couldn't make up my mind about what i wanted my army to look like, some had metallic blue armour, some brass, some red, it looked dire. Fortunately I matured after a while playing Vampires and now have a resplendant army of Slaaneshi mortals, with a few Beastmen in support 'cos there's nothing more Slaaneshi than a Satyr bacchanal.

Undead... just cos! Skeletons and Zombies are just outright cool. Given my appearance, I think it's hardly surprising I'm a Deddies fan. The only thing approaching the level of cool of Two elves fighting would be an Elf fighting a Vampire.... something I have never seen in a fantasy movie. That said, I've never seen two Elves fighting either....

28-01-2006, 18:15
I a soft spot for Chaos Dwarfs.

"You cannot have line of sight!"
"But I can see his hat!"

28-01-2006, 18:34
From the day I first played fantasy it's been the Bretonnians. In 5th they were more Arthurian but fantasy battle means to me: Medieval Knights!

But there's never been a time when they acted like what I thought Bretonnians should act like and there never has been a time when their army was supposed to look like what an army is supposed to look like. And there's never been a time when anybody in my area really wanted to play against them.

My first army was Dwarfs and I like them a lot too. I played them for over a year. I like their history and I like their stalwartness. I like their fluff. It is among the richest of any army.

Both my soft spots suffer from a similar problem though. They aren't very flexible when it comes to scenarios.

I really want to like Lizardmen. My wife made me a pyramid and a spawning pool. One of my favorite songs is "I'm in love with a Big Blue Frog and and Big Blue Frog loves me." (Peter, Paul and Mary). But I just can't maintain a soft spot for them. Not sure why. Maybe they are just too inhuman.

Right now I play Dogs of War, a generic, Ogre/Pike version and I like them a lot and have returned to them over and over. Nobody thinks they are cheesy, yet they win pretty consistently. And I don't get very confused by the magic items. I was kind of excited when the Ogre Kingdoms came out but after reading the book and wallowing in the blood I decided to stick with my kindlier and gentler Dogs of War Ogres.

Mage Ith

Dr Death
28-01-2006, 19:03
Empire and Skaven.

Empire are the first and only army i ever managed to actually sit down and paint so that kinda endeared them to me, but i suppose the real reason for liking empire is just their sheer "vanillaness", they are an architypal army with every tactical role you could want filled. I find it very hard to get bored with the empire because you can just reinvent your perception of them and fit it into the background.

Skaven were my first army, very much unpainted, but still first. I like the comic edge to the Skaven, their scheming and backstabbing, its not malicious so much as comic. I keep meaning to go back and make a proper go of my "first love" but the unpleasent memory of line painting 40 clanrats says otherwise.

(Wooohoo, 200 posts, back of the net!)

Dr Death

28-01-2006, 19:12
1) Chaos of all kinds, my fav.
2) Dwarves, just recently preferred them over empire
3) Evil Empire!
4) all the elves

28-01-2006, 20:50
Evil empire! Evil clowns! Kewl!

28-01-2006, 22:48
You are enjoying this are you not Nitron? Welcome to the goofy world of funny conversions! if you liked this you should take a look at the MRS Klause character i made on the general discussion section. it was a reply to one of orphy's threads (which i so enjoyed torturing his mind!).

28-01-2006, 23:37
Chaos Dwarves and Tzeentch.

31-01-2006, 01:14
Chaos , i first started with bloodbowl and when i saw the chaos warriors models i was sold.

31-01-2006, 01:52
Vampire Counts
Any one that knows me; knows my love of cinema & horror movies in particular. It really comes as no surprise that I chose them to come back to the hobby after an 8 or so year absence from the game even if the models where not the best to me it simply didn't mater. I wanted my all time favorite bad guy leading an army it was just that simple.

The first Models I ever picked up on a Vacation to the UK in the mid eighties. To this day I still find the rats to be very cool.

Easy E
31-01-2006, 05:15
Dogs of War. Not regiments of Renown, just plain old Dogs of War.

I love the fact that they can fit in anywhere at anytime against any opponent and the battle makes some sense. Plus, Pikes rock.

Lord Xcalibur
02-02-2006, 17:53
I have a soft spot for the 40K system in general (my first wargame) and the Eldar army in particular. Although I've traded away my precious figures to my brother, I will be returning to the Eldar when the new book comes out.

In Fantasy, I have an incredible affection for the Cult of Ulric. They are the epitome of the dark, gritty and heroic feel of WHFB. I will be making a "low fantasy" Cult army as soon as my Wood Elves are finished. The wolf is my favourite animal that I share a feeling of kinship with, so it's natural to like the Knights of the White Wolf.

Lord Xcalibur