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12-11-2009, 09:40
So I lurked the forums for a couple of years and now decided to post.

I was reading through the old WD article on Iron Hands and noticed the following key points in their fluff:
they come from a cold planet with shifting landmasses the people live in tribes that are constantly in war with each other for land and resources they do not follow Codex Astartes organisation they are often led by drednoughts Terminators often act as squad leaders their companies represent the clans and act independently

Guess I missed something, but those who flipped over the lates C:SW get the picture.:rolleyes:

So, was this like that in years or is it that evident only now? Also, I believe GW just murdered one of the least "shiny" chapters by making their fluff similar to SW's one - like if they come into the light everyone would shout "OMG PLAGIARISM".

What do you think?
If this issue was discussed already feel free to close the thread and I'll use the search function more extensively next time :)

12-11-2009, 09:55
The space wolf fluff has been consistent since they were first detailed in late 1st edition (over 15 years ago).

The Iron Hands fluff dates from 3rd/4th edition so is much more recent. You are correct that there are resemblances between the two but this is probably because GW were running short on archetypes. The Space Wolves definitely did not rob the Iron Hands, they have always been like that. If anything the Iron Hands borrowed elements of the SW background and then changed them to reflect their love of cybernetics.

You could probably use codex SW to represent Iron Hands if you wish. However there are no longer any cybernetics in the SW codex and the Iron Priest is not an HQ choice meaning that you would struggle to represent the Iron Fathers. Still, no reason not to give it a go.

Iron Hand squads usually have a veteran in Terminator armour leading them so WG should eb equipped this way to be fluffy.

12-11-2009, 10:06
Yap, representing the Iron Hands with C:SW occurred to me too.
Well, thanks on the clarification of "release dates".

Hmh, by the looks of the fluff some chapters look like they deserve their own codex. If it would be me, I would reverse it the other way around and make a fat generic codex with chapter modifications, like it was way back. Ah well.

12-11-2009, 10:24
If it would be me, I would reverse it the other way around and make a fat generic codex with chapter modifications, like it was way back. Ah well.

Yes but then they would not sell so many. ;)

Some Chapters are regarded as near-codex and they can be represented by taking a special character from the SM codex and then simply writing a fluffy list. For example White Scars can take a commander on a bike to allow bike squads to count as Troops. Remaining infantry can then be mounted in transports for mobility.

Some like Space Wolves and Black Templars though are totally non-codex and their units bear little resemblence to other marine units beyond wearing power armour and carrying bolters.

Then you get Blood Angels and Dark Angels who are half-way in between with some common units but also some unique formations. In 2nd edition they had their own codex Angels of Death which worked rather nicely.

The old codex Space Marines was done as you describe with one core list and loads of variants. The trouble is that a lot of players felt that giving each variant just 1 or 2 pages of fluff was insufficient. It also meant less playtesting of each variant and some fairly broken stuff like Iron Warriors crept out.