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24-01-2006, 23:32
Heya Guys,

This is my 1st Competive list at 2250 Points for High Elves.. I decided to go with all infantry, supported by some chariots and eagles. Basically General goes into White Lion Unit.. and then Lion Guard goes with Swordmasters.. making both units Stubborn.

If the Lion Guard Commander becomes the General.. oh well!

Let me know what you guys think!

*** EDITED: Second Time Around! ***

1 Elf Prince @ 239 Pts
Great Weapon; Dragon Armour; Lion Pelt
Pure of Heart
Lion Guard
Vambraces of Defence

1 Battle Standard Bearer @ 145 Pts
Battle Standard
Armour of Heroes
Guardian Phoenix

1 Mage @ 180 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of High Magic
Dispel Scroll
Ring of Fury

1 Mage @ 180 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of Light
Dispel Scroll

21 SpearElves @ 249 Pts

21 SpearElves @ 249 Pts

13 Archers @ 156 Pts

2 Tiranoc Chariot @ 170 Pts

15 White Lions @ 248 Pts
Standard: Lion Standard

15 Swordmasters @ 234 Pts
Standard: Banner of Ellyrion

2 Great Eagles @ 100 Pts

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 96
Total Army Cost: 2250

Mad Makz
25-01-2006, 00:21
If nothing else you have a pit of a huge points risk on that Battlestandard of yours.

What unit does he go in, is his save (4+ re rollable) enough to protect him?

With pure of heart on him, being a battlestandard and possibly being the general due to intrigue at court he could be worth upwards of what, 400 victorypoints for a toughness 3, 2 wound model?

Seems a bit risky to me.

25-01-2006, 01:18
ya what he said, also You shouldn't take both elite units, chose one. Personally would go for the swordmasters. then get a unit of scouts. And the battle standard is way to risky for what it can do drop it.

25-01-2006, 06:36
revised the army list.. the character line up is SO much better now IMHO

also got rid of 2nd archer unit, brought down chariots from 4 to 2, etc

let me know!

25-01-2006, 08:27
I think the single best combination for a battle standard bearer is Armor of Protection and a Biting Blade. Same points as what you have, but 6+ armor 4+ Ward, and with a magical weapon. Armor of Heroes is pretty crappy, to be honest.

god octo
25-01-2006, 18:03
a cool idea is too give the BSB the radient gem. Pick the basic spell (walk between world) and then he becomes eteral and is immune to most attacks. Yay!!

If you wanted you coudl swap one of the spearelf units foe some ellyrain reavers, to give you some speed on a flank. Apart from that a solid looking infantry list. I sort of agree with everyone else, as your BSB could yield a lot of points, so you might have to think abotu sticking him in combat

25-01-2006, 23:41
I'll agree with previous comments and advise ditching the Armour of Heroes. It's description may sound heroic and rousing but in reality it's just ornate junk. An alternative to the suggestions above though is to give him the Armour of the Gods and a Sword of Might. Although he's still quite fragile (though a 3+ AS ain't bad) he delivers 3 S6 attacks which usually kills enough models in base contact to keep him alive. In addition it means he's actually adding to the combat resolution and helps to reduce the number of rank and file that get cut down (particularly important in the case of White Lions who strike last).



26-01-2006, 18:43
IMHO i would get rid of lion guard and give him swordmaster. It is killer.

27-01-2006, 02:30
a cool idea is too give the BSB the radient gem. Pick the basic spell (walk between world) and then he becomes eteral and is immune to most attacks. Yay!!

Or not. The WbW spell is extraordinarily easy to counter, and your opponent will see it coming the moment that you try to cast it. And because of this, I highly doubt that they will let you get away with it. I certainly wouldn't.


Next, drop the Archers down to ten, and get rid of a pair of Spearelves. Alternately, if your Prince will be going into one of the units, drop one of them to 19. If your characters will be in the Swordmasters/White Lions, shift those units down to 14 instead and then add in the character for a total of fifteen models.

I would also prefer to see more magic defense, but that is more from my own playing style than anything else. However, exchange the Great Weapon your Prince has for a Halberd if you want to keep a relatively high strength. You pay all those points for a high Initiative value, so why waste it? An alternate option is to give him Swordmaster and a shield, for a 3+ rerollable AS, a 4+ Ward, and 4 S4 KB attacks in CC when using the HW & Shield combination (and you can switch to the S6 attacks when you need to get through high-T opponents). Frankly, I don't think the Lion Guard honour will be of much use, since the High Elves have been designed in their list (by either intent or accident, it doesn't really matter which) more to break on the charge than remain bogged down in combat.

Lastly, you don't have enough support, IMO. Two Tiranoc Chariots and a pair of Eagles simply won't cut it.