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13-11-2009, 07:41
So I've got a 34 man (Including characters) strong unit that is stubborn, ignores difficult terrain, immune to spells, immune to psychology and stops hatred/frenzy against it, -1 to hit with shooting, and all counts as all magical attacks. A Prince built to one round scary characters in a challenge.

Ahead of my deathstar brick will be multiple Lion Chariots, and Great Eagles to make sure the road is safe-ish from shooting.

I'm still really new at this, so I might have decked my Lord out wrong, or maybe this idea is just too insane but I'd really like to hear thoughts on it.


Prince + The White Sword + Armour of Caledor + Guardian Phoenix + Talisman of Loec 250
Noble + Great Weapon + Dragon Armor + Sacred Incense + The Amulet of Light 144
Noble Battle Standard + Great Weapon + Dragon Armour + Banner of the World Dragon 184
Mage + Scroll + Scroll 140

10 Archers 110
10 Archers 110

30 White Lions + Full Command + Skeinsliver + Standard of Balance 550
Lion Chariot of Chrace 140
Lion Chariot of Chrace 140
Lion Chariot of Chrace 140
Lion Chariot of Chrace 140

Great Eagle 50
Great Eagle 50
Great Eagle 50
Great Eagle 50


13-11-2009, 07:59
Having had no luck with my archers I'd say they would be best replaced with Spearmen to protect the flanks of your main unit - but also at 2000pts, that one unit will still be easily engaged on all sides and you may lose a combat and be run down in one turn.

However, I use a large unit of Swordmasters as the centre of my army and it holds it's own well against anything, but simply can't move and kill enough in six turns on it's own so I lose overall often. If the lion chariots can succesfully avoid being shot to pieces then they may be able to cause enough damage on the flanks.

If you haven't yet bought the models, I'd say to try out the army with paper or proxies for one test game to see how it goes.

The only issue is durability with the chariots and eagles, as well as the archers most liekly being a points sink. The core of your army will kill all it meets but may not meet enough. If you had extra Special slots I'd split the white lions in two. I'd also reccomend using them 7-wide for the extra models attacks on the edges over the usual 5 wide units you will face - many opponents don't bother expanding their frontage but charge in anyway.

13-11-2009, 13:44
biggest hole i see is your 2 nobles are very squishy, keep them in the unit and all but mount them for a better armour save. I might suggest taking shields and hand weapons at that point but it's up to you. Also many people will give the prince a re-rollable armour save, (vambraces of defense).

I don't like death stars personally (though I am known to run PG occasionally), it seems like a solid unit. Make sure to carefully look over what your opponent is fielding and point this baby at whatever costs the most. Something to be careful of is a Dark Elf deathstar as they will have a initiative of 6 and a always strike first banner so they'll be going before your lions and their heroes will go at the same time as yours (roll off).

19-11-2009, 08:22
why aren't u using PG? they autobreak the opponent. Plus they wont die to silly **** as easily like breath weapons. A dragon could beat you by itself. U need at least three BT's to win with this list. Keep the archers. U need to make them come to you, or at least you have to shoot their shooting. Consider LSG since they can protect the BT's. You should only need 1 eagle. Reaver Bow is another great option to make them come to you.

If you give the PG a WB and give someone the GoC you'll never be breaking on less than the WL's 8 anyway with the general, or you could always go korhil, if u are still worried. Trust me, that will work 10x better.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
19-11-2009, 17:48
Missiles will eat you. Its a fun one use list but realistically I don't think it will do that well on a "game to game basis." Once opponents figure out a simple way to beat it you're toast.