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13-11-2009, 18:42
Firsly, I know there are 1001 threads about Skaven around at the minuite and for that I do apologise!

Basically, I wanted a new army project and after reading this months WD magazine and reading the battle report, I fell in love with the new models and the way they seem to play. I have a magic/Skryre army in mind and I was looking for a push in the right direction for which models to buy. Now I was thinking of splashing out around christmas and working towards some sort of 2000 point (not majorly competative) list, I don't have my hands on the army book yet but i've read a copy so I get the jist of things.

The shopping list so far:

-Skaven Batallion (figured this would be a good start, everything in there seems to be useful)
-Box of Stormvermin
-Screaming Bell
-Warplock Engineers
-Perhaps some Ratling Guns?

Now i've been reading through other peoples army lists and I just want to raise a couple of points as to why people don't take certain things. For one im noticing a fair amount of people are not taking stormvermin, a lot of people are skipping out on the WLC and I was also wondering if it was possible to take an army without slaves. If anyone can spot any particular parts of my speculation lists that seem like a waste of time please point them out also, thanks.


13-11-2009, 22:07
I'm fairly new at skaven as well, but from what i can tell, people merely aren't taking stormvermin at all because their points don't justify their usefulness. 3 more points just to get a 5+ save and a halberd doesn't seem to be worth it in most peoples eyes. Mind you that doesn't stop the models from being made of awesome, just stops them from being made of useful.

As for slaves, i think it is possible to create a whole army without, but slaves create many tactical opportunities (not to mention underhanded ones!) such as shooting into combat, or what not that would greatly assist in getting rid of those troops you can't take in a straight up fight.

WLC i'm not particularly sure about... i'm planning on taking one myself so i guess just wait an see!

hope this helps

Dr. Acula
13-11-2009, 22:51
Stormvermin aren't terrible, but in a competitive list which is what you'll generally see posted on here (after all, why try and empower a friendly list?) there are usually much better things to spend the points on. Personally I don't take Stormvermin unless I'm playing a friendly list just because you either get a Clanrat with 1 better save if you give them a shield and use it, or you're paying an extra 3 points for something that only get 1 extra strength. If they were strength 4 basic or had 2 attacks then they would be a lot more viable (IMO).

To be honest, that shopping list is very similar to mine - I got the old batallion (so I could use the monkies as slaves), some stormvermin, 3 boxes of clanrats, bell (eventually), some jezzails and a doomwheel. I've got the Deathmaster Snikch model, although I'm yet to use it. However, it is such a nice model I just had to buy it when I was last in store. I'll also get myself some plague censer bearers eventually and perhaps a WLC as I expand the army, but I can make something fairly nasty from the models I've already got.

13-11-2009, 23:24
I guess a unit or two of slaves would be useful, as if im taking jezzails and a WLC then shooting into combat would be great. I just wasn't fond of spending time painting and making a unit look good that I intend to fry to death, although it's sort of appealing.

As for the stormvermin I kinda wanted to include them as I love the models, plus I thought it would be work the extra couple of points each to have them as bell pushers as they are a little bit hardier.

Considering I wanted to go magic heavy, grey seer on a bell and warlock engineers a good choice? Would a warlord BSB be worth taking too?