View Full Version : Halberds, anyone actually use them?

13-11-2009, 21:46
So with the release of Skaven out I'm once again playing two armies with elite halberd armed troops (Skaven/Stormvermin and Lizardmen/Temple Guard). Strangely, I've never actually used the halberds, not in a single game ever. My buddy that plays empire never takes Halberdiers and my other friend who runs HE Phoenix Guard are lconsistently picked last for special (versus Swordmasters/White Lions). So, I just wanted to see if this is a local thing, does anyone really use halberds? If so how often why and when?

13-11-2009, 21:50
I realy wouldn't call stormvermins elite troops, just because they are a little bit better than normal rats.

I use halberds on chaos warriors, and I think pheonix guards are a decent troop. Quite durable. Halberds on mounted chars in various armies aswell.

13-11-2009, 21:50
My Men-at-arms come standard with them, and I sometimes use them when I wouldn't get a safe anyhow (Chaos Knights or something else heavy hitting).

But this happening is very rare and means something went wrong. Otherwise then this I never use them.

Bard Harlock
13-11-2009, 21:58
Temple Guard come with them standard. Use them when it is advantageous to do so or when you know you're being routed anyway just to do as much damage as you can.

13-11-2009, 22:12
Halberds are good on troops with a base S4. You charge, hit them over the head with S5. You get charged: HW/S.

That said, I use Paymaster's Bodyguard in my DoW army (S3), they're good enough, they have no options over heavy armour, though (no shields).

R Man
13-11-2009, 22:27
Well, Halberds are good if the troops get to strike first. For example, Empire Halberds are about as good against orcs as Swordsmen are. And this is true of fast troops like elves and chaos warriors and why you choose the halberd over a great weapon as a few kills early help reduce retaliation damage. But with the human troops they are too slow to take advantage of this.

And Temple Guard are just really tough.

13-11-2009, 22:36
My Chaos Warriors love 'em, provided they are allowed to bring along shields just in case.

So, out of a possible 1 unit in all my armies that can have halberds, 1 unit has them. Does that qualify for 100% or what?

Cypher, the Emperor
14-11-2009, 00:14
I take em in WoC

14-11-2009, 00:39
With SV, I mainly use them for a 3+ save.

14-11-2009, 02:11
Black Guard don't get the option for shields, so mostly halberds for me! Honestly, I wish they were higher than 15 points each with shields.

14-11-2009, 02:23
Halberds are good when charging, there slightly better then spears on the charge. Spears are good at being charged or continue combat.

14-11-2009, 06:00
It's practically manditory for my units of Warriors and Chosen to be armed with additional Halberds and Shields.

14-11-2009, 07:04
I have to agree, anything with Strength 4, either characters or units, it's a good upgrade, unless you happen to have ASF.

Since I like to keep my Paymaster away from the action, I don't find much use for his Guard.

Lord Solar Plexus
14-11-2009, 07:16
I always use halberds but not on every unit of course. S4 is nice enough and everyone knows that a halberd in conjunction with a codpiece is very manly.

14-11-2009, 07:38
I have to agree, anything with Strength 4, either characters or units, it's a good upgrade, unless you happen to have ASF.

Yep, then of course a Great Weapon is more useful.

Since I like to keep my Paymaster away from the action, I don't find much use for his Guard.

I like that unit because of the massive passive boni it gets with a warbanner and the paymaster. I wish I could regularly buy Mydas' bodyguard without Mydas and the Chest, though - his guys have S4(5) with halberds.

14-11-2009, 07:54
For some reason, I'm reluctant to field Mydas.

The other problem with Halberds, discussed innumerable times, is that they should have a better potential for effecting combat - for Strength 3 troops that would be great, for Strength 4 troops it's overpowered.

14-11-2009, 08:03
I have halberds as standard wargear for my Dark Elf Black Guard, and they always serve me well :)

Von Wibble
14-11-2009, 13:42
The fact is that Black Guard and Chaos Warriors like halberds because they have the great statline / special rules.

But suppose Black guard had the option for great weapons for +1 point/model (which is the standard cost throughout the books). Fluff and wysiwyg reasons aside, who wouldn't choose this option? And Phoenix guard probably would get used if they had great weapons instead of halberds.

Chaos warriors meannwhile have T4 and 4+ save as standard, with high WS. Most enemy units don't kill any of them whether they have shields or not. And they have 2 attacks with which to make the +1S do its thing. Finally their high I means those 2 S5 attacks tend to strike first (and most WOC players take shields as well for those times where you face enemies who do strike first and do a lot of damage).

Meanwhile empire and skaven do not have these things as factors. They play to win through numbers not kills. An increase from S3 to S4 possibly grants 1 extra kill - but improving armour save from 6+ to 4+ saves a couple of lives. Only when charging does this change (since that model you killed can't attack back now). Therefore the halberd is fine on a model with a great statline, and terrible on a cheap model with "average" stats.

14-11-2009, 14:05
I don't know why you wouldn't take Phoneix Guard. There 4+ ward makes them an excellent Anvil unit. Whenever I've used them they have always made there points back just in the fact that they've saved my armies hide from enemy shooting.

14-11-2009, 14:06
Phoenix and Black Guard both definitely would use great weapons over halberds, if they had the choice. But thats more because they both have ASF (assuming banner here), so it makes no difference in terms of hitting order and just allows them to hit harder.

Chaos Warriors however are survivable enough, with good stats, that they can use the extra killiness of halberds and still often go first. Whereas great weapons wouldn't.

To be honest, my TG rarely use their halberds. The only time they come in useful is when you're fighting large numbers of weak troops with high SCR - otherwise they sit back with a 2+ save and watch the enemy bounce off them, whilst SCR7 and the hero go to work. If they had great weapons, i'd use them more - I1 is effectively striking last anyways, and 2 WS4 S6 attacks each is nothing to sniffle at.

14-11-2009, 16:44
My Empire have a unit, though I rarely use it (sometimes as a detachment). HW+Shield works better mostly there.

Chaos Warriors are a big yes.

Wood Elves don't have access to them.

14-11-2009, 17:05
Our groups empire player sometimes uses his halberdiers' halberds, especially when he's charging troops with low armor saves. I don't use halberds myself though as I never take black guard and my heroes are often on foot and then I prefer a greatweapon.

14-11-2009, 17:10
gotta love me my black guard but ya if i did have the option for great weapons would most def take em...
i just have always been a fan of halberds my old empire army rolled with em and my new one will too cause its just a blast to me it looks sharp