View Full Version : Startubg Lizardmen and looking for advice

14-11-2009, 05:38
Hey all, first of all thanks in advance. Down at my LGS we're starting a WHF league, and I've chosen to throw my hat in the ring as Lizardmen. If any of you guys have any do's or dont's with Lizardmen, let me know. I'm kind of trying to work a way to get the Saurus Lord on Carnosaur into my army because dinosaurs are pretty damn cool, but any advice would be appreciated. First, though, I'm throwing together some Saurus regiments to get the hang of painting Lizardmen, and was wondering: what's the optimum unit size/grouping, and I've heard talk of '6 wide' is the common wisdom seriously to run saurus at a formation of 6 wide?