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14-11-2009, 08:23
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Ok then,
So joined 9 others and we're going to paint & play 250pts a month until we get to at least 1500pts of Fantasy - but I'll be going to 2250!
Falling in love with the Ogres, big time, and I can't wait to try them out on the table.
For my 1st installment I want to;

Brusier, heavy armour, great weapon, 2 sword Gnoblars, Luck Gnoblar - 157pts

3 Bulls, Bellower - 115pts
3 Bulls, Bellower - 115pts
3 Bulls, Bellower - 115pts
3 Bulls, Bellower - 115pts
20 Gnoblar Fighters - 40pts
8 Gnoblar Trappers - 48pts

2 Lead Belchers - 110pts
2 Lead Belchers - 110pts

Gorger - 75pts

1000 points on the dot, not a point over or under......

Basic plan - Bloody Bruiser is the only hero we can take as Hunter/Butcher cant lead the army - at 1000pts I dont think I can afford to take 2 heros as they are a big points sink.
Plan is to paint up the 1st 1000pts, build my core of the main army, then the next 1250 add fancier units like Iron Guts, more characters, Yhetees, etc.

The 2nd part of the plan is that the 1st 1000pts be somewhat of a playable list too - I want to enjoy my army as it grows, so I thought this 1st 1000 would be somewhat ok to face most armies at a 1000pts. The Great Maw protect me though if I come across any magic heavy forces at this level, they will have a field day! My only defence is that I have 9 units to play with - thats a fearsome number compared to most armies at a 1000pts!

Any thoughts on my 1st 1000pts?

14-11-2009, 08:53
It looks pretty good, although there are a few things that spring to mind

Tenderizer is a fantastic weapon and even though you don't want to spend too much on characters, the ability to kill monsters and gain a ton of overkill in most challenges is usually worth the 38 points it cost more than a great weapon.

Butcher. I can definitely understand not wanting to spend too much on characters in 1000p, but I really have a strong love for butchers. especially in 1k with skullmantle and siegebreaker so he can dish out s7 in cc and cast ranged panic attacks with a -1 to ld.

And last, but definitely not least. Out with bulls, in with irongust :D
Imo an ogre army should never have more bull units than the +1 requirement.

14-11-2009, 10:14
as it hapens im playing 1k ogres at the moment your list looks good but i think will struggle against cavalry and monsters im curently running a bruiser and butcher the butcher is really good at 1k

14-11-2009, 18:40
yah just talked to my buddy - at 1000pts he could take 5 units of Knights, no command, Warrior priest with horse, barding, havy armour, 15 pt item, steam tank - how the hell do you deal with that kind of armour!!!!
iron guts might need to be considered, and maybe a butcher - but i hate the idea of losing out on units!!!

15-11-2009, 20:29
What would worry you more at this points level?
Obv Iron Guts will have to be considered for the list, but from my specials/rares is there any must have unit?

I have gorger, scrap launcher, 6 yehtees, 4 maneaters, giant, 8 lead belchers

17-11-2009, 06:08
Hark - the Fat Guts just got fatter

So check this out - my 1st interpretation on how to make a mean and lean (for an Ogre) list that will kick some butt perhaps!!!

Skragg - 400pts
Butcher - Bangstick, Scroll - 180pts
Butcher - Skull Mantle, Scroll - 175pts

3 Bulls, Bellower - 115pts
3 Bulls, Bellower - 115pts
3 Iron Guts, Bellower - 154pts
3 Iron Guts, Bellower - 154pts
21 Gnoblars - 42pts
12 Trappers - 72pts

2 Gorgers - 150pts
2 Gorgers - 150pts
3 Yhetees - 195pts

3 Rhinox Riders, Ironfists, Heavy Armour

EXACTLY 2250 pts ON the Ogre dot!

10 Power die, 1 bound spell. 6 Dispell die and 2 scrolls

The cunning plan - well none really, pray that Skrag makes it into combat to bring on his pet Gorgers to wreak havoc. Enemy will hopefully be dismayed that he has to deal with Skrag, the Gorgers, Rhinox, AND the rest of my army.

With my Butchers out in force I might be able to fire off some spells here and there, trappers can annoy people with their sharp stuff and scouting abilities.

Yhetees will run amok on the flanks with their 7" move and ignoring all terrian as they rampage towards the enemy.

And push comes to shove Skragg will be able to knock a few heads together!!!!

Yeay Ogres!!!

17-11-2009, 16:01
Any takers - even if you dont play Ogres would this army make you pause for concern?

17-11-2009, 16:35
I like the way you are going with this list. Though i have never been a huge fan of yhetties. Personally i would drop them for more Gorgers, and trade in a unit of bulls with the extra points you have for more ironguts. The army will look a little sparse untill the gorgers arrive but when they do, you get 6 unbreakable super ogres on the field to double (or even triple)-team units in the rear, whilst the Rhynox run amok.


18-11-2009, 03:09
Its something that is seriously tempting me - I guess the reason I went for Yhetees is that they provide a visable threat - one of the best flanking units in the game due to their ability to ignore terrian AND are also as hard as ogres in combat.
I've never actually used or seen a gorger in combat - so not sure how hard those criters are.
More Ironguts is appealling as ld 8 is always a bonus on my rank & file....

mmm, I'll have to see what fat can be trimmed off this Ogre plate...