View Full Version : Arming the New Skaven

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
14-11-2009, 15:23
Hello all, I am making a completely new thread about arming the completely new Skaven.

Specifically, I want to know how people are arming their Clanrats, but in general it would be great to share how you're kitting out the rest of your troops as well.

I love the look of spears on Clanrats, and at 1/2 a point it doesn't seem like it really hurts the rest of my army by including them. I can always choose to use HW and shields if I want the +1 armor save. What do you Skaven generals think?

Dr. Acula
14-11-2009, 15:34
I generally give them spears, not just for the extra possibility of attacks, but also for ease of adding up. However, dependent on the enemy I'm facing I can opt to choose either HW/S or spears.

14-11-2009, 18:37
That depends on if you use them as a main or suport units, but i generally arm them with spears since it looks better.