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14-11-2009, 17:20
About a month ago, I was sitting at work thinking of collecting a new warhammer army. I had previously intended not to collect a new one, but earlier in the day I had seen some advance pictures of the Skaven Plague Furnace and my mind was changed. I had always been more than casually interested in Skaven, and the Lustria book a few years back made me consider collecting them, but I was always put off by the number of models. This time around, the new models meant that I had no such qualms.

I was in a bit of a quandry at the time. I usually get a serious case of new army syndrome whenever a book is released, but this time it was a bit different. Usually, I can convince myself that the painting side will be a simple matter and a couple of months later, I still have a bunch of unpainted models. For the Skaven, I could not lie to myself - there was going to be a lot of models involved. This time I needed a better plan to try and get a fully painted army (and thus allow myself to collect them). I hit upon the idea of getting some friends involved in a painting pact, much like the "Tale of 4 Gamers" from WD of antiquity. I did a quick check among gamers I know locally (I live in two continents 65/35 split Canada/UK) and found a fair few of them in a similar boat. Fate seemed to be smiling on me as now I had a decent reason to allow myself to collect Skaven, and a good incentive to get some paint on models for once. The state of the game has directed my attention elsewhere for a while, but It will be nice to have a painted force ready for the upcoming 8th ed (next year at some point).

Many of the players who have joined the painting group have similar stories to tell, and they will no doubt add them to this thread as we move on.

After getting 6 other players on board, I sent accross a set of loose rules for participating which were accepted by the other painters. Basically the rules were thus: paint 2250 points of a fantasy army in 4 stages between now and late March/Early April. I initially wished to prevent special characters and the like, then conceeded that this actually should not matter and therefore there were no army restrictions at all. I picked 2250 as the limit because I'm from the Uk and its becoming a more common gaming level. The Canadian members of the group will therefore have the option to play at this level, or will have 250 of models to switch armound their normal lists. Everyone seemed interested in this points level as it changes the general rules of composition a fair bit. Usually people have to think hard about what to have in and must make the choice about including an interesting unit or having the proven good unit everyone else uses. At this level, you usually can have both, which is why I think I prefer it. You find more unusual combination are taken and thats always a good thing.

The basic Breakdown (as the weeks may change a little) is thus: create a 2250 army that can roughly be broken down into 4 parts.

Stage 1: 750 (from today until early Jan)
Stage 2: 500 (4-5 Weeks fromn that point)
Stage 3: 500 (4-5 Weeks fromn that point)
Stage 4: 500 (4-5 Weeks fromn that point)

This was to be done as near as possible but room was given to the players to be over or under to full units costs. I didnt want to affect the construction of the army too heavily just so people had to make sure they were hitting exact numbers with each part. I asked players to document as they build/paint each stage and to try and get some games in at each level. We will all no doubt update this thread with those pictures/stories/reports as the weeks go by, so please keep checking back here to see what we are up to!

I will be posting the list and breakdown (into stages) of each player later today. From there I will invite the players to makes posts detailing their current activities. Please feel free to join in and comment.

Des Brennan (packmaster of the seven painters)

15-11-2009, 03:00
Player # 1 - Chris "Teapot" Tamplin


Army: Warriors of Chaos

Along with most of us doing this project, I needed a kick to get myself in the mood to paint the legions of models required for a new army. As a serial collector (with 2k+ of Empire, Vampires, Daemons, Dark Elves, Tomb Kings, Dwarfs and Lizardmen) with a bit of an attention span issue, I had been looking for a new army for a while. I chose Warriors for several reasons:

1. They have some amazing models. I don’t usually subscribe to the pick what you like philosophy, but as my 1,000,000th army, I thought I could give myself some slack. Also while my painting leads a lot to be desired, Warriors offer a lot of scope for simple techniques to prove quite effective

2. They are THE hammer in combat. WoC has been labelled as being too basic and one dimensional with their tactics basically CHARRGE, but there’s more to Warhammer than lining units up and charging and even within their unit choices they have some options – fast/light cav, light infantry, heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, artillery, monsters. Finding out how to make them work was an attraction for me.

3. Scary, tough units that move fast. Sometimes you just want your units not to blow away in a stiff breeze (if by stiff breeze you mean a round of Dark Elf shooting) – an army with T4 on average and medium to heavy armour – can solve a myriad of problems.

4. They have the silliest spell in Warhammer. Okay, Gateway is obviously ridiculous from a design point of view (although with the new Skaven 13th spell, it’s clearly a new design ‘direction’). Gateway scares Death Star units. This is a GOOD THING(tm). If there is something worse than Daemons or Gateway in Warhammer, it’s Death Star silly units that are built with only one purpose in mind – annihilation of the opponent through army book abuse. 40 shades, 20 Black/Blood Knights, 60 Horrors, whatever it is, Gateway has a small opportunity to teach players that choose this style of Warhammer a lesson – play Warhammer, not Army Builder.

5. I love the close combat phase – it’s my favourite phase of Warhammer, if only because it’s the only directly interactive phase between the two players. Chucking attack dice around is a lot of childish fun! WoC are built for the close combat phase (well maybe the Magic phase – but that’s a discussion for another month!).

6. Less to paint in a WoC army!

With the army chosen, I looked through the book and started thinking about what I wanted to achieve. I decided I wanted an army that I would be willing to take (and will take as part of these updates) to a UK tournament. That said, I didn’t want a cookie cutter Gateway list (as many wizards as you can put in + as many Knights + chaff). I also thought about how to make up for some of the Warriors short comings (limited range options, difficult anti-skirmisher times, too elite vs Daemons and Dark Elves) etc. That decided, I eventually settled on the following list, without any real knowledge of what any of the units can do, so at least it gives me a nice base to work from. Oh and lastly it had to actually have some Chaos Warriors in it!


Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch (385)

Lvl 4 upgrade, Mark of Tzeentch

Spell Familiar, Dispel Scroll, Golden Eye of Tzeentch

Bloodcurdling Roar

Disc of Tzeentch

Exalted Hero of Slannesh (209)

Flail, Shield, Armour of Morrslieb


Steed of Slannesh


5 Marauder Horsemen (81)

Mark of Slannesh, Musician

5 Marauder Horsemen (81)

Mark of Slannesh, Musician

5 Chaos Hounds (30)

10 Chaos Warriors (182)

Mark of Slannesh, Standard


5 Chaos Knights (200)

5 Chaos Knights (200)

3 Dragon Ogres (231)

Great weapons

Chaos Chariot (150)

Mark of Khorne


Hellcannon (205)

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (285)

Great Weapon

2249 points

6 power dice

4 dispel dice

46 models

Painting blocks will be:

750: Exalted, 5 Marauder Horsemen, 10 Chaos Warriors, 5 Hounds, 5 Knights

500: 5 Knights, 3 Dragon Ogres

500: Shaggoth, 5 Horsemen, Chariot

500: Sorceror Lord, Hell cannon

I’ll explore my thoughts on the reasons for my choices as I post the painting updates. Oh and probably ruminate on something random to do with Warhammer as well!


15-11-2009, 03:06
Player # 2 - Alex "Vomit Juggler" Zimmer


As far as fluff goes, I'm not a fluff person per se, so i wouldn't hold out for some if your life depends on it. However, explainations I have. Now, a lot of it is pretty straightforward. Skink skirmishers will go in every list I make to threaten big squishy things/rearguard/harass/hold quarters/redirect charges, all that fun stuff they're so very good at. Terradons are much the same. I need things to jack warmachines and also be fast cav. I also happened to have just bought them, and I love them to death, so I want to play all of them. Those were my 2 defacto choices. Next I looked at Saurus infantry, as I feel having some infantry is a necessity, plus Saurus are tough and very punchy in the right circumstances. I always run them 6 abreast, and originally had 2 units of 18, but couldn't squeeze the points, but I don't hate 2x12 by any means.
Now on to fun stuff. I took the Cold One Cavalry because you don't see them. Ever. And they're not great in my eyes, but they justify my favourite thing in the list, the Carnasaur. The banner in the unit is what really makes them viable, but at them same time dangerous to play because they will go stupid on me. If anything, I'm a little annoyed I couldn't fit in Kroxigores here. Yes, they kind of suffer without s7 anymore, and yes the cohorts can be very good or very bad, but I really didn't have points even though my love for them is like a truck, berserker. Actually, now that my brain is thinking....
But I digress. The characters in the list is my favourite part. The priest on the engine is necessary as I don't want to have a priest on foot as he couldn't hide anywhere, I don't hate the Engine without a slann, and I really need some dispel dice as I have forgone scrolls. Plus I get a bonus dinosaur. The skink chief is my personal favourite non-lord choice. That Warspear makes him hit like a truck, and I needed some more hit as I've learned you cant throw the Engine at things if you need the priest alive. Once again, another Triceratops. Now the lord was a toss up. I didn't wanna run a slann bunker, but i wasn't against running the slann solo or in saurus. However, I was watching Jurassic park (for inspiration, you see) and also mulling over my lord choices when the old dude said with a beaming smile "We have a T-Rex." At that point, I looked at mine idle on the desk and my mind was made. Screw frog god or oldblood or cold one. The carnasaur is a great model, isn't a large target which makes it not die as easily, can hang out in the cold ones, and lets me take a oldblood still. Not to mention the whole package of carny/oldblood hits like a train. I snagged the mirror shield as im sick of the carnasaur being shot down by fireballs, the piranha blade to shank people and mess up guys in challenge (I figure the carnasaur+the oldblood will consistently murder most lord level heroes. And the glyph necklace is a ward save, and therefore survivability. Screw the blade of realities. Yes, it's wicked, but at that point I don't need a carnasaur.
Anyway, thats the explanation behind it all. I figure at 2250, the carny hangs with the cold ones, where the banner protects them from shooting and the shield from magic missiles. Also, the Steggy mounts can bunker in the infantry and give them an extra rank and terror causing action. I'm gearing to out-punch the rest of the armies while playing enough "D" to make sure I can do that without everything being pincushioned/fireballed to death. I look forward to playing some games. And strangely enough, painting. Weird.

Phase 1: 1 Skink Chief w/Warspear, shield riding Ancient Stegadon :382
2x10 Skink Skirmishers :140
3 Terradon Riders :90
12 Saurus Warriors w/spears, musician :156

Phase 2: 1 Skink Priest w/Engine of the gods, diadem of power, level 2 :415
3 Terradons :90

Phase 3: 5 Cold One Cavalry w/ full command, sun standard :265
12 Saurus Warriors w/spears, musician, champion :162
3 Terradons :90

Phase 4: 1 Saurus Oldblood w/ Carnasaur, mirror shield, pirannah blade, glyph necklace, light armour :460

So there it is. GO GO GO!

15-11-2009, 03:31
Player # 3 - Matt "Dirty Bird" Clark


I should start out that I signed up to do one of these over the summer and with moving and other things happening, it sort of fell apart. I'm using this as a motivational tool - hopefully like everyone else - to get me back into painting a full army.

I've had a lot of luck with my armies lately winning lots of games (and no I haven't played one of Valaire's armies lately). My goal was to pick an army that is more difficult to win with, but will look spectacular on the table; at least, that is the hope when I'm done. So I chose to do a High Elf army.
Now before you go saying that a High Elf army isn't hard to win with, I'm going to be playing without any of the big 4 in the Special slots. You won't see any Dragon Princes, Swordmasters, White Lions or Phoenix Guard. I'm building a list themed entirely on the Lothern Sea Guard.

The whole idea of the army, is to theme the entire list on what you'd find on a typical Eagle sized vessel's crew. No cavalry, no chariots and plenty of flexible units since there isn't much space on the ship. Since you can't really have a true High Elf vessel without them, I started by choosing Lothern Sea Guard. I decided on units of 21 as that gives 3 ranks to utilize spears while still being a respectable 7 wide with their bows. The unit can easily go to a wider, or deeper formation depending on the enemy. I've also added 3 repeater bolt throwers as support. These are also flexible units - able to take down large monsters and massed rank alike! Getting insperation from the Sea Guard List from the Storm of Chaos Campaign book, I added 2 units of Lothern Sea Rangers - more widely known as Shadow Warriors. These unit are great for taking out skirmishers, warmachines as well as march blocking the enemy. To finish up my troops, I took an Eagle. I will never leave home without the 'dirty bird' as it is the word - and the best 50 points in the game. It has it's own eyrie at the top of the highest mast and can scout extremely long distances before coming back to the captain to report.

When it comes to characters that was a little more difficult. I had originally created the army list for 2000 points and it was lead by an Archmage. At 2250, I decided to use two smaller mages instead which opened up the obvious choice, a Prince with the Bow of the Seafarer. Gotta love a bolt thrower that hits on a 2+ most of the time! For the infantry heavy army, got to have a Battle Standard. I made him a shooter with the Reaver Bow. Those strength 5 shots should help out with the one major problem with this army, lack of armour cracking. I've also added two level two mages. One gets an extra power die, the other gets to pick his spells. They both are armed with trusty dispel scrolls. The great thing about high elf mages is the ability to pick from 9 different spell lists and get the drain magic spell. That way they can be defensive or offensive mages.

Crew of the Eagleship Ulthuan's Fist (Eataine Flag)
Captain Arenon Windgatherer - 257 points
Prince (150), Great Weapon (12), Armour of Caledor (25), Talisman of Loec (10), Bow of the Seafarer (60)

Commander Moreleon Hawkeye - 166 points
Noble (85), Battle Standard (25), Dragon Armour (6), Enchanted Shield (10), Reaver Bow (40)

Subcommander Ithil Stormrider - 170 points
Mage (100), Level 2 (35), Jewel of Dusk (15), Dispel Scroll (20)

Subcommander Larel Wavesurfer - 185 points
Mage (100), Level 2 (35), Seerstaff (30), Dispel Scroll (20)

First Fist of Ulthuan - 298 points
21 Lothern Sea Guard (252), Shields (21), Standard (10), Musician (5), Sea Master Kurnil Sailfurler (10)

Second Fist of Ulthuan - 298 points
21 Lothern Sea Guard (252), Shields (21), Standard (10), Musician (5), Sea Master Caranthir Bowbearer (10)

Third Fist of Ulthuan - 298 points
21 Lothern Sea Guard (252), Shields (21), Standard (10), Musician (5), Sea Master Dareon Silverblade (10)

The Eagle's Claw - 112 points
7 Shadow Warriors (112)

The Eagle's Wing - 112 points
7 Shadow Warriors (112)

Kurnous' Revenge - 100 points
Eagle's Claw Bolt Thrower (100)

Khaine's Vengence - 100 points
Eagle's Claw Bolt Thrower (100)

Loec's Delight - 100 points
Eagle's Claw Bolt Thrower (100)

Thorondil - 50 points
Great Eagle (50)

Army Total 2246
Models: 85
Power Dice: 7
Dispel Dice: 4

Painting Breakdown -
750: 21 Seaguard, Bolt Thrower, 7 Shadow Warriors, Great Eagle, Mage
500: 21 Seaguard, Mage
500: 21 Seaguard, Bolt Thrower, BSB
500: 7 Shadow Warriors, Bolt Thrower, Prince


15-11-2009, 03:42
Player # 4 - Nadeem "I ain't go no" Alibhai


Hey everyone,

Hope all is well amongst everyone. First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for submitting really cool lists. I've changed my perspective on how I build army lists, where I've moved from taking whats good cause people tell me, to taking whats cool. I'm a lot happier playing an army I've come up that can have potential to win, instead of playing whats cheesy. I've also started looking at EVERY unit. I believe every unit can be good, it just needs to be used in the right context. I've heavily attempted to take that perspective on my army, the Vampire Counts.

Below I'll list the army entry one by one, and underneath it explain why I took it. The list is going to be out of order, for example I'll list why I took a unit, in a story based order.This is an explanation of why I think its cool.

Wrath of the Frost Liche King

Vampire Lord Arthas The Liche King - 455 Points
Vampire Lord (205), Red Fury (50), Infinitre Hatred (25), Dread Knight (25), Frost Blade (100)

For this army, I wanted to build it around the Vampire Lord...he's the reason the army exist, so it should almost be an extension of himself. I've chosen to use Arthas, from Warcraft 3: The Frozne Throne ( a great game btw), as my Liche Lord (vampire lord). Essentially, I just wanted a base story for why a charecter would take the frost blade. For those who don't know, Arthas, was the son to a human kingdom. As his kingdom comes under siege, he becomes more desperate to find a means to destory, the undead force that threatens his home. He journeys out to find the legendary Frost Mourne, a weapon that grants its user infinite power. He doesn't realize that this great weapon, is cursed, and infact reverts him to the side of the Undead. This is now where my story picks up: Arthas, finding the weapon, now fully converted to a Undead King, begins to his conquest to lay wreck to his own homeland. First he must raise his army.

Wolves of the Ice Lair - 91 Points
9 Dire Wolves (81), Doomwolf (10)

Arthas first matter of business is to find a lair, where he can begin his incantations, raisings, etc. Coming upon an Ice Cavern, ontop of a spiral mountain, Arthas moves into the cavern. However, he hears screams of a dying man. On further investigation, Arthas finds a pack of vicious wolves, who feed off the local ice village, where they drag back a new meal. As they begin their feast, Arthas moves into slay the dogs. Using his frostblade, he tears and guts each wolf, taking apart rib cages and removing vital organs. Realizing the potential, he uses the organs of the dogs and his new found undead magic, to re-raise the man, who was once a feast. Upon animating the body, the man slowly transforms into a wolf, becoming now whats truly isnide of him. The idea behind this story, is this is his first Lt. He begins his masters bidding, by raising his first unit the Dire Wolves. The LT, Frostmange, will run with the unit of wolves.

Vampre Frostmange - 185 Points
Vampre (100), Avatar of Death (20), Dark Acolyte (30), Dispel Scroll (25), Talisman of Lynci (10)

Soon after, Arthas and his new LT, begin raiding small villages, killing the citizens and raising them again, to do their bidding.

Ice Ghouls - 168 Points
20 Ghouls (160), Ghast (8)

Ice Ghouls - 168 Points
20 Ghouls (160), Ghast (8)

After raising this small contingent, Arthas begins to probe Empire (human) lands, slowly attacking citizens and trade caravans. On one of his many quick raids, Arthas comes upon a imperial caravan. Noting the contigent, of 30 guards with imperial seal, Arthas decides to hit these guards hoping to find his father cowering in the caravan. After a qucik decisive battle, Arthas opens the caravan, and is suprised by a small group of 5 wh**es. Knowing his father, and his lust for women, Arthas frees the women. To his surprise, the women seek revenge against the king, and beg Arthas to help them. Arthas slays the women, and binds their spirits to his will.

The Kings Guard - 205 Points
20 Skeletons (160) Champion (8), Musician (4), Standard Bearer (8), War Banner (25)

The Caravan (Arthas piles the other 10 bodies into the cart) - 100 Points
Corpse Cart (75), Unholy Lodestone (25)

Imperial Wh**es - 275 Points
5 Cairn Wraiths (250), Banshee (25)

With his army almost complete, Arthas decides to begin his assault on Imperial Lands. Coming to a river crossing, Arthas finds his own personal bodyguard, along with personal mentor waiting. As he beckons his army to charge, he notes no response from his mentor. Calling him out for his cowardice, Arthas finds his mentor to only wanting to talk. After a brief conversation, Arthas finds his mentor and royal bodyguard remaining ever loyal. Arthas slays them, to only bring them back, under his will.

Arthas's Right Hand, Fury - 205 Points
Vampire (100), Avatar of Death (25), Dark Acolyte (25), Black Peri apt (15), Book of Arkhan (35)

*The Royal Guard - 243 Points
6 Black Knights (144), Barding (24), Champion (16), Musician (8), Standard Bearer (16), Banner of the Barrows (35)

Upon Arthas final march, into Imperial Territory, Arthas finds a wild Imperial Griffin. Taming the pet, Arthas transforms the beautiful beast into a unruly creature, treating him as his personal pet.

Arthas's Pet - 175 Points
Varghulf (175)

Model count: 86
Power Dice: 9
Dispel Dice: 6 (1 scroll)

Hope everyone enjoyed reading that! As I paint each unit, I'll talk about how they do for me, maybe some other decision I would've made.

Painting Blocks
750: Ghouls, Skeletons, Fury
500: Black Knights, Varghulf, Corpse Cart
500: Frostmange, Cairn Wraiths, 5 Dire Wolves
500: Arthas, 5 Dire Wolves

15-11-2009, 04:23
Player 5 # - Valaire "Sigmar does it with Hammers "Roerick


Kurt Helborg (325 pts)

Warrior Priest of Sigmar (144 pts)
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield Warhorse Doomfire Ring

Battle Wizard (144 pts)
Barding; Level 2 Upgrade Warhorse Rod of Power

Warrior Priest of Sigmar (119 pts)
Great Weapon Armor of Meteoric Iron

State Troops (190 pts)
Swordsmen x 20, FC
Halberdier detachment x 9

Knightly Orders (247 pts)
Knights x 9, FC

Knightly Orders (274 pts)
Knights x 9, FC Inner Circle

Knightly Orders (123 pts)
5 Knights Great weapon

State Troops (85 pts)
10 Crossbowmen, muso

State Troops (209 pts)
24 Spearmen FC
9 Halberdier Detachment

War Engines (100 pts)
Great Cannon

War Engines (100 pts)
Great Cannon

War Engines (75 pts)

War Engines (115 pts)
Helstorm Rocket Battery

Total Cost: 2250
The first 750 points are the core of the force. Hans Leitdorf dispatched his favorite warrior priest Alderbert, (the mounted one) and 9 knights to search out a mercenary force and return with a mighty host. The first warriors they encounter just north of the city are middenheim mercenaries which is comprised of 20 swordsmen 5 knights and a proud warrior priest Balder (the foot one). They were on their way to Averhiem to look for work and found this quite fortuitous. The next leg of their journey was to Tilea where mercenaries were plentiful. This comprises the first 750 points

The next 500 points are when they travel west to Tilea and meet the "great" bright wizard Lorenzo Elmo. The bright wizard amassed a small fortune making fake enchanted items, but when the owners came to complain, he was left with no choice but to spend all his money on guards. The problems began when his soldiers found out he was broke, and the situation worsened when offers for his head started surfacing in all the local pubs. The only thing that saved him from a complete revolt was Alderbert and Balder offering to enlist the whole company. Which comprised of 24 spearmen, a level 2 wizard, 10 crossbows and 2 detachments of 9 halbardier slaves. While enjoying the luxuries Tilea had to offer, Alderbert received a letter from Hans Leitdorf urging him to Nuln where he just purchased an artillery train whose engineer had exploded himself.

Deciding on speed instead of safety, the force pushed through the black mountains which were ominously quiet. Compared to the usual Orc raids that were frequent, this region was quite tame. Having no artillery to slow them also was a boon in this mountainous area. They arrived in Nuln to find there artillery train awaiting them and instructions to hurry back to Averheim as quickly as possible. The letter conveyed a sense of urgency and terror as it was written in Hans Leitdorf's own hand. The next 500 points is 2 cannons, 1 mortar, 1 helstrum rocket battery and a slew of magic items made by Lorenzo Elmo that may not have any longevity.

They arrived in Averheim under siege! The city had been attacked by a vampire 'upraising' understanding now why the force was so important they rushed to defend the city. The evil frostblade wielding vampire lord retreated to a safe distance when he saw the army approach. Seeing the danger the city was in, Marius Leitdorf prepared to flee the city. His brother Hans was not moved, he told Marius he would stay and drive the Vampires away with his newly raised army. Marius was so moved he bequeathed to Hans his runefang for the duration of the war. Then Hans Leitdorf raised aloft the holy runefang assembled his Inner circle knights and rode to the head of his army. the next 500 are the removal of some magic items and added in Kurt Helborg and 9 inner circle knights.

15-11-2009, 04:25
Player # 6 - Wes "Prof." Whitnall


Part 1 Nov. 12 2009

For me selecting a new army comes down to deciding “what models do I like best” and “can I afford to buy all of these models”. I’ve been playing WHFB for a number of years now and I already own a Dark Elf, Bretonnia, Ogre Kingdom and Vampire Counts army. This fact narrows down my options for a new army considerably. For a while I was considering a Skaven army since the new Screaming Bell and Doomwheel models are fantastic and would make great centre pieces to an army, but I ended up deciding on Lizardmen since the Slann, Carnosaur and Stegadon have long been some of my favorite models, but I could never find an excuse to justify buying them.

I am going to “theme” my army around ease of construction. I really like the fact that GW has battalion boxes for most of the armies, since they allow me to save some money and get a lot of models all at once, and the contents of the Lizardmen box is very good for the price. As such, I have decided to give my army the theme of “Wes likes to build armies out of battalion boxes”. So the bulk of my final army will consist of the contents of two battalions. I used the same method to start my Bretonnians, Ogres and Vampires, and they all worked out very well.

For my army lists at the appropriate points values:

750 pts.

Skink Priest – Lv. 2 (100 pts.)
15 Saurus – full command (210 pts.)
15 Saurus – full command (210 pts.)
10 Skink Skirmishers (70 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry (175 pts.)

1250 pts.

Scar Veteran – light armour, shield, great weapon (99 pts.) Skink Priest – Lv. 2 (100 pts.) 20 Saurus – full command (270 pts.) 20 Saurus – full command (270 pts.) 10 Skink Skirmishers (70 pts.) 10 Skink Skirmishers (70 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry – musician (175 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry – musician (175 pts.)

1750 pts.

Scar Veteran – light armour, shield, great weapon (99 pts.) Skink Priest – Lv. 2, Plaque of Tepok (115 pts.) Skink Priest – Lv. 2, dispel scroll (125 pts.) 20 Saurus – full command (270 pts.) 20 Saurus – full command (270 pts.) 10 Skink Skirmishers (70 pts.) 10 Skink Skirmishers (70 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry – musician (175 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry – musician (175 pts.) 20 Temple Guard – full command (355 pts.)

2250 pts.

Slann – Focused Rumination (275 pts.)
Scar Veteran – light armour, shield, great weapon (99 pts.) Skink Priest – Lv. 2, Plaque of Tepok (115 pts.) Skink Priest – Lv. 2, dispel scroll (125 pts.)
19 Saurus – full command (258 pts.)
20 Saurus – full command (270 pts.)
11 Skink Skirmishers (77 pts.)
10 Skink Skirmishers (70 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry – musician (175 pts.)
5 Cold One Cavalry – musician (175 pts.) 20 Temple Guard – full command (355 pts.) Stegadon (235 pts.)

For all of the points values up to 1750 pts. All of the models in the army, except the characters, come from the contents of two battalion boxes. Moving up to 2250 I’ve added a Slann and a Stegadon, because these models were a major factor in my selecting a Lizardmen army in the first place. I may choose to replace the Slann with an Oldblood on a Carnosaur depending on what I get for Christmas this year.

As for how I plan to paint and model my army, I’m going to start from the very beginning with intention of making my army look good on a display board. I like the idea of the Lizardmen temple cities and will try to incorporate this into the board with a mixture of raised platforms and water/spawning pools. The skinks have the aquatic rule so having them coming up out of a water feature would be very fluffy way of modeling them. I also think having the Slann close to the top of a temple with the Temple Guard surrounding him could also look very good. To do this properly I will need to have the models at different heights within the same which will pose a bit of a challenge from a modeling perspective but I already have a few ideas about how to handle this which I will keep secret for now. I’m still not sure what I want to do with the cold one cavalry. I may choose to replace the cold ones with the models from the dark elf range since I already have some extras and they are beautiful. For a colour scheme I am planning on using a very dark blue for a lot of the models like the saurus and the skinks, while using a very light blue for the more rare spawnings like the temple guard. This should provide a unified look for the army while still emphasizing the different units. I think I will also incorporate some source lighting effects to appropriately reflect the type of terrain that each unit is modeled on since this is a painting style that I have never tried before.

I’m not sure how well this army will do on the tabletop, since it consists mainly of big expensive blocks of infantry, and this is not my normal style of play. But it should be easy to add different model types, like terradons and kroxigors once this base has been built.

15-11-2009, 04:46
Player # 7 - Des "?" Brennan


The Grand Horde Of Quitch Seersnout:

Quitch Seersnout: Grey Seer with Skalm, Scrying Stone, and a Power Stone – 305

Plague Priest Puskritt: Plague Priest with Flail, 5+ Ward, mounted on a Plague Furnace – 284

Warlock Engineer Raticus Dead-Eye: Engineer Level 1 with Doomrocket, Warlock optics, and a Warplock Rifle – 130

Assasin Silentsqueek, Adept Master: Assasin with Blade of Corruption and Smoke Bombs - 170

SeerSnout’s “Official” Guard (Clan Rats): 29 Clan Rats, Shields, FC, Warpfire Thrower Weapon team – 220.5

Raticus’ “Minders” (Clan Rats): 25 Clan Rats, Shields, FC – 132.5

The Next Meal (Slaves): 20 Slaves with musician – 42

The Meal After That (Slaves): 20 Slaves with Musician – 42

Skratch’s Little Cousins (Giant Rats): Packmaster with 5 giant rats – 23

Sniff’s Ankle Biters (Giant Rats): Packmaster with 5 Giant Rats – 23

The Widow Makers (Jezzails): 6 Jezzails – 120

Adept Swiftpaw’s Black Rat Ops Team (Gutter Runners): 8 Gutter Runners with Champion – 108

The Brotherhood of the Boil (Plague Monks): 30 Plague Monks, FC, Storm Banner – 285

The Rabid Rabble (Censer Bearers): 8 Plague Censer Bearers – 128

“Thing-bits” (Hellpit Abomination): Hellpit Abomination - 235

(very) Grand Total: 2248

This army was a real tough one that I thought about a lot, and I’m still not 100% happy with it (probably 95%). Firstly, it’s missing a Vermin Lord. I really like the back story for them and I’m going to make a plague one at some point. I created list after list trying to include one, and outside of a warlock/abomination spamming gun line, I don’t think there is anything at this level or lower that supports his cost and rules. I then turned my mind to a Warlord mounted on something suitably cool, but the lists required too many low level support wizards for the magic defence that is necessary. Skaven leadership is a big weakness, and trying to minimise things that cause tests such as magic missiles etc are a primary concern.
I’m not a huge fan of the Seer, but he combines some extra magic defence with the possibility of some annoying spells so he’s in. Having the seer also let me sneak in an assassin, something I’m very keen to try out despite the underwhelming cost/statline. The Plague Priest is in because the furnace is the reason I find myself doing Skaven. The Engineer is there because this is how I see skaven science – they are keen to get into the field to try out all their zany weapons. This guy is a bit of a ratty marksman, and he also has a rocket powered bomb to use on one turn! Pure Skyre goodness.

Core choices were relatively easy as the army requires a great many bodies to function properly. 4.5 points for a clanrat with shield is very reasonable, and the new models look good. I didn’t want to be painting clanrats endlessly, so I only have 54. Some Ratmen purists may decry the small #s, but I’m unused to playing true hordes and I don’t want to make that big of a jump just yet. I have a Warpfire thrower because I will end up in combat at some point, so I need a weapon to help reduce ranks from whoever hits me. Its also very useful versus regen bunkers of all kinds. The slave units are minimum sized with musos as I don’t want to try and abuse their damage rules, and for 42 points, is a very reasonable investment. They are joined in the “baiting” dept by 2 very small units of giant rats. 23 points to prevent a charge occurring is very useful, although I am concerned they might cause panic checks too often so I will need to keep them more than 6” away from the decent stuff.

Special choices are all about flexibility, in my opinion. I have tried to add units that allow the list to work against many types of foe. I have the jezzails for knights and monsters, the censer bearers for skirmishers interfering with my lines, the monks give me a huge unbreakable unit (though I suspect I will kill a lot of my own guys there), and finally the gutter runners help me take out gunnery positions with their ratty craftiness.

Rares presented even more tough choices. I was pretty sure from early on I wanted a WLC, but have had to drop it at the very last to bump up certain units and get a weapon team in the list. I wasn’t super impressed with it in the test game I played with Alex, but I think it might have a place in a smaller list. The abomination is a bit of a no brainer choice, like a stegadon in Lizardmen or hydra in DE, but it offeres a chance to do a unique conversion (that I am still wracking my brains over). I’d have liked to tried a doomwheel again to try and change my mind from the last time I used it, but it will have to wait for another day.

I will probably add a small story to this when I get time.


15-11-2009, 15:19
Des you should call yourself Des "in the colonies" Brennan

15-11-2009, 15:37
I think a vote is called for.

Submit a request and I'll adopt the most popular.

Cheques will be issued for suggestions of "Warhammer genius".

15-11-2009, 18:38
Des "The World Pond Jumper"

And where did "taste's like a peanut" come from? I taste like Strawberries according to many women... Alex, Wes Valaire and Nadeem's nicknames are good. I think my nickname should be "The Dirty Bird".

16-11-2009, 00:50
I thought it would have to be a Simpson's reference. Dirty Bird is more appropriate though.

16-11-2009, 21:57
Just adding a few pictures of my first completed model - A Gnawtooth that I'm using as a basic packmaster. I'm not the best at taking pictures and hopefully this will improve with a bit of practice.

I chose the colours by the default option of them being the only ones I had one me. I have a TK army that uses a lot of purple and that is all I thought to bring to Canada with me. Its not the most common colour for skaven, but I like it and hopefully I can incorporate it into more traditional colourschemes.

Come on guys, lets get some pictures out of you!

17-11-2009, 02:14
It helps if you use external lights (a desk lamp) and not use the flash Des. Also, a 2 second delay and a small camera stand works wonders for steadyness. Pick and choose when you'd use the Macro setting...