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15-11-2009, 11:41
So I played my first matches in a long time yesterday, first one was a Capture and defend objective based game with a deployment of 12" in to the board.

Fielded up my Dark Angels and lets just say I blasted those bugs of the board in 4 turns... The nid player I faced of against was stuck in a phase where he completely ignored ranged weapons, and instead only had close combatants, and even thou I moved around (because I did capture both objectives at the end of the game) I just completely annihilated that poor army, he gave up at the start of turn 4 :eyebrows: a bit boring I think, but hey... at least I held both objectives and all that.

The second game was against the Orks, this also a capture and defend and with the latest Dex, which I hadn't played against before. How the HELL are you supposed to kill a fully fledged nob squad with Feel no pain and a war boss, all mounted up in a transport??... I swear to god, that one unit (thou it was like half his army, as we only played like 1k points) soaked up all my shooting phases the entire game it feels like ha ha . Anyway, this player gave up at turn 4 as well, due to some unfortunate rolls from his side, he took the chance of beating up my dread with his war boss, but failed, and my dread retaliated with a instant death. His nob squad that had taken its fair amount of beating was stopped in its track by a unlucky pinning roll, and thus out in the open for the first time of the game, with every gun in my army at point blank range ready to un leach hell! His burna boy squad was stuck as well, right in a big forest with their immobile Battle wagon, ready to be shot up and charged by my dreadnought. And his objective holders (a unit of shoota boys) was all but to be over run by my combat squad mounted in a razorback, backed up by a land speeder with asscannon, and a unit of CC-scouts. So sure.. I probably had this game in a box, but it still annoys me he gave up, when we both held objective, saying that I would win in a turn or two any ways.

All in all, two great and fun wins for me:D A great comeback I must say!

15-11-2009, 12:27
I have the same problem you do with Orks, so I tend to pummel them with demolisher cannons, predators, assault them with a interrogator chaplain and veterans equipped with power weapons. Anything that stops them getting a charge and negates their armour saves (and also their Feel No Pain), if you plant a (somewhat accurate) demolisher blast on them, they soon get taken down. If you want to make a unit of Nobz and a Warboss feel some pain (heh), just assault them with Grey Knight terminators, S6 power weapons make themselves known.

15-11-2009, 14:15
Thing is we only played a 1k match, so I totally didn't expect a unit of 500points being in there :/ ... And being a good sport, I didn't take the demolisher or termies as I didn't want the crowd to go "cheeeeese!!!" when I fielded my list. I had a pretty "shooty" list, I give you that thou, with a few power fists thrown in. I wanted to make a pretty tactical list, but still keep some movement, thus I fielded a combat squad in a razorback (srg. with p.fist, and a flamer), a CC-scout squad that could outflank the objective, and a speeder. So it wasn't like I fielded a long firing line that just blasted away at the oncoming green horde.

15-11-2009, 15:45

You mean it's possible for someone who's been out of the game for a while to win with the DA codex? It's a shame that the resident crew of powergamers can't manage...

15-11-2009, 19:16
the way to kill nobs is power fist as they instant death. if not a lot of pie plates.

15-11-2009, 20:55
Thing is we only played a 1k match, so I totally didn't expect a unit of 500points being in there :/ ... And being a good sport, I didn't take the demolisher or termies as I didn't want the crowd to go "cheeeeese!!!" when I fielded my list.

I applaued your sensitivity to cheese in your list. Clearly your opponent did not feel the same if he was willing to field a deathstar unit of Nobz costing half his points. :rolleyes:

TBH I don't think Vindicators or even Terminators are OTT in 1000 points but I congratulate on a well deserved win even without them.

15-11-2009, 21:05
As was said, I always call the vindicator the problem solver. You have a problem with killer super nobz running around ? You don't want to assault them until they are way pulled down. However, a nice demolisher shell, and problem solved or at least made alot less troubling.

Good win though brother, I do hate those deathstar nob squads.