View Full Version : Gaunts Ghosts compendiums?

17-05-2005, 16:52
Well, this is vaguely 40k related.

Does anyone have any idea when or if the paper back versions of the gaunts ghosts compendiums will be released? You know, the sort of thing they did with Konrad, Eisenhorn and the Inquisiton war.

17-05-2005, 17:30
Already out as hardbacks. They may be too big/sales damaging to release as combined paperbacks given they've just released revised single paperbacks of all the novels. Gaunt's Ghosts (http://store.blpublishing.com/storefront/store.bl?do=Odd&odd=BLLayout&_do=List_Models&code=201415&game=&c=201415)

17-05-2005, 20:59
didn't do Eisenhorn any harm

but there don't seem to be any plans on releasing a paperback version this year at least (the only thing we are going to get is the softback version of Traitor General and His Last Command

One question, why is it on Dan Abnett's books that are not being released in hardback?, bugs the crap out of me