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16-11-2009, 00:42
Hey there,

I've been a long time casual player for a while now, but im looking to start another army or two. Now I currently have the main SBG rulebook and thats pretty much it, so im now glaring at the mass amounts of sourcebooks thinking "Wait whaaa..." and pondering what has what in it.

In particular im pondering to the whereabouts of the rules for the new named Ringwraith's (Undying and the like), but in general im wondering if theres any lists anywhere of all the various armies and characters of SBG, with the location of their most up to date rules, since its all quite confusing as to where things are, and what the most up to date stats are.


16-11-2009, 01:31
General Army Lists - Legions of Middle-earth
*No profiles, but points values and lists. Good for some of the older stuff (pre Mordor/Harad books), but outdated recently for some Evil forces. Still a good idea to get though.

Forces of Good:
*The Elves:
>Wood Elves
->Fall of the Necromancer
->WD355 (new Galadhrim rules)
>High Elves:
->Main rulebook, and to a lesser extent, Fall of the Necromancer
->Main rulebook
->The Two Towers sourcebook
->Main rulebook
->Return of the King Sourcebook OR Gondor in Flames (both have same amount of Gondor rules)
->Main rulebook
->Khazad-dum sourcebook
->The Ruin of Arnor sourcebook
->Scouring of the Shire sourcebook

Forces of Evil:
->Main rulebook and Mordor sourcebook
->More new Ringwraiths also in WD259 (this month)
->Main rulebook
->The Two Towers sourcebook
->Main rulebook
->Harad sourcebook
->WD359 (this month)
->Main rulebook
->A Shadow In The East sourcebook
->WD359 (this month)
->Main rulebook
->Khazad-dum sourcebook
->Main rulebook
->Ruin of Arnor sourcebook

Think thats all the bases covered, bar the odd random bits here or there. If you have any questions about more specific armies of profiles, just ask. =)

16-11-2009, 06:24
Thats a pretty good list lotrchampion, one big thing I noticed you missed is that the rules for all Hobbits are in the main rulebook (some are in Ruin of Arnor too), so if you have that Scouring of the Shire is really only any use for the scenarios.

To the OP:
The following 4 sourcebooks were released before the (current) main rulebook, so all of the profiles from those books are already in the main rulebook; Shadow and Flame, Pellenor Fields, Siege of Gondor, Scouring of the Shire. These books are only really any use if you want the scenarios to play through.

16-11-2009, 12:43
Ah thanks DL, forgot that all the Hobbits were in the main rulebook. Although TBF, the SotS book is such a cool book that I'd get it anyway. =P

16-11-2009, 12:48
Thanks for all the info guys :D More than I could have asked for!

One mini question though, the wizards in general (and white council), can they be put all together in a single army list, or is each wizard only allowed to be allied with certain forces and not with each other all together?

16-11-2009, 17:22
The Wizards are a single army list comprising of the 3 Wizards alone, and can ally with nearly every Good force. The White Council is only available through alliances between different armies, but naturally this is possible, as the whole point of legions of Middle-earth is to allow book and film faithful alliances. Again, have a look at Legions of Middle-earth for more info.