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16-11-2009, 05:51
Hey guys
Hows it going? I finally got another game in today after a humiliating massacre on my Beasts by some Dark elves last weekend. This game was against the same player with a new WoC army that we picked up earlier in the week. This makes my 5th game with beasts. My adventures have been filled with a lot of hardships so far but I am still persevering to fight for the herd.

My list generally looked as follows

(G) Wargor: Slaughterer's Blade + HA + MOK
(A) Wargor: GW + HA + MoK
Bray Shaman: Staff of Darkoth + PS + Lvl 2
Beast Herd: (10 / 10 ) + FC
(A) Beast Herd: (6 / 6 ) + Musician
Warhounds: x5
Warhounds: x5
Chariot: MoK
Chariot: MoK
Chariot: MoK
Minotaurs: x4 + GW + Standard + MoK
Chaos Giant

I am unfamiliar with the Warriors in particular but here are the basics.

1x Exalted Hero
12x Chaos Warriors
1x Chaos Sorcerer (Tz)
20x Marauders
5x Chaos Knights
5x Chaos Chosen
5x Warhounds
5x Warhounds

Shaman: Bear's Anger / Oxen Stand
Sorcerer: Treason / Spark (1)

Deploy Beasts
First Turn Beasts

Deployment ended with my left flank toting 2 chariots and a giant across from his knights and his unit of warriors were screened by a unit of wolves. In the middle I had my large herd in the leftmost section screened by a wall. Minotaurs deployed directly in the middle behind a screen of wolves directly across from a unit of marauders and another chariot behind a screen of wolves in the rightmost section. acrossf rom a unit of chaos chosen screened by hounds. The right flank was left completely empty.

Turn 1:
Beasts: Advance all units forward. Chariots advance 7 towards Knights. Giant Advances 6 to line up an equal position between the unit of hounds screening the warriors and the knights on the other side. My Beast herd advances a full march as well as my two Wolf herds and my Chariot. The minotaurs advance and adjust to start focusing on the left flank.

Warriors: Rightmost hounds Charge my Rightmost hounds ( successful flee ).

Treason is cast on my herd with Irresistible . 5 models lost ( no panic check ) A Bound spell from the chosen is dispelled as is a flicker.

Turn 2:
Beasts: My hounds charge his hounds which receive the charge. My Giant advances towards his Hounds screening warriors. My herd marches towards his Marauders. My minos advance more towards the left lining up the flank of the Marauders. Ambush Herd with Gor right behind the knights succesfully.

Magic phase I use a powerstone and succesfully use the staff to charge his Marauders. Using my two remaining dice i successfully cast The Bear's Anger on my General.

My hounds cause one wound and break his hounds which are then run down. My general issues a challenge which is answered by his Chaos Sorcerer. I forgot to apply Frenzy but I managed to kill the Hero with my Angered General. I then continue to attack with my Shaman and leftover gors respectively. I win the combat by 4 and he fails on a 5. his 7 is matched by my 7. He is run down and I am overcharged into his Chosen.

Hounds Charge the giant and fail their terror fleeing away. Knights make a turn maneuver to face the new herd. Hounds successfully rally.

Wargor challenge the Chosen Champion. Wargor wins combat and another Chosen is lost to the rest of the unit. Chosen break and are pursued / caught by the herd.

Turn 3: Ambushed herd fails fear test to charge Knights. Herd fails Unruly and Advances 10 inches to come to the back of the Warriors and on the flank of the rallied hounds. Chariots advance on the Chaos Knights. Giant advances to set up a charge in the front of the Warriors. Minotaurs advance to charge the flank of the warriors. Rightmost chariot advances to line up a frontal charge.

Staff charges the Herd into the hounds and Bear's anger is replaced again.

3 of 5 hounds are killed and they roll insane courage.


Knights charge the fearful ambushing herd.

I challenge his Knights with my Gor suffer two wounds and am killed. my unit takes more damage and is broken and runs off the table while a roll of three 1s sees his knights staying on the table.

Turn 4:
2x Chariots charge rear flank of knights. Giant + Chariot charge front of Warriors. Minotaurs charge Warriors flank..

Chariots score a total of 7 Impact hits and cause 3 wounds. another is removed before one attacks back scoring a single wound and is then killed by the 2x Frenzied Bestigors.

Giant scores a Swing with Club and removes 3 wounds. Impact hits take out a number of wounds followed by the minotaurs smashing 5 wounds on the flank after receiving one wound.

Warriors are broken and rundown by Bloodgreed.

So there we go my first Massacre with the beasts ( Delivered by at least haha). There are many factors which i can attribute this win to. First this is the first time the WoC have been used. On top of that this is the first game with the Beasts where I had effective rolls. My opponents armor saves were being failed more so than not which is terribly unfortunate for the Warriors. I was able to do all of the maneuvering I wanted due to receiving the first turn and my opponents lack of experience against the Beasts. left him completely unprepared for how fatal that can be.

On top of these reasons is the fact that I took a Khorne list. This is my first time using Khorne as I always try to experiment with Tzeentch / Slaanesh. Deciding not to Ambush my 2nd unit of hounds and use them as a screen worked effectively and I felt very comfortable with how I was managing my units to insure there was no problems with Frenzy and being redirected.

I hope to bring more successful reports like this but I have a feeling retribution will be sought in the form of a more constructed army.

Thanks for reading guys and hope you enjoyed!

16-11-2009, 16:18
Nice win.

One thing I've never been sure with BoC: I know I've seen in a lot of reports that people give marks to chariots but in the book it isn't an option under their entry...

So where does it say they can have it? :confused:

17-11-2009, 12:32
It was included in the Errata or FAQ that you fit them as a regiment mark. This also is implied through the book where it states that when using an undivided general you must have at least one chariot / unit with a mark on it to be able to take another character of that mark.