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16-11-2009, 08:47
I am totally new to warhammer and befoure buying anything I wanted some pro oppinions on the armie list I worked out.

Sorceress level 2: 135 Points

2 RBS: 200 points

12 Dark elf spearmen with shields and full command: 99 Points

10 dark elf repeater crossbow men: 100 points

10 black ark corsairs (with 2 hand weapons) and full command:125 points

5 Cold One knight’s full command: 175points

10 Black Guard full command: 175 points

All in all: 999 points

What I wanted to add but didn't have enough points for was Darkstar cloak and Banner of Hag Graph for my black guard.
I am thankfull for any sort of reply.
By the way I wanted to paint them with necron abyss for the cloth, skull wite skin and amour chaos black and mithril silver.

20-11-2009, 05:33
Please help! Anyone who reads this pls answer!

20-11-2009, 07:47
Your units are very small, you risk being quickly overwhelmed! I like the mix of units though, the success of this army will be based completely on what your opponant bring to the table. I would drop a bolt thrower for another unit of crossbowmen, and drop the black guard to bulk up the spearmen and corsiars. you can then have a solid anchor from these units supported by a bolt thrower ( imo you wont need two rbt in 1000pts) and the 2 units of bolt throwers. leaving the CoK free to counter-charge and run up the flanks as needed.

20-11-2009, 07:52
DROP: spearmen, corsair, guard
ADD: crossbomen, shades

20-11-2009, 09:36
when i started DE i ran, 2 lvl 2 mags. 2 units of 14 corssbows. 2 RBT 20 warriors with ass, cant remeber points but it seems about right.

20-11-2009, 10:38
First off all thanks everybody for helping me!!!
You are probably right that my units are too small, but I normally use them together anyway ( thought about taking the charg with the spearmen and then charging the flank with the corsairs). i gennerally noticed that I kill more with 1RBT then with 10 Xbowmen, especially when tageting though targets (what I belive is one weakness of my army)on long range. I just love the combi of my socceress in my xbowmen, with a scrafice dagger.
With out corsairs, spearmen and the guard I would only have the coldones for meel and I'm not exactly sure how that would help me, maby you can explain your planned strategy to me.
About the two socceress in the most games I played (not many) 5 power dices with power of darkness seemed pretty good to me and my blck horror erricated two units of sklaven (slaves and clanrats).
I now think about dropping the black guard for another unit of 10 corsairs and standarts.
Thx again guyes especially to JamesVarney for your usefull critism!