View Full Version : conqering banners from undead/deamons

16-11-2009, 11:44
hey everyone!
yeah so i got this question, and it's probably a very silly one cause everybody knows the answer but me but i guess thats cause i actually never play against demons or undead, well, i did once, but then in got powned by magic and never really got into combat, well, again, one but i lost.

the reason i'm asking this, is because i gonna enter in this tournement soon, and thére's gonna be one senario in wich you have to conquer each others banners. and with so many vc and demons around...

so please help!!

16-11-2009, 11:53
Wipe them out in CC, including crumbling at the end from Combat res.

They won't flee (unless you're Harry the Hammer ;)) therefore this is the only way to get Banners.

16-11-2009, 14:02
thanks man, yeah i was afraid that was gonna be the answer... bleeh, that scenario is gonna be a pain in the a** :P
anyway, thanks mate

16-11-2009, 14:23
Well, not really - you already needed to wipe them out entirely otherwise, for VC at least, they would be back to ful strength again next round.

It's a pain, but banners aren't seen very often around here...