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16-11-2009, 16:13
From a couple of years I'm obsessed about pre-heresy marines AND true-scale marines (but not the BIG ones built from terminators, they're way too big for gaming purposes IMHO), so I've started this project: a big, fat, stretched Land Raider mk1. Why a stretched one? Just beacuse the original old RT-era model is too short, and the artworked ones looks better and stretched.

This is where my inspiration came from:


this is how I've started the project (yes, thats pencil lines on a modified template)


and this is the work done by now (maybe I've done some minor details - like the interior of the front ramp)


I've made the front door instead of the "strange&fragile thing" of the original rt-era because I've seen some other artworks (i.e. the custodes one) that are very similar to mine version, and last but not least, in this way I can play the Land Raider as it is supposed to be!

Uhm, I think it's better if I post also a size comparison pic with a marine, anyway, my LR is app. 7inches/18cm long...maybe soon I will post a comparison pic...

C&C are welcome!

17-11-2009, 13:48
Nice work so far, coming along really nicely.


17-11-2009, 16:37
Really intrested in seeing how this develops :)

17-11-2009, 19:39
I'm glad someone like my WIP! :)

so here is a little update...I can't be as good and fast as The_Blackadder, tinners or Tommygun but I do my best!


I'm gonna adding a bench (so marines can sit where the floor stops to be flat - space saving), some cables, tons of rivets, but nothing special: It will be very hard to spot the details inside the land raider 'cause the door is little

17-11-2009, 20:16
love it:):):):)

please finish it, cant wait to see it finished !!!
Im planning to bild a pre heresy land raider myselve. The heresy LD from forge world is too expansive for me. I also think the mk1 version is much more retro and nicer. So thanks for posting this :) keep up this nice work. How do you plan to built the lasercannons? and the tracks?

17-11-2009, 20:30
After seeing that Rhino conversion on here I was waiting for someone to do a Pre-Heresy Land Raider...

Although, if you go back to the old Rogue Trader days what you are doing is actually a Mk. II Land Raider, the original Land Raider only had a Single Lascannon on each side... Just sayin'... :evilgrin:

Absolutely fantastic work on what you have together so far, can't wait to see the final result...

17-11-2009, 22:42
I like the plans you have for this beast and, looking at what mock ups you already have, this looks like it will be nice and detailed. I for one cannot wait to see more work on this - good luck to you sir, I shall be watching eagerly!

18-11-2009, 16:55
Thank you guys for the positive feedbacks (and sorry if my english is bad - and I'm pretty sure of that, my girlfriend just spotted multiple errors only reading the first lines!!)

@kublai: ok for the lascannons I'm going to cheat...I've bought a couple of the original rogue trader land raider ones this morning (hell! 7 pounds!! but I think I will make some resin copy of them)...for the tracks, well, by now I'm not sure, I just don't want to allineate every single track-plate so I want to make an unique sheet of plasticard and then cut on it the typical pattern of the rt-era model...the problem is how to make the "bumps" that links the plates each other, 'cause they are a lot and not completely cilindric (I can't explain, but I need to cut them in a difficult way to fit the tracks)...maybe a friend of mine will give to me an Eldar bitz that, with some arrangements, can fit...but probably I need to cast it in resin :\

@Sinner_74: eheheh! You're right, the first LR has e single lascannon on each side! but I know that the second epic version (similar to the heresy-era land raider that forgeworld produce by now) is called mkIIb, right? Lots of differences between the mkII (mine) and mkIIb (FW one), I was thinking that mine is something like "mkIb" but if you are sure I belive in you :D

19-11-2009, 07:58
I'd call yours a MkII. Forgeworlds is a MkIIb and the GW kit is a MkIII. So I'd say that yours is the logical advancement from the MkI to the MkIIb maybe with the chassis change being a MkIIa:evilgrin:

Confused yet?

19-11-2009, 08:05
I am diffidently going to follow this one, subscribed.

19-11-2009, 17:56
For the track bumps plasticard comes in hemispherical strips with a flat bottom. It's kind of hard to come across, but it should provide you with exactly what you need. You can just cut the strip into the appropriate length and glue it on. You could also cut the treads out of a single continuous strip and just use the bumps to make it look like it is linked. Looking forward to watching this progress, and best of luck!

19-11-2009, 18:47
Brings back memories of the first landraider I bought when I was...let's just say a long time ago.

Nice work, very nice work. Subscribed....

19-11-2009, 19:18
One of my favourite W40K tanks ... interesting concept design and really good start ... have a good time on this Ettore :)

20-11-2009, 11:20
Ooh, this is great! I've always had some problems with the old mk. I Land Raider - it had the looks of a far smaller vehicle - but I think you're about to get this just right. Stretching its hull is a must, so kudos to you.

Don't forget to take comparison shots of it beside the old Mk. I original Land Raider and the current version! Although made for truescale, it might be surprisingly good for "normalscale" Marines, too.

I'll follow this. :)

09-12-2009, 17:15
A minor update...working on the interiors :o


works proceed slow 'cause these tiny guys reached my home days ago:


so I have to work on them also... :chrome:

@DeSnifter: thanks, so I had to find these plasticard hemi-rods

@N0th1ng c4n b34t 3lv3s: when it will be finished I will take some pics with the original, a friend of mine own one rogue trader era model ;)


Hadriel Caine
09-12-2009, 17:44
looking cool. nice concept. enviable plasticard skills...

Metal Fingered Villain
09-12-2009, 18:23
Nice looking LR you got going there, a plausible mobile fortress seeing as it could actually hold a bunch of terminators. Awesome.

09-12-2009, 19:16
thanks guys! Another minor update here:


sorry for the crappy pic, my camera just became worst day by day :(

Mega Nutz
09-12-2009, 22:00
Nice looking detailing...... I'm really looking foward to the completed piece!

09-12-2009, 23:12
Hahaha this build is coming on a treat! Great work indeed. I like the touch of the warning light next to the vent, nice touch!

10-12-2009, 04:31
Nice looking LR there, interior is come along really well in my opinion, I looking forward to see how this develops.

Good Job.

10-12-2009, 07:55


Good luck with the finish on her ;)

10-12-2009, 07:56
The interior detail is excellent. Will there be an overhead platform for the top-side heavy bolter operators to stand on?


10-12-2009, 10:53
dudes, thanks again!

The interior detail is excellent. Will there be an overhead platform for the top-side heavy bolter operators to stand on?


Yes, if you look to the side panels of the interiors you will argue where the roof will be glued. In my sketches (I can't upload them now beacuse I'm at office) there is sufficent space in the front of the LR to room two space marine drivers, and one of them can operate the twin linked heavy bolter, that will be placed in a top-centered position (according to the collected visions pics and the original rogue trader model)

To be honest, there can be at leas 3 marines (two in the driver seats and one in the heavy bolter platform)

Sadly there is no chance to reproduce also the diver cockpits (and the drivers), they require too much work, so they well be only hypotetical :angel:

I'm not sure I understand the question, so if I misunderstand please re-make the question (and sorry :p )

11-12-2009, 02:26
such amazing work. Keep it up :D

ps, the detail is great

04-07-2010, 17:59
any updates to this?

le Mediko
04-07-2010, 22:45
Highly interesting!
This log is the first I've seen dealing with the MarkI.
I got two pieces of this precious relic and never fount any idea to update, I would very happy to see updates!