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16-11-2009, 18:40
The Battle of Fort Penton

My Fluff:

Lustria has always been a tempting place for all invading races. The land, although a jungle full of dangers, is also full of gold, treasure, and other resources which all races would love to get their hands on.

The Empire, always looking for ways to expand and fueled by the human need to explore, constantly is sending out expeditions to Lustria; Ships laden with explorers and armed men ready to stake their claim and set up new trade routes. One of these explorers was named Bart McIntyre, and when his boat left the docks no one could imagine that it was about to lead to one of the bloodiest battles Lustria had seen since the Sundering…

When Bart’s ship put down anchor in Lustria the crew was quickly sent out to make a foot hold base camp as everyone knew the dangers of the jungle. Trees were cut down to create walls and tents were put up while armed patrols circled the camp, and soon things were safe enough for Bart McIntyre to come to shore himself.

The following day they moved on to their next problem: water. The salt water of the ocean was certainly no good to drink and the stores in the ship only had so much left and so an expedition was sent out to find the closest fresh water source.

After several hours of hacking their way through the jungle they came upon a lake that seemed to have once been a river. A dam made of stone and covered in ancient glyphs was in place and it didn’t take too much gun powder to blow it up and allow the water to run free. When the explorers returned to camp they found out that they couldn’t have been more lucky as the new river ran within 100 meters of their camp.

Now with everything in place all attention was turned to building up the fort. It took about a week to complete but when it was up the wooden structure was a solid jungle fortress. Bart McIntyre named it Fort Penton.

Unfortunately what those men did that day would be the cause of the great battle that was soon to come, for when they blew up that damn they had no idea that it had been in place to aqueduct water to the lizardmen city Itza-Gor, a relatively new temple city led by the war loving Oldblood Gor-Gor-Sinn.

When the water feeding his city quickly dried up Gor-Gor-Sinn sent out scouting parties to find out why, and when he learned of the destroyed dam and the fort he ordered the army to assemble at once.

Empire Fluff:

Frank was willing to do anything for the Emperor. Even babysitting. When the Emperor had asked him to travel to Lustria in a combined force under the command of Bart the Fist, the instructions had been – let him feel like he’s in command, let him hunt for treasure and kill a few things and then bring him back.

Bart was royalty. 129th in line to the throne – or something like that, but what made him important to the Empire was that his marriage to the Emperor’s niece had brought a rather uncouth and unruly noble family from Stirland into the fold and eased a long-standing set of tensions in the province.

Bart was also impressive in many respects. A somewhat oversized man that moved like a cat on speed, he had earned his nickname as a teenager by fighting his way through the taverns around Stirland. The claim was he’d never lost. Bart was also fabulous at leading skirmish warfare. The orcs called him Hell with a Hammer and a Handgun. He could shoot the eye out of an enemy from 300 paces and swing his giant hammer through 3 orcs at a time.
What he wasn’t was wise, thoughtful, a leader of men, a master tactician, respectful of his men, or measured in his response to those who disagreed with him.

So Frank hadn’t looked forward to sharing the captain’s table with him on the voyage down, or trying to convince him to come home when the time was ripe. Still it was a pleasure to serve the emperor and he’d always wanted to see Lustria. So Frank had gathered his army (his foot, his knights, his artillery), called in several favors with wizards and priests and negotiated for a few special additions he thought might be useful.

The voyage down had been tedious if uneventful. Frank had resisted entering any-form of competition with Bart. Frank was pretty sure he would lose at unarmed sparring, pretty sure he would win at armed sparring, positive he would win at chess and just as positive he would lose at beer and hotdog eating. What he didn’t know was how Bart would react to winning or losing. Better not to find out. He’d hate to end up complicating his role in fulfilling the Emperor’s charge to him.

Still it got complicated enough when they reached Lustria. Bart insisted on building a fort in ‘the most beautiful tropical bay where you can just smell the treasure and adventure.’ As soon as they landed Frank’s hunstmen started telling him they were being watched and that what they smelled was danger peering through the jungle. Frank was furious when Bart had the dam they found blasted to refill the empty stream bed that flowed past the camp, rather than simply dig a well in a place where the water table couldn’t be far below ground. When Frank saw the glyphs in the debris and his huntsmen showed him the recently overgrown highway that must have been used for the construction he doubled the watch. Frank also increased his ‘advice’ to Bart that in the event of trouble, that Bart should lead the defense from the fort. He should not sally forth with his treacle slow greatswords, and should keep their path back to the ships open in case what emerged from the jungle proved too much.

Now Frank was sitting his horse amidst his knights, watching the distant jungle shake and move as creatures small and large advanced towards them. He hoped that Bart would pull his weight and hold the centre.

The Armies:

8000 Empire (Grant) vs 8000 Lizardmen (Brian)

No special characters.

The empire army must include a General of the Empire (Bart McIntyre) and the lizardmen army must include an oldblood (Gor-Gor-Sinn).

The Board:

The board will be roughly 12X4. The Empire side will have a fort consisting of towers, linear terrain, and buildings. Most importantly there will be a command building in the center of the fort. There will be a river on one side (flank) consisting of several branches, and with a few bridges, and the destroyed dam on the lizardmen side. Rest of the board will be a mix of sand and forest showing where the jungle meets the beach where the Empire landed.

The river will be treated as difficult terrain that CAN be marched through, however ever model that marches through it dies on a 1 as they get trampled and drown in the water. Units that flee or pursue through the water have to roll two dice. Large models such as the steam tank or stegadon will simply not be able to do anything the following turn if they roll a 1.

The Game:

The game will go for 6 turns but will be based off controlling the following objectives:

-Killing Bart McIntyre (worth 2)
-Killing Gor-Gor-Sinn (worth 2)
-Killing of an enemy lord level character
-Capturing a banner
-Being in control of the dam
-Being in control of the command building of the fort

Killing obvious grants the objective point upon its happening, captured banners are based on if they are still held at the end of the game, and the two terrain pieces are counted as held by the unit with the highest unit strength within 6 inches.


First the Empire player deploys his entire army and then the Lizardmen player does the same. Scouts are rolled off as to who places them first.

First Turn:

Roll for first turn with a modifier based on the betting.

Lizardmen list: (Minus gear)

Gor-Gor-Sinn on carnosaur
Oldblood on coldone
Oldblood on coldone

Skink chief bsb on ancient stegadon
Lvl 2(3) Skink priest on engine of the gods
Lvl 2(3) Skink priest on engine of the gods
Lvl 2 skink priest
Lvl 2 skink priest
Lvl 2 skink priest
Lvl 2 skink priest
Skink chief

20 saurus
20 saurus
18 saurus
18 saurus
18 saurus
10 skink skirmishers
10 skink skirmishers
10 skink skirmishers
10 skink skirmishers
10 skink skirmishers
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks
Jungle swarm

8 cold one cav
8 cold one cav
8 cold one cav
8 cold one cav
5 kroxigor
3 terradon riders
3 terradon riders
6 chameleon skinks

3 razordons

Total: 7994

Empire list: (Minus gear, with points to spare, and subject to change)

Bart the Fist – Army General
General on Griffon
Frank the Pragmatic, Templar Grand Master
Captain of the Empire - BSB
Captain of the Empire – Pegasus

2x Master Engineer

Arch Lector of Sigmar - War Altar – Doesn’t fit with the fluff but……
2x Warrior Priest

2x Wizard Lord (level 4)
2x Battle Wizard (level 2)

Foot Troops
10 Huntsmen
25 Swordsmen - FC
Det 9 Free Company
Det 9 archers
30 Swordsmen - FC
Det 9 Free Company
Det 9 archers
25 Greatswords FC
Det – 9 halberdiers
Det – 10 spearmen/shields
30 Flagellants
25 spearmen FC/shields
Det – 9 halberdiers
3x 10 Handgunners Marksman/hochland
Det 5 Handgunners

Mounted Troops
10 knights – inner circle – full command
10 knights – full command
5 knights – musician
6 knights – musician
8 knights - musician

2x 5 pistoliers – musician, champion, repeater pistol

4x Great Cannon
3x mortar
3x hellblaster volley gun
1 Helstorm Rocket Battery

Halfling Hot Pot


The game won’t be until Nov 28th (report up on 29th or 30th) but in the mean time you can bet on which army you think will win.

Your bet will affect the game as it will influence who gets first turn:

-Betting is roughly even means no modifier to roll for first turn
-Betting is roughly 2:1 for one side means the underdog gets +1 to their roll
-Betting is roughly 4:1 or worse means the underdog gets +2 to their roll

So get those bets in and expect a battle report (with pictures) in roughly 2 weeks!

(Edit: Something screwed up and there is no poll so please just make your bet by saying it in your post.)

16-11-2009, 19:47
Have to put in my vote for the Empire obviously :)

I reckon there's enough warmachines to deal with those stegs and the lack of Slaan should let Bart and his buddies weather the magical storm (though the 60 odd poison skink's are a worry!)

Will there be photos?

16-11-2009, 20:08
Im definitely betting Lizardmen.
Their horde of Skink Priest's can counter enemy magic and they have enough troops to weather the storm.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
16-11-2009, 20:40
Betting on Lizardmen, though not because of any bias on my part.:rolleyes:

Which side will you be playing, Malorian?

vinny t
16-11-2009, 21:06
Betting empire, something tells me 4 cannons > 2 engines

16-11-2009, 21:18
Betting Lizardmen. They have the potential to get off 180 poisoned darts per turn :D

16-11-2009, 21:20
I'm playing the lizardmen and yes there will be pictures :D

Although my lizardmen barely have a lick of paint on them :(

Idle Scholar
16-11-2009, 23:12
Advantage to Lizards I think. both armies are quite top heavy, but I guess at 8k you're running out of models. If he gets lucky with the artillery he might win but you've got a much stronger core.

Looking at the lists he's got 45 handguns and 28 bows, 3 core blocks of infantry, 1 flagellent block and 1 greatsword block, against 5 regiments of saurus and an awful lot of really hard support. The 5 units of knights are good but that's countered by you having 4 units knights and a bajillion poisoned attacks.

So yeah, if he's lucky with the magic and artillery he can win, but I don't think he'll be able to do enough damage to your horde before it tramples him.

16-11-2009, 23:49
My bet is on the lizards.

16-11-2009, 23:54
The Empire will win the day! I have seen it...

17-11-2009, 04:31
Hey, Malorian. 3 questions.

1.) As the Empire Player do I get a vote?

2.) Saturday Nov. 28 right? Not the 27th?

3.) Tactical discussion OK on the thread?

I'm used to being trounced by Malorian's vampire counts so I'm looking forward to wiping some Lizards off the board in retribution.

I must admit I don't much like all those poison attack skinks running around - I've got plans for the other things, but any advice on tactics to deal with the skinks? In smaller battles I often try to ignore them, unless they're trappable or really in the way, and go after bigger things - but with so many - not sure that's a safe bet. The boards not that big.

17-11-2009, 05:03
The orcs called him Hell with a Hammer and a Handgun.

I assume this epithet gained a lot in the translation...

My vote's for Lizardmen. Greenskin Solidarity!

17-11-2009, 06:20
I must say that the Empire list seems much more fun to play with than the Lizardmen one and I'm not a fan of huge, unpainted armies, so I'm betting Empire. :p

17-11-2009, 07:13
Lizzies for the win!!!!! But you will need your engine bubbles.

as a lizardmen player, make the skinks panic!

17-11-2009, 08:37
ooh, heavy and tough battle, who to bet on.... hmmm... I think I'll have to go with the lizardmen, there are a lot of empire fire-power, but the sheer number of poison arrows in the jungle swarm will be enough to win I think.

Good luck to the both of you, I'm really looking forward to the battle report of this one :)

17-11-2009, 09:14
In a game that big who knows who will win? Well I do, the winner will be Mal !

17-11-2009, 10:51
The Empire will be victorious in this one.

17-11-2009, 14:06
Hey, Malorian. 3 questions.

1.) As the Empire Player do I get a vote?

2.) Saturday Nov. 28 right? Not the 27th?

3.) Tactical discussion OK on the thread?

1.) Feel free :)

2.) My bad, I'll change it.

3.) Go for it. Just remember I'll be watching this thread too ;)

Right now the betting is Lizardmen-9 Empire-5.

17-11-2009, 14:56
Hey, Malorian. 3 questions.

1.) As the Empire Player do I get a vote?

2.) Saturday Nov. 28 right? Not the 27th?

3.) Tactical discussion OK on the thread?

I'm used to being trounced by Malorian's vampire counts so I'm looking forward to wiping some Lizards off the board in retribution.

I must admit I don't much like all those poison attack skinks running around - I've got plans for the other things, but any advice on tactics to deal with the skinks? In smaller battles I often try to ignore them, unless they're trappable or really in the way, and go after bigger things - but with so many - not sure that's a safe bet. The boards not that big.

Well with that many Skinks they'll be limited in how he can pack them on. I'd probably go with your Mortars to try and thin them down as the saurus are a little tough for mortars and you have handguns for them. And good luck with massed hochlands aiming for skink-engine-riding-priests...
Maybe Lore of Shadows on one of the level 4's. Pit of Shades is bad for stegadon and the 3d6 str 1 hits can nail the hard to shoot skinks.

Idle Scholar
17-11-2009, 15:23
Remember Mal's got 12 glorious feet of table to put his skinks in, so I wouldn't count on them being bunched up.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
17-11-2009, 19:19
I wil place my bet on empire, but it should be a nice game:)


17-11-2009, 21:44
For the Emporer! I bet on the Empire. A few volleys of gun fire will sort'em 'izzards out. The key to this battle is self control and winning the maneuver part of the game for the Empire. Terrain will play a key role for the lizards but if they take a few well placed charges and those skinks get to running off the table then things will be a whole lot better for the empire. Good luck to the both of you. Lady Fortune favors the bold... and lucky. :)

18-11-2009, 03:30
lizards for me. Really looking forward to this sounds really fluffly and cool!

18-11-2009, 04:03
Sounds like a good battle, I think the terrain and potential choke points will be enough to get the empire a win.

18-11-2009, 07:44
Think it will be lizardman, but the lack of blocks on Malorians part is not a good thing...

But still I bet on the lizardman.

18-11-2009, 13:58
Lizardmen-11 Empire-8

Personally I really don't know how this will go. It really depends on how much the terrain gets in my way, how well his warmachines do, and how I deal with his flying chicken seeing as I won't have access to beast cowers.

That's the main reason why I'm not betting personally. I really have no idea...

18-11-2009, 14:22
Fingers crossed for an Empire win! ...but looking at the lists I predict it'll go to the Lizzies :cries:

18-11-2009, 15:40
so many warmachines mean a great role for lady luck for the empire..
i support empire, but fear i'll bet on lizzies: poison, olblooded with naggies spam, and better troops don't suit well with empire!

good luck! :)

Idle Scholar
18-11-2009, 15:43
Speaking of lists, I was kind of bored yesterday and choosing 8k is actually a bit of a fun exercise in wishlisting so I came up with this modified version of the Emp list. The only problem is it needs 480 models!

Foot Batallia
30 * Spear/Sword,FC……………….200
12 * Sword, Det, (3*4)……………..72
6 * Handgun/ Archer, Det………….48
5 * Knights………………………….....115
………………………………………….......... 435
Elite Batallia
30 * Great Sword, FC……………….330
12 * Sword, Det, (3*4)……………….72
6 * Handgun/ Archer, Det……………48
5 * Knights………………………….......115
………………………………………….. ...........565

Special Forces
10 * Huntsmen……………………..100
10 * Huntsmen……………………..100
6 * Pistolliers, Mus…………………115
6 * Pistolliers, Mus…………………115
30 * Flagellent, PoD……………...310
………………………………………….. .......740

5 * Great Cannon…………………500
2 * Mortar…………………………...150
3 * Hellblaster……………………..330
1 * Hellstorm……………………….115
…………………………………………....... 1095

10 * IC Knights, FC……………….330
10 * H. Gun/ X-Bow………………..80
10 * H. Gun/ X-Bow………………..80
10 * H. Gun/ X-Bow………………..80
…………………………………………......... 570

1 * General on Horse, F. P. Arm, B. Horse, S…117
1 * General on Grif, F. P. Arm, S..…………….....295
1 * General on Peg……………………………...........145
1 * Captain BSB, Imp Banner, F. P. Arm.……...193
2 * Arch Lector, H. Arm, B. Horse, GW………...322
1 * Grandmaster………………………………............145
1 * Captain on Horse, F. P. Arm, B. Horse, S…322
6 * Warrior Priest, H. Arm, B. Horse, S……....…660
2 * Master Engineer……………………………...........130
…………..…………………………………………......................2 081

6 * Foot Batallia, W. Banner……………………2610
1 * Elite Foot Batallia…………………....…………565
1 * Special Forces………………………...…….…..740
1 * Artillery…………………………………….........1095
1 * Misc………………………………………........…..570
1 * Command ………………………………......…..2071

And with a spare 350 odd points for magic trinkets.

18-11-2009, 19:50
Sounds like it will be a great battle!

The Empire seems a bit light on troops, given the number of lizards out there, but has plenty of firepower to help even things out. With all that shooting, I think the lizzies will be felled to less-than-effective numbers in no time. Those mortars and cannons have to hit something!

I'm betting for the Empire!

19-11-2009, 01:50
Assuming the lists are right, Lizardmen. In a straight up fight I would say Empire(I think he would do enough damage to take the VP to get a win)

But under yours rules...
Lizardmen- 6 lords, 1 BSB, no banners
Empire- 6 lords, 1 BSB, 6 banners

A GotE is easier to kill then a Oldblood so that's a easy two points. Skinks can hold the Dam and the Empire should be able to hold the Fort but the difference will be the Lizards getting some banners from state troops/Knights and winning.

If the Saurus and Saurus Cav Have Banners too then I would say Empire.

19-11-2009, 06:38
Going for the Empire :D
Always had a softspot for ze german farmboys lol

19-11-2009, 13:49
Lizardmen- 6 lords, 1 BSB, no banners
Empire- 6 lords, 1 BSB, 6 banners

Oh I have banners, I'm just not showing them in the list ;)

Edit: Lizardmen-12 Empire-12 Egads! It's even!

Lord Solar Plexus
19-11-2009, 20:31
My bet is on Empire, and I'm not biased.

Okay, just a little. Empire for the cup! ;)

19-11-2009, 21:07
My bet is on Lizardmen, the LARGE amount of stegadons and other devastating forces leave me no other choice :)

19-11-2009, 21:55
empire- only cos they were my 1st army and for no tactical reasons!

20-11-2009, 12:39
But under yours rules...
Lizardmen- 6 lords, 1 BSB, no banners
Empire- 6 lords, 1 BSB, 6 banners

If the Saurus and Saurus Cav Have Banners too then I would say Empire.

Oh I have banners, I'm just not showing them in the list ;)

Edit: Lizardmen-12 Empire-12 Egads! It's even!

I was wondering about the banners myself. Will be interesting to see where they end up.

Magic Karl
20-11-2009, 17:14
Seems like a strange tactical decision to have no slann in a lizardmen army... 3000pts usually sees one atleast, but 8000? Is there method to this madness? :p

As a lizard player myself I'm rooting for them... but I think having seen your battle reports Malorian, Your generalship will win it :D

20-11-2009, 18:48
I've already seen gsmc's eyes glaze over during my vampires magic phase, so I decided to make it more fun ;)

20-11-2009, 22:40
I have to say I'm feeling that the empire will come out ontop in this battle.

21-11-2009, 10:20
Lizardmen will win this one, I bet. Although I would add a slann mage. An army this size should be controlled by the king frog.

What size will your playground be? Never seen such a massive army. Can you finish it in 1 day? lol

23-11-2009, 02:05
I've already seen gsmc's eyes glaze over during my vampires magic phase, so I decided to make it more fun ;)

Most sporting of you. Must admit I was relieved not to see slann on your list. 3 would have made it another magic dominated game. It helped me decide not to bring 18 cannon in a battery so the game could be decided by whether I shot the frogs before they spewed too much magic - and this perhaps decided by the first turn roll.

Still playing with the last few 100 points of my list....

23-11-2009, 07:06
I really hope for the Empire.

23-11-2009, 14:01
Lizard-15 Empire-16

The tide has turned!

Woldroar, the board will be roughly 4X10 and we will easily finish it in one day. I'd expect the game to take 3-4 hours once deployment is done.

23-11-2009, 20:28
While I would like to say that without the Slann the Lizardmen will have a hard time, I don't really believe it. That much artillery sounds scary at first but I bet a fair portion of it simply destroys itself. I mean really, 11 pieces? Also I like the idea of the Empire having to destroy each sallie individually. But best of all that is a whole freaking lot of saurus.

Gor-Gor-Sinn for the win.

25-11-2009, 16:09
Lizard-16 Empire-16

Well I just confirmed everything with gsmc so it's all set to happen in three days.

Good to see that the warseer odds are even and hopefully we can put on a good show :)

25-11-2009, 16:25
should be a good game, cannons r fun last time i used cannons in a massive game fired cannons 36 times missfired only twice so i am goin with Empire

25-11-2009, 16:27
"ood to see that the warseer odds are even and hopefully we can put on a good show"

LOL now your starting to sound like a proffesional boxing promoter... You should charge for attendance and have skimpy clad girls hold up cards with the turn number between each turn....

25-11-2009, 17:02
"ood to see that the warseer odds are even and hopefully we can put on a good show"

LOL now your starting to sound like a proffesional boxing promoter... You should charge for attendance and have skimpy clad girls hold up cards with the turn number between each turn....

I support this motion! Also I think Empire will win the day and drive back the fiendish Reptilians.

Gabacho Mk.II
25-11-2009, 18:46
Empire will win. Minor Win.

Come on Lizards, prove me wrong! :p

25-11-2009, 20:10
holy crap.

i vote draw.

28-11-2009, 16:40
I vote lizards

29-11-2009, 09:33
I eagerly await the results here - I bet this game was a massive blast of awesome to play!

29-11-2009, 14:02
Well it was a massive game with a lot of dead model. I'm just downloading the pictures now and I'll have the report up tomorrow.

29-11-2009, 15:42
Yes, massive, destructive and good fun.

Here's the list I used.

General Bart: Handgun, Hammer of Sigismund, Holy Relic
Frank The Pragmatic, Templar Grand Master, Sword of Power, Laurels of Victory
General on griffon, Sword of Fate (Gor-Gor-Sinn), Shroud of Magnus
BSB, Armor of Meteoric Iron
Captain on Pegasus, pistol, Sword of Battle, Doomfire Ring
Captain Mounted, Barding, Pistol, Sword of Might, The White Cloak
2x Master Engineer - Light Armour; Pigeon Bombs
Arch Lector on War Altar, Mace of Helstrum, Dawn Armor
Warrior Priest Mounted, Barding, Enchanted Shield, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery
Warrior Priest, Sword of Justice, Icon of Magnus
Wizard Lord level 4, mounted, Armor of Tarnus, Dispel Scroll, Staff of Sorcery
Wizard Lord level 4, Dispel Scroll, Rod of Power
2x Battle Wizard Level 2, 2x dispel scroll
10 inner circle knights, full command, Standard of Arcane Warding
10 inner circle knights, full command, Steel Standard
5x 5 Knights, Musician
2x 5 Pistoliers, musician, outrider, repeater Pistol
10 Huntsmen
25 Swordsmen, FC, 12 free company, 9 archers
30 Swordsmen, FC, 12 free company, 9 archers
24 Greatswords, FC, War Banner, 9 archers, 9 halberdiers
25 Spearmen, FC, 11 Free Company, 9 Halberdiers
3x 10 Handgunners, Marksman, hochland, 2 units with 5 Handgunner detachment
Artillery Battery of 6 Great Cannon
2x Mortar
2x Hellblaster Volley Gun
Helstorm Rocket Battery
30 Flagellants
3 Maneaters – all with brace of handguns

29-11-2009, 22:44
And here is my final list:

Oldblood on carnosaur w/ light armor, scimitar of the sun, enchanted shield, glyph necklace 460
Oldblood w/ light armor, blade of tzunki, shield of the mirrored pool 250
Oldblood w/ light armor, shield, cold one, piranha blade 226
Oldblood w/ light armor, shield, cold one, burning blade 211
Oldblood w/ light armor, great weapon, charm of the jaguar 192
Oldblood w/ light armor, great weapon 167

Skink chief bsb w/ warspear on ancient stegadon 405
Lvl 2(3) Skink priest on engine of the gods 390
Lvl 2(3) Skink priest on engine of the gods 390
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ blood statuette of spite, scroll 150
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ rod of storm, scroll 150
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ scroll 125
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ scroll 125
Skink chief w/ light armor, shield, cloak of feathers 84

20 saurus w/ full command 250
20 saurus w/ full command 250
18 saurus w/ spears, full command 234
18 saurus w/ spears, full command 234
18 saurus w/ spears, full command 234
10 skink skirmishers 70
10 skink skirmishers 70
10 skink skirmishers 70
10 skink skirmishers 70
10 skink skirmishers 70
10 skinks 50
10 skinks 50
10 skinks 50
10 skinks 50
Jungle swarm 45

8 cold one cav w/ banner 300
8 cold one cav w/ banner 300
8 cold one cav w/ banner 300
8 cold one cav w/ banner 300
5 kroxigor 275
Stegadon 235
Stegadon 235
3 terradon riders 90
3 terradon riders 90
6 chameleon skinks 72

3 razordons 225
Salamander 75
Salamander 75
Salamander 75
Salamander 75
Salamander 75
Salamander 75

29-11-2009, 23:14
Well it was a massive game with a lot of dead model. I'm just downloading the pictures now and I'll have the report up tomorrow.

Looks good.

How many hours did the game take you to play? :)

30-11-2009, 09:45
can't wait for the report!!!

30-11-2009, 09:53
Wow, those lists are epic, I can't wait for the report of this one!

30-11-2009, 11:03
this is goin to be gd methinks,

30-11-2009, 14:07
Deployment and Pre-game thoughts:

So the board ended up being 10X4 and we started by placing the river, then making the fort, and finally added a few woods (the black one with 1 tree is being used as a full section).

I couldn't take a picture of the entire board so the pictures will be of each half while the battle report itself will be broken into left, center, right.

Here is how deployment looked:



As per our scenario rules the empire players deployed first and he deployed from left to right: rocket battery and hellblaster on a hill, 5 knights w/ giant behind and detachment behind it, 5 knights w/ captain and pistoliers behind and a block behind them w/ warrior priest, 10 knights w/ lord and detachment behind, handgunners in a tower, cannon w/ mage lord, flagellants, cannon w/ mage and behind all of this was a big infantry block with detachments, handgunners in a tower w/ griffin behind, a TON of greatswords w/ Bart and behind them on the hill were two more cannons and another mage lord, archlector on war alter, cannon, handgunners in tower, hellblaster, 5 knights w/ maneaters behind and a big infantry block w/ detachments behind them, pegasus captain, pistoliers and 2 mortars on a hill, 5 knights w/ 5 knights behind them and 10 knights w/ priest behind them.

Then I deployed left to right: cav w/ piranha OB, salamander, skinks w/ priest and terradons behind, salamander, EotG, ranked skinks w/ saurus behind w/ GW OB, ranked skinks w/ cav and BSB ancient steg behind, skinks w/ priest w/ razordons behind, skinks w/ priest and flying skink, spear saurus, EotG, spear saurus w/ Gor-gor-sinn and tzunki OB and spear saurus behind, swarm, salamander, skinks w/ charm OB, ranked skinks, kroxigors w/ cav behind and terradons behind them, salamander, salamander, skinks w/ priest and steg behind, steg, ranked skinks w/ salamander behind, cav w/ burning blade OB and saurus behind.

My chameleon skinks scout into the far right woods and his huntsmen scout into the left woods.

He got first turn.

Pre-Game thoughts:

As soon as he put the river and fort together I knew that getting to his command post (the out house in the back) was going to be next to impossible. Bascially my troops would get shot up, I would slowly walk across the river being shot even more and grape shoted by the cannons, and then the troops behind would crush me...

So the best way to look at it was don't think of it as I'm not able to get in, think about it as they can't get out :evilgrin: Turn my attention to the objectives outside of the fort and then just take on the fort as a long shot.

The plan was to over run the left flank by using skinks to set up counter charges for my other units, or just punch my way though if need, and really the same could be said for the right flank. On either side he had a lot of knights but my mounted old blood on the right was a can opener and the one of the left could easily take down the giant and the 2d6+1 impact steg would also help. On the inner right flank I had an ace up my sleeve in that I don't think he knew about the aquatic rule, and mroe importantly didn't know that the korxigors had it. They would rush through the river and tear things up and then the cav would follow behind and clean things up.

Meanwhile my salamanders would hopefully make some of those big blocks run to make things easier for me and the scouting skinks and razordons were waiting to counter the griffin and pegasus once they moved out.

Finally I had Operation Fluff... going down the center towards the bridge were my spear saurus along with my general and another oldblood. This was mainly to keep his units in the fort but since his general was on the other side of the bridge it could also lead to a fluffy battle. I knew my carnosaur would be killed by cannons if it just sat around in the unit there, but seriously the same would have happened no matter where I put it.

Only time would tell how things ended up though...

30-11-2009, 14:07
Turn 1:

Turn 1 Empire:

On the left flank a small unit of knights, the pistoliers, and the giant move up but the rest hang back. In the center the arch lector moves onto the bridge and then the great swords block the gate. He almost started moving the flagellants over the fort walls and through the river for mainly fluff reasons and takes no losses from the river. On the right flank the knights and pistoliers move slightly up and his pegasus moves behind a tower to avoid being shot by the stegadons.

In the magic phase I let his priest cast what ever they want and then he casts conflagration of doom with irresistible force and kills 1 saurus cav.

In the shooting phase (aka I get my butt handed to me phase) the cannons kill my center EotG, take a couple wounds off the one on the left, kill my carnosaur, and then I lose a few handlers. He also tries to use a pigeon bomb but it just explodes in the engineer’s face. I pass my panics. (Note: I won’t be mentioning minor casualties.)

Summary: At this point is was obviously neither of us had gotten any objective points but I was glad to see his magic wasn’t going to be too over powering. On the other hand his cannons were going to be as deadly as I feared… (as a side note I rerolled a dice when my stegs and carnosaur were hit just to see if my force field would have saved me if I had gotten first turn and it wouldn’t have.)


Turn 1 Lizardmen:

Stupidity all passed. On the left flank I aggressive move up the OB’s cav while the ranked skinks move up to bait the giant and knights and the rest of the line follows behind and the terradons fly into the woods. In the center everything moves up with the lone priest joining the rear spears. The swarm also rushed up and the reason for this is so that the archlector hits it first and then the main spear unit so that on my turn I can move characters as needed. On the right flank the chameleons move up to redirect the large unit of knights while the rest moves up aggressively. He learns about the aquatic rule as the krox move into the river.

In the magic phase I actually get a spell off and kill some handgunners from the center tower who then panic and run to the back of the board, never to rally.

My shooting phase actually is great as the two stegadons end up killing 5 knights from his big unit on the right with their bolt throwers! Salamanders do nothing (still to far away).

Summary: Still 0-0 but I’m looking where things are going. The right flank is set up for me to break through quickly and if that happens they could swing around to help out the kroxigors. The left flank is a little bit more touchy but I still like my position and if a few things go my way I could start doing a lot of damage there as well.


30-11-2009, 14:08
Turn 2:

Turn 2 Empire:

On the left flank the huntsmen fail terror test and flee into my cav. Giant charges into the ranked skinks and I pass terror but fail to do any wounds through stand and shoot. A small unit of knights and the pistolliers pin in my cav and his other knights sit back and wait. In the center his arch lector charges my swarm, the flagellants keep marching through the river (taking no losses) and the griffin and the pegasus move to the bridge. The lord mage leaves the cannon to join an infantry block. On the right flank the priest’s knights charge the chameleon skinks would flee and are caught, so the knights end up in the river/trees (taking no losses). Then the knights move around so that if my cav charges either unit the other will see their flank and another unit baits/blocks my other cav while the maneaters and pistoliers move up.

In the magic phase he get conflagration of doom off AGAIN with irresistible force and this time kills 3 saurus cav. His priest on the right uses the casket to steal one of my spells. The rest is stopped.

In the I get my butt handed to me phase the cannons kill a kroxigor and a cav behind, they target some of my old blood but just kill regular troops, and the EotG on the left is killed. The rocket battery scatters back and hits his giant in the head doing a wound to it and killing a few skinks. The left hellblaster goes kill crazy and nearly wipes out my far left cav so that once everything is done I’m down to the old blood and the banner bearer. Then I loose some skinks and handlers, and my BSB takes a wound after being sniped by a handgunner champ, but my panics are passed.

In combat the skinks are crushed by the giant but then the giant only overruns 3 inches so he stops right in front of my saurus block (hehe), and the arch lector easily wipes out my swarm and overruns into my general’s block.

Summary: Still 0-0 but those warmachines are really taking a toll on me. I had expected to see some misfires but so far he was rolling really well and it seemed each time a stegadon was hit it would be randomized on the stegadon and then he would roll a 5+ for wounds. Kind of frustrating but something you have to take in stride.

More importantly the center was looking VERY scary. In chess when you see your opponent move a lot of pieces to cover a certain spot you have to stand back to see figure out what they are up to and then figure out what you are going to do about it, and when the griffin and the pegasus moved in to threaten my general’s block (who were already fighting the arch lector) I know I would have to be careful. At this point I also gave up on the idea of trying to cross the bridge.


Turn 2 Lizardmen: (Assassination attempt!)

Stupidity is mainly passed however the unit on the far right fails (grrr…) and stumbles up. On the left flank my big block fails their terror test and flees away from the giant (more grrr…), the BSB ancient steg charges the giant, and the oldblood and his banner charge the unit of knights. Then the terradons fly over the pistoliers and kill 4 of them (last one will be killed with javs), and the ranked skinks move up to block his big unit of knights. Some skinks also run up the board edge (out of picture). In the center my flying skink charges the cannon w/ mage and the ranked skinks charge a detachment that’s in front of the right tower. A unit of spears move up to force the flagellants to charge and the razordons move to the edge of the woods, the right terradons fly into the nearby woods, and the tzunki OB moved into base with the waralter. On the right flank the kroxigors charge the maneaters, the cav charge the small unit of knights in the front while the skinks charge them in the flank HOWEVER 5 of my saurus cav die from the river (grumble grumble), and now that the skinks are out of the way a stegadon charges the flank of the priest’s knights. I send the ranked skinks back to guard the dam while the other steg and saurus block move up to aid my stupid saurus cav.

In the magic phase I don’t do much other than dispel the unbreakable on the knights the steg is fighting.

In the shooting phase my razordons shoot at the flagellants and kill 3 of them while eating 4 handlers. Most of my salamander shots don’t do much however one lands perfectly to kill 1 archers in the detachment in front of the great swords (making them panic all the way off the board) and then kills 11 great sword (who pass panic). Another salamander killers one knight on the left flank (captain’s unit) and they pass panic.

In combat the OB and his banner bearer beat the knights but fail to catch them as they flee to the board edge, the 2d6+1 impact hits kills the giant who then falls on the stegadon but fails to wound it, the flying skink does a wound to the mage but then the cannon crew does a wound back and I break, ranked skinks kill a few handgunners and lose a few of their own and he holds, krox kill a maneater and they do 5 wounds back and I hold, cav and skinks beat the knights and the skinks catch them as they run, and steg beats the priests knight’s and catches them (taking their banner!) but tripping in the river so it can’t do anything next turn. In my general’s combat he doesn’t make a challenge and instead tries to kill my general with his one hit str 10 D6 wound hammer… luckily he misses and I do a wound back (he made his 4+ ward like a 2, and would continue to do so new turn!).

Summary: 1-0 for the lizardmen! Woohoo! Although I have a minor lead things are looking very dicey. The left flank is looking really weak thanks to that failed terror test and although the right flank still looks to be in my hands that failed stupidity test really set me back.


30-11-2009, 14:08
Turn 3:

Turn 3 Empire:

On the left flank his captain’s knights charge my skinks who were sneaking up the board edge and I flee hoping to set up a flank charge for my BSB ancient steg but that isn’t the case, his main knight unit charges the ranked skinks. In the center the flagellants charge my spears (3 dying in the river) and the griffin charges my general’s spear unit but is out of range. The pegasus then moves to the left of my general’s unit. On the right flank the two small units of knights dual charge my OB’s saurus cav, and the pistoliers move up to my two saurus cav in the river.

Magic doesn’t do much of anything thanks to using all my scrolls.

In the Ouch phase my ancient steg is killed forcing my BSB skink to the ground, one cannon tries to kill my charm OB put kills a terradon behind, mortars kill some of my saurus on the right, one cannon misfires and blows up, the hellblaster on the left misfires and blows up but not before hitting my OB and banner bearer with 30 shots (!!!) the banner bearer is killed and the OB takes a wound, and the hellblaster on the right also blows up while shooting at the steg in the river. He also shoots down the fleeing flying skink.

In combat the big knight unit on the left kills 8 skinks but I roll double 1 and hold, the flagellants kill 5 saurus but I kill a bunch back, my oldbloods kill the arch lector but are still stuck in combat with the unbreakable war alter, ranked skinks beat the detachment and catch them while running into the tower, maneaters kill a krox and I kill a maneater back, the dual charge on my saurus cav ends up only killing 1 but then when I attack back I don’t do much better (knights make 2 of 3 5+ saves from the oldblood) and it’s a draw except he has a musician and I don’t! Well I fail my break test and get run down while the units overrun into my steg and saurus block… wow…

Summary: 2-2 tie. That was a set a two massive blows… Losing that main unit on the right now meant that kroxigors weren’t going to get any help and now my task was to get that banner back and protect the dam. On the left flank the loss of my ancient stegadon meant I no longer had anything to threaten his large unit of knights with until my main block (hopefully rallies) so the skinks holding them at bay was at least a big save of face. In the center it was good to have the arch lector out of the way but I wasn’t out of the woods yet with that griffin staring at me.


Turn 3 Lizardmen:

Stupidity passed but on the left flank the big saurus unit that had failed terror now failed to rally! At least they only ran 2 inches. The mounted oldblood charged the rocket battery while the terradons charge the cannon behind the first tower, and what remains of the saurus cav (the one that had been blasted with magic) moves up to block his knights once they beat the skinks. In the center the terradons drop rocks on the griffin to no effect and everything moves in to shoot at the fliers. (I thought about charging the charm OB into the war alter to smash it quickly with his str 7 but in the end decided against it as I didn’t want him to be on his own to be sniped by a cannon and needed the skinks he was joined with to shoot the griffin. On the right flank the lone saurus cav tries to charge the pistoliers but is shot down, then the ranked skinks move closer to the damn and salamanders move around.

Magic phase is a bust with me miscasting and allowing him to cast a free spell, which I stop.

Shooting kills a crew from each mortar but both pass panic. With the back razordon out of range of the griffin I decide to target the pegasus character, and even though I kill but pegasus and rider this turns out to be foolish as in the end I fail to wound the griffin and only do a single wound to the lord riding it.

In combat the rocket battery is wiped out and the OB runs off the board, the 2 brave skinks are killed, the flagellants are reduced to just 1, the terradons beat the cannon crew and let them flee, the OBs do a couple of wounds to the war alter, ranked skinks are beaten back by the hangunners in the tower, krox and maneaters are at a standstill, one unit of knights kill a few skinks in the howda and the steg runs away (luckily getting away), and the other unit of knights kill off 5 saurus cav and even though I just lose by 1 they break and are ran down!

Summary: 3-2 for empire! Can you believe my luck? My right flank is completely smashed and I know will have to do everything in my power to keep my damn from being taken. My tactical error in targeting the pegasus over the griffin (I blame the beer!) will mean my general will have to take another one for the team, but at least with a 1+ save he should be able to survive.


30-11-2009, 14:09
Turn 4:

Turn 4 Empire: (Another assassination attempt!)

On the left flank his big knights charge my saurus cav and I decide to flee. Now although this might seem stupid as I’m basically just giving him another banner the thing I was worried about was them moving over to my center. This is why I blocked them, and in fleeing I forced them back toward my fleeing block who will (hopefully) finally rally and deal with them. His captains knights move to face my units in the woods. In the center his left block turns to face the terradons. On the right flank the archer detachment tries to charge the krox but fail their fear test (he really wants to have that infantry block help out but they are pinned in), and the knights charge the fleeing steg and kill him. Then the other knights turn to face my dam and the pistoliers face my skinks in the river.

In the magic phase it’s his turn to miscast and the wounded mage kills himself, and nothing else really happens.

In the shooting phase my opponent makes a comment that he is running out of targets for his warmachines and I play the worlds smallest violin for him. He gets me back by targeting my charm OB and then once I fail my look out sir the oldblood is paste. My center terradons are wiped are as are the ranked skinks that had been in front of his tower. After a few losses the razordons fail their panic test and flee (and are removed as they are too small to rally).

In the combat phase a kroxigor and the last maneater are killed, the last flagellant is killed, and in the main combat my general makes a challenge which his griffin gladly accepts and then he tells me he has the sword of fate… oh oh… however in an extremely lucky event only one wound goes through (rolled a 2 for the d3 wounds) and the griffin also only does 1 wound. Gor-gor-sinn then does a wound back (and 1 is done to the war alter) and the griffin runs away!

Summary: 5-2 for Empire! Well I dodged a bullet there… nuff said…


Turn 4 Lizardmen:

On the left flank my main unit rallies (hurray!), the mounted oldblood comes back on and faces the captain’s unit while the salamanders aim at his large knight unit. In the center my spear unit moves up to the river (more of a distraction than anything else) and the terradons fly to his command post (once again more of a distraction but maybe I can charge a cannon next turn). On the right flank everything aims at his knights threatening my dam and the lone krox stands in front of the archers to bog all those units in, and the ranked skinks turn to face their doom.

Magic is a bust as I miscast and fail to wound myself.

In the shooting phase I kill 3 of his knights from his big unit on the left but they are immune to panic, shooting at the griffin does a couple of wounds, one salamander does a wound to his lord mage joined to the cannon while another panics the pistoliers to run over a mortar and send their crew fleeing off the board, and finally (and most impostantly) salamander shots kill a knight in the knight unit holding 2 banners and send them fleeing off the board.

In combat I keep hacking away at the waralter with no success (my opponent has now made so many 4+ ward save that I’m almost questioning his dice… almost…).

Summary: 3-2 Empire! Well things are now back in the realm of possibility after making him drop those two banners. There is now only 1 unit of knights threaten my dam and with all those salamanders and the steg moving in on them I should be able to either kill them or at least contest the dam, and if my main saurus block with str 7 old blood can beat down his knights then I can get a few extra points there.


30-11-2009, 14:09
Turn 5:

Turn 5 Empire:

On the left flank his large knight unit charges my main saurus block and his captain turns around to face my mounted OB. In the center his griffin fails to rally and keeps moving back over his bridge and his block in his fort turns to face my spears. On the right flank the knights charge my ranked skinks.

Magic doesn’t do much.

In the shooting phase he wipes out the terradons, a salamander, and kills some spearmen.

In combat I finally destroy the war alter but the knights beat the skinks and run off the board and the a very bad thing happens… To start off with I learn that I have forgotten that the lord in that knight unit had a prayer cast on him first turn that allows him to reroll to hit and to wound, then once he kills 4 saurus warriors I learn he has the laurels of victory so it counts as 8! My unit breaks and is run down.

Summary: 5-2 Empire! Well that did it… there is now no way I can pull this off. We agree to do my side of turn 5 and then call it.


Turn 5 Lizardmen:

All I do is charge my mounted oldblood into his captain and then when I kill the captain the unit holds.


30-11-2009, 14:10
Post-game thoughts:

It was a fun game but I’m afraid I didn’t put up much of a fight for my opponent. A good part of it I can blame on luck but at the same time I did make my fair share of mistakes and my general did survive two assassination attempts.

The nice thing about my general surviving means that there is an opening for a follow up game, maybe with the empire now attacking the lizardmen temple city or something, but that probably wouldn’t be for a while if at all as my opponent has plans for a big vacation next year. (And for those that are wondering, this game took us about 6 hours.)

I’d say my best units in this game were the salamanders. Only one of them died and they did a good amount of damage.

My worst units would be my saurus cav. I really expected more from them but between my opponent shooting them to bits, drowning in the river, and breaking like a bunch of pansies they didn’t exactly live up to my expectations.

Anyway, thanks for reading and my opponent will be posting the fluff shortly.

30-11-2009, 16:15
Love the wrapping paper river, don't lizardmen go through rivers np as they're aquatic though :)?

30-11-2009, 17:54
Ok the reports is up!

Love the wrapping paper river, don't lizardmen go through rivers np as they're aquatic though :)?

We were going to use blue ribbon but forgot to bring it, so wrapping paper was the next 'best' thing :p

Only skinks, salamanders, razordons, and krox are aquatic. In the last book saurus could take spawnings that made them aquatic too.

30-11-2009, 18:22
That... was... really... EPIC!

To bad on your loss Mal, but that must have been a seriously fun battle and I really wish I could have been there to see it, would have been six well spent hours :D

I hope you decide on a follow-up game of the same proportion, would be cool. :)

Oh, and really cool board setup! :)

30-11-2009, 18:35
Thanks for the report seemed like you guys had fun even if it was a gigantic game with war machines ago go :D

30-11-2009, 18:45
Great report man, thanks for the read. All those War machines are tough for Lizards to deal with when they are running so many monsters.

30-11-2009, 19:37
Very epic Mal. See the picures, you're slowly crumbling while the Empire stead firm in ranks. Makes a good wrap-up of what happened, methinks.

30-11-2009, 19:56
Great report!

These massive battles can be a bit hard to keep track of while you play, but you did an admirable job. These surely make for some great Warhammer memories, and even some inspiration for normal sized armies to work up to!

Oh, and I knew Empire would win in the end! :-p

30-11-2009, 20:14
One of the things I like about these larger battles are the objectives.

I was thinking about this after and even if I had been pretty much wiped out but had more objective points (killing lord, capturing banners, and terrain objectives) I would still see that as a win.

Rumor is that this is how 8th ed will be so I'll keep my fingers crossed ;)

30-11-2009, 20:48
I like objectives too, its 40K's best selling point, however they need more than just two or four for fantasy battle imo :)

30-11-2009, 23:19
It was splendid battle. A few thoughts:

From the fluff - Frank was glad he'ld convinced the ships captain to let him unload all the ships cannon into the fort. The bruises would heal. He was however a little frustrated that the griffon general had spent two days having his fancy sword prayed over by the arch lector - only to run away because it didn't kill the enemy general at a stroke. He'ld have to gather his scattered knights and follow that army to finish the job.

Man-of-the match? Probably the scary unnamed knight who chased off the saurus cavalry and the stegadon on the on the side with the dam - opening up the road to the dam. Or maybe the engineers who had the warmachines so well tuned and had also bribed the dice gods.

The setup really favored my empire list. River barrier, fortified position and cannon. That and the dice going pretty strongly in my favor made up for a couple of minor tactical errors on my part at the beginning. The distance and barriers also kept his terror and fear causing units away from my foot troops, failed tests are such a pain for a big dispersed empire army like this.

The objectives were good too.

In retrospect I could have tooled up my general and gotten him out into the fray more, I was hoping Mal's general would march heroically across the bridge so my general could play Horatio, but I didn't expect my war altar to make so many wardsaves and no they weren't my loaded dice. I only use those when I play Blackjack..

01-12-2009, 06:53
That was such a great battle, I thought the empire would win as when me and my friend play with one side having fortified positions we usually have different values of points to compensate and the games turn out more even. It was still an awesome game though and i was secretly hoping the lizards would carry the day with something epic like an Stegadon warspear charge across the bridge straight into the heart of the fort.

Very good read, very well played

01-12-2009, 07:51
That sounds like it was a great deal of fun to play! Congrats on the win gsmc, and well played by both parties.

On another note, I noticed that a lot of the scaled-ones' had some problem with psychology. I was just wondering what kind of nasty things Frank had his men yell at the lizards to heat that cold blood up?

Great read, and thanks again for bringing us along!

01-12-2009, 08:08
Thanks a lot for the epic report!
Perhaps mixed units of skinks and kroxigors, both aquatic, would have done good things.

01-12-2009, 09:22
That would have been awesome to see :)
Rotten luck on the loss Mal but big grats to the Empire:D
Farm boys always win :P