View Full Version : A good chaos 1000pts list. Perhaps.

Ethereal Alpaca
17-05-2005, 17:20
Is this a good 1000pts mortal chaos list, basicly. God it's soooo annoying having all these army list threads in tactics. :o

Exalted Champion w/ Sword of Battle, shield, barded chaos steed=143

Sorceror w/ extra level, dispel scroll=145

12 Chaos Warriors w/shields and full command=210

20 Marauders w/ shields, light armour and full command=165

5 Knights of Chaos w/ full command

1 Chariot of Chaos=120

17-05-2005, 18:57
Nice list, I think very interesting to play with:D.

17-05-2005, 19:46
yes it is a nice list. I'm little skeptical on the chariot though. It's a really powerful unit but I think you would be better of getting 6 hounds and some marauder horsemen with flails and cheiftan.

24-05-2005, 14:26
agree on the chariot - I have 2, but in lower point battles, the 120 points is pretty dear - as much as I like to stay mortal - the beastman chariot at 85 points (same d6+1 impact hits, little less armor save) is a bargain. Horsemen with flails and a musician only cost you 81 and you can get 5 warhounds to help screen for the 9 points less)