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17-11-2009, 15:31

there is some confusion is my club regardng Queek in a challenge against a dwarf. Does Queek really wounds on 2+? I am asking this because at the end of the "Dwarf Gouger'' entry, there is a sentence that confuses everybody:"(this is not modified in a challenge)".

Can someone clarify this please.


shadow hunter
17-11-2009, 15:38
He wounds dwarfs on a 2+. In a challenge he adds 1 to his dice roll to hit and wound - but obviously not against dwarfs (as it would be auto wound otherwise).

17-11-2009, 15:40
IIRC Queek gets a +1 modifier for to hit and wound rolls.
I assume that "(this is not modified in a challenge)". is to assure that he doesnt wound dwarfs on a 1+ roll.

EDIT : Too late

17-11-2009, 16:49
+1 to above