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17-11-2009, 21:47
remember that im new to warhammer... so all inputs on improvement, pro's and con's are very welcome

i have 2 army lists in mind, i would love comments on them both to help me decide

5 x Mara Horse MoK with flails and light armor

5 x Mara Horse MoK with flails and light armor

5 x Mara Horse MoK with flails and light armor

5 x Warhounds

5 x Warhounds


10 (5x2) x Knights MoN Full Command with lances

10 (5x2) x Knights MoN Full Command with lances


lvl 2 Sorcerer on steed

lvl 2 Sorcerer on steed

lvl 2 Sorcerer on steed

48 units

Tot = 1856p

and the rest of the points up to 2000p i will use for magic banners and weapons.. but i dont know what


25 x Chaos Warriors (5x5) with shield and full command + MoS
25 x Marauderer's with flails, light armor, musician, standard and Wulfrik the wanderer and MoK
5 x Warhounds
5 x Warhounds
5 x Warhounds


Chaos Chariot with MoK
Exalted Hero on Chariot with MoK and GW

Chaos Giant with MoS

One lvl 2 Sorcerer with MoT on Disc
One lvl 1 Sorcerer with MoT on Disc

70 units

and 100 points for dispel scrolls and/or magic weapons and/or armor

as stated above, all comments and inputs and thoughts are very welcome!

17-11-2009, 21:53
well If you want the outlines of the comatative list I'd go

level 4 of nurgle/tzeench (depending of prefrance)
level 2 of nurgle
level 2 of nurgle/tzeench (oppasit to lord)
exalted of tzeentch on disk
3x5 marrauder horsemen on slanesh
x units of 5 dogs

x unit of knights
0-1 unit of drogers
0-1 giant (of slanesh)

17-11-2009, 23:21
Lose the lances on the knights. The encorceled swords are significantly better and don't cost anymore.

18-11-2009, 00:14
Tzeentch sorceor lord, lots of dogs, marauder horsemen, khorne knights, BAM ! It's new and novel :)

18-11-2009, 01:05
Drop the Full Command on the Knights, then you should be able to pay for 3 units of 5 with either a Standard or Musician. That is the first thing I would say upon reading your first list....Why pay 200pts for an extra rank that may not be intact by the time the unit gets into combat?

I also would not bother with MoK on the Marauder Horsemen. They are Fast Cavalry, so should not be frenzied! MoS works well on them, but I tend to run them as a unit of 5 with Musician and no Mark.

You will also need some more Warhounds! Best unit in the entire list, IMHO.

I would also swap the 3 Lvl2's for either a Lord and a Caddy or a Sorcerer Lord and a Warshrine.

I'm a bit "Meh" when it comes to infantry units in WoC lists, so won't comment on the second idea you propose....Except to say that 25 Warriors is FAR too many. 2 units of 12-14 with Standard and Musician is much more versatile than a single M4 block.

18-11-2009, 02:18
Points Savings (for both lists):

- Knights: Don't run units of 10 knights. Half your unit (ie: 200+ pts) won't get into combat. That's insane, duder. Those guys are there to chop things up. 5 or 6 is all you need. Anything else is a waste of pts sitting in the back rank. Drop the full command. They are good enough to stand on their own with nothing, except maybe a musician, and a standard bearer if you decide to take MoN + Banner of Rage, or MoT + Blasted Standard. Full command is a massive points sink for these guys. So are lances. Ensorcelled weapons are better in almost every circumstance you'll come across.

- Warriors: 25 is way too many. Again, these guys are combat killers, so you need to have as many as possible of the total unit in combat, not waiting in the back ranks. Don't worry about ranks at all. Warriors are there to kill stuff, not to provide static combat resolution. That's what infantry Marauders do, and they do it 3-4 times cheaper.

- Marauder Horse: I wouldn't bother with light armour. A lot of missiles in the current gaming environment are strong enough to ignore a 5+ save. If they hit and wound, they're gonna kill your guys anyway. Keep the Marauder Horsies cheap and cheerful, and you won't feel the loss so badly when they get snapped like the peasants they are.

- Dogs: I agree with what was posted above. These guys are probably the best unit in the list. You should have a unit of dogs to screen every unit with MoK. Seriously, they are so cheap, you can afford it.

- Level 1 Sorceror: If you're gonna spend 20 pts on a flying mount, you may as well make this guy level 2. Level 1s just aren't very useful in this incarnation of the game unless they are pure scroll caddies in a non-magic list.