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17-11-2009, 22:53
Redone their army, from start to finish. There are a few reasons you might do this:

New codex, new models, you want stuff up to date.
You're painting/modelling skills have improved and you want to go back and redoe an original force

etc. Thing is I have a solid 1500 points list of Templars that I love playing with and win with it a lot. Problem is its a good 5 years old or so now, and my painting skills have improved a fair deal so though they are painted to a pretty good standard I cant help but feel a little bit bad when I take them out. So I'm considering redoeing the force completely, selling the old stuff on and putting the money towards new models. The list will be the same but the models will be different. Thinking about adding Brettonian bits and such, get the knightly feel across

Anyone do anything similar to this? Or is it a bit of a waste of time, since I could get a completely new army with the said money. Is it better to move on to newer parts of the game or stick with what you like?

17-11-2009, 23:32
I do it all the time but with me its not from start to finish

I kinda buy an army, never paint it then move onto another then go back and change it when i get interested in it again (normally when new codex comes out!).

geez i have a lot of excess models.

17-11-2009, 23:35
i am currently reainting 8000 points of utramarines. i also have too redo 1500 points of nids and thunderhawk. plus i am starting a dark elf army.

18-11-2009, 00:20
I've redone my IG half way-ish once. I'm looking at doning similar again when I get round to it for the latest codex

101st Vostroyan
18-11-2009, 01:02
I re did my Blood Angels. I painted them when I was new to the hobby and had a ragtag band of old blue plastic marines, and newer models that i thought looked cool.
I am currently in the process of redoing them. I still have my old models, but bought assault marines and attack bikes for the new codex. I magnetized my predator so that it could change between any of my 3 predator options, and redid my terminators to all have thunder hammers and gave them forge world shoulder pads. I made a new list for the new codex and wanted to start over with a better paint schem and a more powerful army.

18-11-2009, 01:20
I have done this a few times with Nids, Grey Knights, Dark Angels Orks and a few others (including fantasy) over the years. Next up are my Blade Legion marines (based on BA) and Nids again if necessary when the new codex is released.

18-11-2009, 04:29
yep i have

18-11-2009, 04:39
I haven't as of yet, but once I finally decide to dust off my Guard, then I know that I am going to strip them and repaint every single model...