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Goblin Gonads
17-11-2009, 22:44

this daemon gift states that models in base contact with the daemon may not use another model's leadership value.

Does that mean that Skaven cannot benefit from their SiN rule against a daemon with this gift?

If up against an enemy unit comprised of rank and file troops plus 1 character, and the unit lost in combat, would the unit need to take two break tests, one for the rank and file and 1 for the character against a daemon with Enraptring Gaze?

17-11-2009, 22:51
1) I'm not sure. Technically, no, it doesn't mean that. The individual Skaven in base contact might be Ld5, but so are all the other ratmen around him; none of them would be using the Ld value of any other ratman. They're benefiting from the overall numbers, not any individual charisma - but in principle, background-wise it's a point and should be asked.

2) No, you'd still take one Ld test for the unit. I'm not sure whether you could pick a model not in contact and claim it was using the character's Ld, or whether you'd ignore that character's Ld entirely.

18-11-2009, 00:29
2) No, as the unit takes break tests as a whole

Main use is not using generals Ld