View Full Version : Wolf Lord or WGBL and Wolf Guard with jump packs?

18-11-2009, 15:27
Has anyone tried this combo or have any opinions on how you think it might work. The jump packs are expensive at 25pts, but they would make for a considerably more formidable opponent then swiftclaws I think.

18-11-2009, 17:44
not really

swift claws with CCW and BP are less then 20 points per model

WG with JP, CCW and BP are more than 40 points a model

if you add special weapons to the units then WG can pretty much sky rocket in price, whil SC dont increase that much.

points wsie you've get roughly 2 SC for 1 WG

10 WG with JP's, 1 PF, Combi Flamer, MOTW - 470pts

10 SC, with PF, flamer, MOTW - 225pts (might aswell buy 2 units)

mathhammer aint my thing but:

10 SC on charge 40 attacks
10 SC on countercharge 30 attacks
10 SC stuck in combat 20 attacks
median number of attacks 30

10 WG on charge 40 attacks
10 WG on countercharge 40 attacks
10 WG stuck in combat 30 attacks
median number of attacks 36.6

(non of the above take into account any special weapons)

since you can buy 2 unit of SC for the price of 1 unit of WG with JP's the SC win for me

your better of "games" wise playing swift claws, model wise WG with JP's would be mint though.