View Full Version : 2k skaven list (7th ed)

18-11-2009, 22:12
Well this is the list i'm likely to being running until i get my hellpit abomb up and running (will most likely look at dropping the priest/ogres/a slave unit/weeping blade/a clannie unit to fit this guy in)

1 grey seer
foul pendant

1 chieftan
weeping blade
rival hide talisman

1 warlock engineer
lvl 1
dispell scroll
warp-energy condenser

1 plague priest
level 2
additonal hand weapon

20 slaves

20 slaves

20 slaves

20 slaves

30 clanrats
full command

30 clanrats
full command

30 clanrats
full command

30 plague monks
full command
plague banner

6 plague censers

4 rat ogres
2 packmasters

1 doomwheel

TOAL - 1999

19-11-2009, 06:13
Well, right away, the only change i'd make is dropping 2 of the slave units (that's just too many) and the musicians, honestly, they'll probably either win a combat (just) or (and most likely) they'll be smashed. When they flee from the aformentioned smashing, they'll explode and the musican will be no help. Wth these points, i'd get another unit of 5 PCB. Or maybe 2 more rat ogers or something like that. But i think that's too many slaves.

Alternativly, you could use the point to get 4x25 Clan Rat units. I think that'd work quite well.

19-11-2009, 07:04
The list is solid, although I never give my BSB a magic weapon, as he's always headed for the back of the unit ASAP.

Lord Norton
19-11-2009, 15:53
it's not very easy to put the bsb in the back of the unit these days... he can't do it voluntarily, he has to refuse a challenge.

So unless you are playing WOC nonstop, nobody will challenge and he'll get stuck fighting.

19-11-2009, 18:59
That's why mine has a warlock augmented weapon and pet rat, to kill those stoopid bearded-things and WoC. (Kepp the weapon, unless you REALLY need a banner)

19-11-2009, 20:57
Well i disagree with the too many slaves comment (personal opinion i'll be using them as frenzy guards, warp lightening absorbers and fleeing bait) muso is on slaves so after i voluntarily flee charges if i'm within general range a +1 to rally would help alittle for the points cost, The weeping blades on my BSB are an item i was considering dropping i just struggled to find somewhere to dump those points. General consensus seems to be an ok list with mainly just personal playstyle differences so i think i'll run it and work out what works and what doesn't for me

20-11-2009, 02:05
Well, i can't argue personal preferance, so i'll have to let that go....

20-11-2009, 04:16
it's a solid list.

give it a whirl and let us know how it goes.