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19-11-2009, 02:22
Greetings all,

My buddy and I are jumping head first into mass carnage. He just ordered:

2 boxes warriors of harad
2 boxes haradrim raiders
1 betrayer, I think he looks better with the haradrim and I'll get kamul the easterling with my easterlings.
1 mumak, don't worry though with a dwarves defense may be the only way to punch your defenses.
2 warriors command
1 raider command. Probably should have reversed the numbers of the warriors and raiders.

Now I am looking at something like this:

2 boxes of dwarves
1 box of rangers
1 Iron Guard (that's the uber expensive $40 set, right?)
2 Boxes of Hobbit Archers (pricey but will be fun to paint)
Tree Beard
one Giant Eagle
I have the fellowship coming in the mail, super affordable from Amazon.

with Gandalf that will get me some good hard hitting 1,000 points, right? I'm getting my rule book back from a friend, so I can tally up, but are there any units you just DON"T recommend i get, including Treebeard? What do you think are good choices from this combination of dwarves and allies?

19-11-2009, 02:34
Are you playing WOTR or SBG?

19-11-2009, 03:28
Sorry, WoTR, starting between 1k and 2k points for now.

19-11-2009, 04:12
I would actually recommend not getting the commands then. A captain is pretty easy to convert, and you'll rarely find yourself using drummers and banners especially in infantry formations. That, and the command sets are almost (in some cases more) as expensive as another box of warriors!

...And I just realized he already ordered it. Ah well.

In response to what you're looking at, you have far too many allies to be able to use them. Only 25% of your total points can be allies, and you're looking at closer to 50% than the allowed amount. Possibly more. Unfortunately, Hobbits, Wizards, Ents and Eagles can only be used as allies. I'd recommend getting more boxes of warriors and rangers, picking up Dain for your hero, and looking into some of the more useful metal formations, like Vault Wardens. The problem with what you're looking at right now in terms of your dwarven units is that you'll end up with a lot of small formations of one or two companies. For a pure archery unit, two companies isn't bad, but for anything that you want to fight in hand to hand, it's suicide. I would recommend planning for at least three companies, four would be better. If you're going to use the Iron Guard, I believe you'll need more than one box of them, I don't think they come in amounts that go directly into companies.

If you get yourself a solid core of dwarven infantry out of the plastics, you should do well. Granted, I'm not a dwarf player myself, but I would recommend trying to build the following list for your first thousand points, overall it shouldn't be too expensive (I think)-
(Calculate the number of models you need by multiplying each company by 8)

4 companies of Dwarf Warriors with Two-Handed Weapons, Captain, Shieldbearer
4 companies of Dwarf Warriors with Shields, Captain, Shieldbearer
2 companies of Dwarf Archers
2 companies of Dwarf Rangers with Bows
3 companies of Dwarf Rangers with Two-Handed Weapons, Captain
Dain Ironfoot

It comes to 990 points, and can be made almost entirely out of plastics. Gives you some flexibility, a good amount of ranged firepower and close combat ability, an Epic Hero who is just amazing, and a total of 12 Might altogether. 120 models according to Army Builder. After getting together a core like that, you could add in some of your more Elite options, like the Khazad Guard, the Iron Guard and so on, and you should do fairly well.

19-11-2009, 04:39
thank you.

Does one have the capacity to make their own shieldbearers and captains fairly easily? Will I have to buy a shieldbearer for each unit? I wasn't sure if your first comment was toward my friend or myself.

I will probably trim just a bit of dwarves here and add in some 25% allies, perhaps pass on the expensive hobbits and go with an eagle or something, just for a nice variety.

do you recommend the Dwarf Ballistas?
I will get Balin with my box set of Fellowship. Would he be a suitable replacement for the other?

Thank you so much for the assistance. I have something to work with now. Going to paint the rangers first, I like them a lot.

Kroot Lord
19-11-2009, 07:14
Dwarf Ballistas are an excellent addition to a WotR force, the really are, so getting ~3 of them would definitely complement your collection well.

19-11-2009, 22:36
My opponent uses banners with his dwarves and I use mine with Minas Tirith and Mordor all the time, i think the extra roll on the panic table is well worth it.

19-11-2009, 23:12
I've found use for banners for cavalry, and if I'm in the mood to try a Heroic Advance, but that's about it. The pricetag (it may not sound that expensive, but a banner is the same number of points as a Morgul Knight company, I'll take the knights, thank you) and the VP you hand out if you roll up Field of Swords makes it not really worth it to me. Besides, there's only three results on the table- 1, 6 and everything else. Granted, I use a lot of decent Courage Heroes, so I don't often fail fixing disordered or the check from rolling, so that might be it... The Dark Marshal, Tainted and Gothmog gives me a lot of courage buffs.

Back on topic...My comment about captains is actually to both of you. I'd recommend building as much as possible, just because of how expensive the command boxes are. Balin is another option for a dwarf hero, but Gimli might work better if you're going to get the Fellowship. Ballistas are definitely a good thing to have, as was said.

22-11-2009, 07:24
If I can I will probably convert the standard bearer to the Cav units. That way they can reroll charges.