View Full Version : How many points is the new Empire megaforce gonna be?

Hattori Hanzo
19-11-2009, 04:41
I don't have the Empire army book yet but was thinking of getting the new empire megaforce thing from GW and was wondering about how many points it would be? Also what do you think would be a good buy after that and the armybook?

19-11-2009, 08:41
Two Steamtanks, and Karl Franz on a dragon! :cheese:

With regards to the battleforce- What kind of things does it have in it?

19-11-2009, 11:17
I believe it's 40 State Troops, 20 Handgunners/Crossbowmen, 8 Knights, 5 Pistoliers, a Cannon and 10 Goldswords.


As a ballpark I'd imagine around a 1000? Depending on how you kit out your units etc. Not got the book to hand though.

19-11-2009, 11:32

2x20 halberdiers full command
2x10 handgunners
8 Knights full command
5 pistolers
10 greatswords full command

= 944
upgrading the pistolers to outriders brings that up to 959

certain upgrades are available on top of that that could bring it over 1000

EDIT: in answer to the second part of your question, another 10 state troops to bring your 2 regiments to 25 each not 20,

another 10 gold... whoops, greatswords would make the unit justifiable, bringing that up to 20

then you'll need characters, a warrior priest, and a mage

another box of 8 knights to allow you to field 3x5 regiments of knights or even 1x10 & 1x5

and 10 archers upgraded to huntsman will give you 1500 points

19-11-2009, 12:06
So effectively buying the megaforce + battalion box - which would leave you with:
60 State Troops
30 Handgunners
16 Knights
5 Pistoliers
20 Greatswords

For 160 would likely be the best bet I'd presume? Then add in a box of wizards and an Empire General - that comes to... 184 ish for what I would imagine would be a relatively balanced army.