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19-11-2009, 22:23
I guess there are lots of list around similar to this one, but after beeing playing since the army book came out with some bloodthister/Keeper armies on tournies, i wanted some change to something magic heave, so how do you guys see this as an all comers?

- Kairos 625

-Blue Scribes 81

- Tzeentch Herald, Master of sorcery, spellbreaker 165

- Skulltaker, juggy 200

-10 Horror, banner of sorcery 147

- 10 Horror 120

- 10 Horror 120

- 5 Flesh Hounds 175

- 5 Flamers 175

- 5 Flamers 175

Total 1983

So that leaves me with 17 points, i dont know what for yet.

I have also been thinking of taking skull taker on foot giving me another 50 points and allowing me to add some furies, this way with kairos i can allways shadow steed him into combat againts biggies such as stegies, or whatever i feel like?

People allways says about HE inmune to fire, so? i have master of sorcery with my herald, plus, guys, come one, we have Kairos and fo sure we are going to get rule of "add in the number 6 metal spells name" to get rid of those, as beasts cowers and so.

Any feedback please

22-11-2009, 02:25
bump, lets see if i can get any help pelase?

22-11-2009, 03:44
I think Furies are a good idea, for 60 pts you can get a unit of 5 Immune to Panic, fear causing skirmishing flyers with a 5+ ward.
Taking the Horrors in units of ten seems to me to leave them susceptible to taking just 5 casualties before basically becoming useless, if you want small blocks Plaguebearers may be better? Unless you drop the flamers down to 2 units of 3 and spend the points on more horrors (maybe even just on the unit with the banner of sorcery, and take plaguebearers as solid flank guards?), or a second unit of Furies?

22-11-2009, 13:05
where is your herald going? where is your jugger character going? and if you do take skull take where is he going. your magic is decent (11 power dice) but can be outmagicked and your units are too small and you will be crushed by someone who has a good magic defense. your combat units consist of..... 5 fleshhounds and a jugger.... this list needs a lot of work

22-11-2009, 18:08
yeah I second Rocky - is your intent to run this as an all-comers tourny list correct? If so then it needs some work on it - but if this an all-comers reg. gaming list then again it needs work done on it.
Which one is it?

1) Strictly tournment play
2) Reg. gaming night

22-11-2009, 20:13
you want a competitive list? go for bloodthirster, herald of khorne on a jugger with the -2to cast banner, 2heralds of tzeentch with the flamer abilitiy and spell breakers take 2 units of horrors, take a unit of blood letters, 2 units of flesh hounds, a unit of flamers, and a couple of seekers.

or be an ass like me and take a keeper and 3 heralds of slaanesh with siren songs :)

24-11-2009, 20:21
Well, its a plan, but i want it to make all comers, which can be used competitively on tourney.

My current daemon army has granted me 2 1st places and a 2nd place, and playing currently another one, but i want to change something, and i wanted somethign with kairos and blue scribes.

Lets see, The idea of Skulltaker on juggy is to go with hounds, or if i take him on foot, to join some horrors, and just use kairos to make him fly around.

The idea i wanted to aproach is the classical, tzeentch cheesy list, I know it doesnt put me in a nice place, but i wanted to see how it works, since people around also takes cheesy lists

So know my ideas, what you guys say....

Rocky how does that list of keeper + 3 slanesh heralds work? and how is the list, i got my keeper but never used it tourney, and never used a slanesh herald, i dont really like the slanesh daemonetes